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Apex Legends

Apex Legends


Apex Legends developer team (Respawn Entertainment) today released what happened on launch day. Here are the release day stats and informations;


Hey! I’m Jay Frechette and the Community Manager for Respawn and you’ll be seeing lots more of me [and folks from the dev team] in the future. It’s been a surreal day for us. Thank you so much for playing Apex!

I wanted to quickly check in to give you all a quick recap of the day and what’s coming this week.

  • We had 1 million unique players in 8 hours. Amazing!

  • We’ve got some channels you should be following for news, updates, videos, and streams :

  • This week you can expect daily check ins like this. Some will be short and sweet and other times we might have a lot to talk about! We will always strive to be honest, direct, and transparent with you about what and why we are doing things.

  • Our site has lots of great content and info to dig into. Highly recommend checking out the Legends pages and digging into the blogs we have there already. More blogs will be coming and I’d love to hear your ideas for things to talk about! Making of? Interviews?

  • Tomorrow morning [PST] we’ll be pushing a small server side patch to address some stability issues. We’ll be providing patch notes when it’s live.

  • The support and excitement for Apex Legends has been more than we could have imagined. The whole team is thrilled to see people loving the game as much as we do. We love the praise, but we also want to hear what could be better. A few things for example we’d love your feedback on:

    • How do weapons feel? Distinct? Samey?

    • Do Legend abilities feel effective?

    • Are you finding loot quickly enough? Is ammo too hard to find? Is a type of ammo feel to scarce?

    • What areas of the game could be explained better?

    • What do you wish Apex had that it doesn’t

    • What are your favorite cosmetics?

Lastly, this was overall a pretty smooth launch but as expected when launching a big game for the first time, we encountered some issues that were mitigated quickly. There is still work to do with all of these but we have people on it and working with our partners at Amazon to get it resolved.

We experience some matchmaking hiccups that we were able to quickly address::

  • PS4 started around 6:15pm and lasted about 10 minutes

  • PC started around 3:30pm and lasted about 20 minutes.

On Xbox, you currently cannot purchase currency in-game. We are aware and actively working to resolve it but in the meantime, you can get around this by purchasing directly from the Xbox store on web.

Alright I really need to go to bed! What a crazy few days but it’s been totally worth it. I’ll see you all tomorrow with patch notes for the server update we’re working on!

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  1. Pat

    This game is glorious. I really enjoyed the Titanfall series but have not been a fan of Battle Royale-type games… until now. I can’t get enough of it. Most of my complaints are “quality of life” type fixes which i can only expect from a zero-pre-hype, massive multiplayer, FREE game. Kudos kudos kudos all around. I look forward to donating my time and probably finances in the foreseeable future.

    One teeny tiny “unique” piece i would suggest to have a personal touch to my comment, kill the Mozambique. Thank you for you time.

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