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The new season of FIFA Mobile is almost here, bringing with it a whole suite of features, including a gameplay engine overhaul, gorgeous new visuals, and more.

Ahead of the impending launch, it’s time to reveal the highest-rated base player items in the game. This does not include special items that will be revealed in FIFA Mobile throughout the year.

1.     Cristiano Ronaldo: 92 OVR, ST, Juventus (94 Finishing, 95 Shot Power, 91 Speed)

The world’s best player’s career has been packed with awards and trophies, but after his high-profile move to Juventus this season, it’s clear that Ronaldo isn’t done racking up silverware. The Portuguese forward continues to play like the world’s best, and his ratings are evidence of an astoundingly talented player. Ronaldo beats defenders left and right when attacking, burning them with his speed and tricking them with his technique. But the most complete forward in all of world football stands above the rest with his sheer ability to score goals, evidence of a natural finisher who puts away more chances than he misses.

2.     Lionel Messi: 91 OVR, CF, Barcelona (97 Dribbling, 96 Ball Control, 94 Free Kick)

Still going strong after years of breaking records and winning trophies, the Argentine attacker is undoubtedly one of the greatest to ever play the game. Messi’s talents and skills make him extremely versatile; his technique is the best in the world, and his passing gives him a playmaking ability that few others even come close to. Combine that with incredible finishing skills and it’s easy to understand why Messi has broken nearly every possible goalscoring record. It all adds up to the recipe for a true football legend.

3.     Neymar Jr: 90 OVR, LW, Paris Saint-Germain (94 Acceleration, 96 Dribbling, 96 Agility)

The samba master has become a true superstar since moving to Paris Saint-Germain, where he uses his signature Brazilian flair to create beautiful moments on the pitch every week. Neymar Jr. is effective in any attacking role, thanks to his stellar ratings in most major categories, but his speed and dribbling ability are why he’s world football’s supreme left winger.

4.     Sergio Ramos: 89 OVR, CB, Real Madrid (90 Defending, 91 Tackling, 93 Jumping)

The top-rated defender in FIFA Mobile, Ramos spent his early career as a right-back. But it was when he transitioned to center back that the Spaniard cemented his place in the sport’s upper echelon. Ramos is a commanding presence on the pitch, which manifests in his exceptional leadership, perfect tackling, and aerial expertise.

5.     Luis Suarez: 89 OVR, ST, Barcelona (94 Finishing, 93 Reactions, 92 Positioning)

The incisive central striker in Barcelona’s efficient and powerful attack, Suarez constantly frustrates opponents with his elusiveness and strength, which can keep any defender at bay. The tricky Uruguayan’s finishing is also among the highest in FIFA Mobile, because the sight of Suarez with the ball is enough to haunt even the most experienced defenders’ nightmares.

6.     Luka Modric: 89 OVR, CM, Real Madrid (93 Short Passing, 93 Ball Control, 92 Vision)

The reigning World Cup Golden Ball winner has been one of the best creative players in the world for a while now, but his recent successes catapulted him into superstardom. The Croatian playmaker is a midfield virtuoso, and his passing and dribbling skills are some of the best there is. Few players can change a match in an instant with a perfect pass or a long-range rocket shot like Modric can.

7.     Eden Hazard: 89 OVR, LW, Chelsea (95 Dribbling, 95 Agility, 94 Balance)

Another well-rounded player whose abilities make him dangerous across the attack, Hazard is a winger by trade—but he’s likely to wreak havoc on opponents wherever he happens to pop up on the pitch. The Belgian always manages to find space that didn’t exist before, using his pace and dribbling ability to open up a match for himself and his teammates.

8.     Kevin De Bruyne: 89 OVR, CAM, Manchester City (94 Vision, 91 Passing, 91 Long Shots)

Yet another exceptional Belgian making his mark at the highest level, De Bruyne runs the show for Manchester City and played a huge part in the reigning champions’ title run. His slick passing is his greatest asset as a playmaker, but De Bruyne is also wildly elusive on the ball, always finding himself with options.

9.     David De Gea: 89 OVR, GK, Manchester United (94 Reflexes, 90 Reactions, 88 GK Positioning)

The world’s highest-rated goalkeeper has the best nerves in the business; it will take more than a decent shot to catch him off-guard. Years of experience at the highest level have also honed the Spaniard’s superb awareness between the sticks, and his distribution only improves every season.

10.  Manuel Neuer: 88 OVR, GK, Bayern Munich (91 Diving, 88 Handling, 88 GK Positioning)

Known for an occasionally aggressive, high-risk/high-reward style of goalkeeping, the German is tremendously versatile. His athleticism and reflexes are among the absolute best, but Neuer stands out among other notable shot-stoppers with his distribution; whether it’s playing as a “sweeper-keeper” or making a pinpoint throw to a teammate, Neuer’s presence is so strong that it’s almost like having an 11th outfield player.


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