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For Honor – 2.16.0 Patch Notes | TITLE UPDATE

IMPROVEMENTS MAP River Fort [Adjustment] Railings have been added around the edges of the moat at Capture Zone B [Adjustment] Only the upper area is now part of the Capture Zone C [Adjustment] The are...

For Honor – 2.15.0 Patch Notes | NEW HERO: ZHANHU Y 3 Season 4

NEW HERO: ZHANHU The Zhanhu are dodge attack experts who use their mobility to defeat any foe. Strong and agile, they wield a long, single-edged blade named Changdao. As masters of artillery, they hav...

For Honor – 2.14.0 Patch Notes

IMPROVEMENTS FIGHTERS Gladiator Reflex Guard [Adjustment] Increased Guard duration to 1100ms (from 600ms) Light Attacks [Adjustment] Increased speed of Chained Light Attacks 2nd Chained Top Light Atta...

For Honor – 2.13.0 to 2.13.2 Patch Notes

2.13.2 PATCH NOTES BUG FIXES FIGHTERS Jormungandr [Bug Fix] Fixed a issue that caused the “Twilight of the Gods” to have Super Armor and Guard Break vulnerability at 700ms, lowered both vulnerabilitie...

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For Honor – Spectator Mode is LIVE !

SPECTATOR MODE BETA The Spectator Mode Beta is live! We’re excited to hear your feedback on it, so please make sure to post your thoughts over on this Reddit thread. EXTRA XP FEST This weekend we’re h...[Read More]

For Honor
Release Date:14.02.2017
Developed By:Ubisoft Montreal

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