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Frostpunk – The Last Autumn Expansion Patch Notes

The time has come! The biggest and most complex scenario for Frostpunk yet – The Last Autumn – debuts today on PC! As you probably know, the expansion is a part of Frostpunk Season Pass th...

Frostpunk – 1.4.1 Patch Notes | Improvements to the Automatons

  Fixed Automatons’ pathfinding on Rifts map – they should now use bridges instead of walking straight to the destination Automatons can now build bridges Improved citizen pathfinding...

Frostpunk – 1.4 Patch Notes | SEASON PASS – The Rifts

The Rifts is available on its own for the price of $4.99, but take note that it’s only the first expansion pack from the entire Season Pass for Frostpunk. Players who purchase the Season Pass will rec...

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Release Date:24.04.2018
Genre:Simulation, Survival
Developed By:11 bit studios
Publisher:11 bit studios

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