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Do game developers only interested in making money?

Nothing surpasses playing an old favorite; therefore, we enjoy it when our favorite games get a fantastic remastered version and with the new and attractive additional gameplay and contemporary visual features we are fascinated, but occasionally the developer remaster games but absolutely miss the mark and make a dreadful version of that game. Today we have the list of 10 remastered games that annoyed us!

These video games have not changed the least from the original one which is obviously and clearly disappointing. It becomes pretty much obvious that it is no more than an easy way to get money for the developer. RUDE!!! Well, but it’s the truth. So, let’s get down to the list.

  1. Batman: Return to Arkham 

Return to Arkham is a good place to start if you own a current-gen console and have never played Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. But for those who already possess both on PC or last generation, aside from a pretty unimpressive and technically underwhelming graphics update, there isn’t really a good incentive to pick this up. Performance is the major problem. It’s frustrating that neither Asylum nor City run at sixty frames per second for remastered versions of earlier titles. Performance is the major problem. It’s sad that neither Asylum nor City operates at 60 frames per second for remastered versions of earlier titles. So, yeah, we fans are annoyed by this. 

  1. Silent Hill HD Collection

This past week’s release of The Silent Hill HD Collection was met with a flurry of complaints from fans who found all kinds of issues. This release appears to have a wide range of poor port issues, including sound sync issues, crackling audio, stuttering framerates, and missing textures. Objectively speaking, the HD collection is a poor product. IIRC, Abby attempted to play it once on a playdate but was unsuccessful. One of the issues with them is that they severely damaged the illumination, making it impossible for her to see anything even at the highest brightness levels.

  1. Deadpool:

If you have played the first game, well it was pretty obvious that there was no need to remaster the game. Deadpool’s remaster isn’t truly a remaster. It resembles a port more. The gameplay is monotonous and the game hasn’t actually been updated. Sadly, just because Deadpool is more eccentric than most hack-and-slash games doesn’t imply it’s a better game. The game’s repeated dull character cannot be concealed by the abundance of funny jokes, which are made up of ordinary gameplay, average visuals, and a clumsy camera.

  1. Pocky & Rocky 

The plot feels clumsy and superfluous. Because of the choices used in the storytelling, it could also seem a little stilted. There are some very old issues here, such an inconsistent difficulty, that at least partially detract from the experience. The bosses are not particularly impressive. The graphics even aren’t that impressive. So, this is pretty the reason fans aren’t happy with this game. 

  1. Sleeping dogs

Although the first gameplay is still enjoyable to play. But way too soon, there were just two remasters. Enthusiast fan still enjoy the original release years later and may repurchase the item because it had a hardly noticeable graphics upgrade. Believe me it was just noticeable and dreadful fog effect that simply worsened how the game appeared. All the DLC was included, which excellent, but why didn’t they address any of the bugs from the main game were also present. 

  1. Final Fantasy Type O

PSP version of Final Fantasy type-0 solely in Japan, but for some reasons. They believed that doing would be a fantastic idea release an HD remaster of the PSP game. Four years later, this is for the PS4. A large number of gamers who are obviously torn between wanting too much and why the hell would I play a PSP when it is late? the graphics of the game on my PS4 seemed awful, and they even removed the multiplayer mode ought to be included constructed the game from scratch or simply let it be. Sounds weird to me.  Type-0 HD of Final Fantasy did not feel notably a merchandise from Final Fantasy in terms of excellence

  1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

It was intended to be such a great year, but things did not go as planned. On the PS3 and X360, Activision tried to bring back the Tony Hawk name, but this was just a cynical exploitation of nostalgic fans. This remaster has more issues than the original PS1 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 release, including a terrible framerate, glitches, and bad controls.

  1. 3. Prince of Persia Classic Triology

The PlayStation 3 version of Prince of Persia: The Classic Trilogy HD is an excellent example of how to improperly remaster a game franchise. There are numerous glitches and missing sound effects. The performance is somehow worse than the original games because the majority of the cutscenes are merely stretched or cropped to fit a widescreen format.

  1. Secret of Mana

This chart usually includes Square Enix. However, it should come as no surprise when dealing with projects that are likely completed quickly and cheaply. The remake of Secret of Mana is one of these projects. The outcome of the game was poor in every manner. Moving from a pixel-based environment to a 3D one was not only unsuccessful (the graphics came out looking bad), but it also made the controls less responsive and the fights lackluster.

  1. Mafia II: Final Edition

Fans eagerly anticipated this release in the hopes of seeing gorgeous visuals. similar to the pre-premiere materials provided by the publisher. Unfortunately, the “screens” were actually undercut. In this remake, the graphics were just poor. There are a lot of glitches and technological hiccups that weren’t present in the second Mafia’s initial release in return for a little nicer environment. The whole affair ended up being a terrible letdown.

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