Destiny 2 – SOLSTICE OF HEROES Guide

Destiny 2 – SOLSTICE OF HEROES Guide

Solstice of Heroes is a limited-time Live Event which celebrates the achievements of Guardians in the first year of Destiny 2.

It starts on July 31, 2018 and ends at the weekly reset on August 28, 2018.

PS: It is imperative that players know that progress toward Triumphs and event rewards may be lost if players delete any characters on their account. For the best experience, it is recommended that players do not delete any characters until all desired rewards have been redeemed, and Solstice of Heroes concludes on August 28, 2018.

Participation Requirements

While all players are invited to experience Solstice of Heroes and participate in the Moments of Triumph, some activities and rewards may not be available to players who do not meet the following requirements:

  • Own Destiny 2
  • Own Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris
  • Own Destiny 2: Warmind

Earning Triumph Points and Unlocking Rewards

Solstice of Heroes: Moments of Triumph challenges players with completing Triumphs to earn points and unlock rewards. Starting on July 7, 2018, players may begin working on Triumphs by completing certain activities that are already available in-game. Players should be aware that Triumphs cannot be redeemed for points or rewards until Solstice of Heroes goes live in Destiny 2 on July 31, 2018. To check progress toward currently achievable Triumphs, players should visit their profile.


Rewards available for players to unlock are as follows:

125 PointsThe Right Choice Ghost Shell
250 PointsMoments of Triumph T-Shirt Discount Code
300 PointsComrades in Arms Sparrow
400 PointsEternally Triumphant Emblem

PS: Other rewards will be available in-game which are directly tied to certain activities that players may participate in for the Solstice of Heroes event. The above listed item are the rewards which are tied directly to points earned for Triumph completions.


By completing Triumphs, players can earn points to unlock rewards. Players should be aware that Triumphs cannot be redeemed for points or rewards until Solstice of Heroes goes live in Destiny 2 on July 31, 2018. To check progress toward currently achievable Triumphs, players should visit their profile.

Triumphs available for players to unlock are as follows:

Bringer of LightFinish Destiny 2’s Base Campaign10
The Hero We DeserveComplete all Public Events on Heroic Difficulty during Solstice of Heroes10
I Will Smash YouDefeat 100 Opponents in the Crucible15
Check Out My ArsenalObtain 25 Exotic Weapons or Armor15
Treasure HunterCollect All Region Chests10
AdventurousComplete 20 Adventures20
The Very BestReach Vanguard Rank 50 in Season 320
The Fabled GuardianReach Fabled in Crucible Valor ranking in Season 320
The EmperorDefeat Calus in the Leviathan Raid20
Follower of OsirisComplete Curse of Osiris Campaign10
Show Me the WayObtain Sagira’s Ghost Shell20
Awaken the WarmindComplete Warmind Campaign10
Fleeting MemoriesCollect all 45 Latent Memories15
Hive ExterminationComplete Tier 7 in Escalation Protocol20
Prove Your WorthComplete Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars Raid Lairs20
Running ErrandsComplete 25 Bounties10
In My ElementCollect 250 Elemental Orbs25
Remember Who You AreComplete Each Mission Redux at Least Once30
Fashion HeroUpgrade the full Solstice of Heroes Armor Set to Legendary Quality50
Above and BeyondMasterwork Any Solstice of Heroes Armor50


T-Shirt Discount Code Redemption

Once Solstice of Heroes is live on July 31, 2018, players will be eligible to complete Triumphs for points, and may begin unlocking access to the Solstice of Heroes: Moments of Triumph T-Shirt promotion. Once unlocked in-game, a promotional code will become available on players’ profile, allowing players to purchase this shirt from

Listed below is information from the Solstice of Heroes: Moments of Triumph T-Shirt product page.

  • With the code, the shirt is $24.99 without personalization. If you do not wish to add personalization on the sleeve, do not enter anything in the Personalization box and go directly to checkout after selecting your size. Shirts without personalization will not have the Shield art printed on the sleeve.
  • If you wish to add personalization, enter your text in the personalization box. This will add $5.00 for a total of $29.99.
  • The max character count for customization on the left sleeve is 16 characters. No special glyphs or symbols are allowed.
  • If you enter inappropriate or derogatory text in the personalization box, your order will be canceled and refunded.
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds or exchanges accepted on personalized shirts. A pop-up will appear with order details that you must confirm before proceeding to checkout.
  • At checkout, enter the discount code you received from in the “Gift card or discount code” field, and press “Apply”.
  • Be prepared to wait an extra 2-3 weeks before your order is shipped. You will receive an order confirmation after placing the order and a separate notification when the order has shipped.
  • If you wish to order additional items, create a separate order. A separate order is required for any additional items that you want to order. You will receive an error message if you try to add anything else to your cart.
  • Men’s shirt: Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Tee 3001C. Women’s Shirt: Bella + Canvas Ladies Favorite Tee 6004. Visit the Fit Guide here.
  • This offer is available 7/31/18 10:00AM PDT through 9/30/2018 at 11:59PM PDT.

Additionally, players who have questions regarding shipping should see the Bungie Store Shipping page. Players who encounter issues with Bungie Store purchases should reach out to Bungie Store Customer Support.

Redeeming Your T-Shirt Code

Once players have earned 250 points by completing Moments of Triumph, they will become eligible to unlock their Solstice of Heroes T-Shirt discount code for the Bungie Store.

Claiming Your Code on

To receive their Solstice of Heroes: Moments of Triumph T-Shirt code on, players must:

  • In Destiny 2, visit the Tower and approach the Statue of Heroes.
  • Select the “Moments of Triumph Shirt” bounty and accept.
  • Log in to or the Destiny Companion.
  • Visit their profile page, and open the Solstice of Heroes section.
  • Select “Claim your Triumphs Shirt Code”.
  • Once the code has appeared, players should copy it for use on

Using Your Code on

Once players have received their discount code, they may then make their purchase on To do so, they must:

PS: While players are able to purchase their Solstice of Heroes: Moments of Triumph T-Shirt with other items in their cart, all items in the same order will be held until the t-shirt order is ready to ship. This may cause shipping to be delayed significantly, since every Solstice of Heroes: Moments of Triumph T-Shirt is made to order. Players who wish to avoid this should make sure that all other desired items are purchased in a separate order from their Solstice of Heroes: Moments of Triumph T-Shirt.

  • Proceed to checkout.
  • At checkout, in the text entry field labelled by “Gift card or discount code”, enter their Solstice of Heroes: Moments of Triumph T-Shirt discount code.
  • Once entered, select “Apply”.
  • This will change the shipping price to $24.99 USD without personalization, or a total of $29.99 USD with personalization.
  • Proceed with checkout.


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