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For Honor – 2.30.1 Patch Notes | New Dominion Changes!


PS4: 23.25mb, Xbox One: 23.25mb, PC: 23.25mb


Testing Ground


  • Increased Kill Assist to 10 points (from 8)

Developer’s Comment: The Renown gain when defeating an opponent was too skewed towards who dealt the last hit, and as such we’ve increased the Assist reward to compensate this.

  • Increased Boosting Zone Renown to 0.5/s (from 0.4)
  • Decreased Contesting Zone Renown to 0.6/s (from 0.7)

Developer’s Comment: The large gap between Boosting and Contesting zones made contesting more attractive than boosting, leading to situations where players preferred letting a zone be contested so they could gain renown at a faster pace. This effect should be minimized with this change.

  • Decreased Boosted Zone Points to 1.5/s (from 1.8)
  • Increased Captured Minion Lane Points to 1.5/s (from 0.9)

Developer’s Comment: The first week of testing indicated that matches were longer than anticipated on average – one cause of this was the lowered point gain from the Minion Lane.

In the first week of testing, players focused on Side Points much more than the Minion Lane, and as such were spending very little time clearing minions; this lead to lowered point gain as teams control the Minion Lane for shorter periods of time. We want players to still consider the Minion Lane as a good place to gain points and to spread apart, so this change is aimed at making sure that the Minion Lane is still an attractive place to focus efforts towards.




  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Back Dodging by pressing Back and Dodge to not correctly dodge in certain situations

Known Issue: Please note that diagonal back dodge will no longer work for the time being as a result of this fix.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Shugoki to incorrectly have Guard Break invulnerability during the first 100ms of Headbutt attacks


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused a matchmaking degradation, the matchmaking will now be back to normal behavior


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Warmonger “Obliteration” Execution to be missing voice over
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Kyoshin “Relentless Windstorn” Execution animation to complete for the opponent even when Kyoshin is interrupted




PS4: 1.3Gb, Xbox One: 1.72Gb, PC: 1.8Gb




  • Sticky Dodges: Dodging should now always match the input direction instead of being relative to camera orientation

Developer’s comment: Before this change, players could sometimes experience moment where they would input a dodge using a direction and end up dodging in a different direction due to how they were facing relative to the camera. This was move visible when target-swapping between multiple opponents. With this change, players should now always dodge in their desired input direction, regardless of their orientation relative to the camera.


  • Storming Tap
    • Soft Feinted version is now 400ms, down from 500ms
    • Dodge versions are now 533ms, down from 500ms
    • No longer interrupted on non-Superior Block
    • No longer has variable timing as a soft feint from Heavy Attacks
    • Now deals different damage when using Soft Feint version and Dodge version
    • Now initiates chains instead of chaining to Finishers

Developer’s Comment: These changes should help Storming Tap become a more consistent attack, with a stronger Soft Feint that lets Raider continue pressure in 1v1 situations.

  • Uninterruptible Stance timings
    • Uninterruptible Stance now starts at 100ms during Heavy Finishers (was 0ms)
    • Reverted Testing Grounds Uninterruptible Stance timing for chained Heavy attacks

Developer’s Comment: We decided to revert the changes we tried in the Testing Grounds; the feedback we received and our data both indicate that Raider was underperforming in group fights with the Uninterruptible Stance starting later. We did, however, fix the issue of Raider’s Heavy Finishers’ Uninterruptible Stance that was starting at 0ms — it is now in-line with other attacks.

  • Zone Attacks
    • Raider’s Storm now costs 20 Stamina, down from 50
    • Raider’s Fury now costs 12 Stamina, down from 30
    • Raider’s Storm now initiates chains
    • Raider’s Storm can now chain to Raider’s Fury
    • Raider’s Fury is now 966ms, down from 1000ms
    • Raider’s Storm now forces a Heavy reaction on the opponent

Developer’s Comment: Raider’s Zone Attacks are a large part of the hero’s identity — with these changes, they should now have adequate pressure in combat and let Raider flow better.

  • Attack Speeds and Damage
    • Top Light in chains are now 500ms, down from 600ms for chained Top Light and 700ms for Top Light Finisher
    • Top Heavy Finisher is now 900ms, down from 1000ms
    • Top Heavy Opener is now 900ms, down from 1000ms
    • Top Heavy Opener now deals 27 damage, down from 29
    • Side Heavy Openers are now 800ms, down from 900ms
    • Side Heavy Openers now deal 24 damage, down from 27

Developer’s Comment: Raider suffered from problematic attack speeds; while we want the hero to feel slow and powerful with large, slow swings, we also must account for viability with the hero’s attack speeds. With these changes, Raider should now have Guard break punishes that are more in-line with the rest of the cast as well as not be restricted to using side Light attacks in chains.

  • New Chains
    • Added two new attack chains:
      • § Light -> Heavy -> Light
      • § Heavy -> Heavy -> Light

Developer’s Comment: Raider was forced to perform a Heavy Finisher or a Raider’s Fury after a chained Heavy Attack – this flow made Raider too predictable. With these changes, Raider’s flow should be improved in these situations and let the hero be less predictable.

  • Attack Recoveries
    • All Attack recoveries on Hit/Block/Miss are now set to a maximum of 800ms.
      • § Attack Recoveries that were faster than 800ms are not affected

Developer’s Comment: Raider’s attack recoveries were often slow, to account for the realism of the weapon swings, but this left Raider too open in multiple scenarios and made the attacks feel sluggish. To address this, we’ve sped up the recoveries of a majority of the hero’s attacks; with these changes, multiple moves should no longer be vulnerable on hit and on block and leave Raider with a large frame disadvantage.


  • Cancel Attack recoveries into Dodge
    • Can now cancel all attack recoveries on Hit/Non-Superior Block/Miss into Dodge at 200ms (later for Storm Rush)
    • In addition, Orochi’s Finishers and Zone Attack now grant Medium hit reactions (down from Heavy)

Developer’s Comment: These changes should bring two major new options for Orochi — they should make the hero more agile in outnumbered situations and open up new offensive routes in 1v1. We received a lot of feedback on the timing of the Dodge Cancels, and as such have set it to 200ms instead of the previous 333ms used during the Testing Grounds; this should help Orochi flow better as well.

  • Light Attacks
    • Removed Light Finisher
    • Every non-Bash Opener now guarantees a combo Light attack that counts as the 2^nd^ attack in chain

Developer’s Comment: Orochi’s Light Finisher was problematic; it was both lackluster at high levels and too frustrating at low levels. As such, we’ve removed the option, but instead gave Orochi the same combo attack the hero previously only had on Top Light; Orochi can now use a quick combo Light attack after every non-Bash Opener, including Dodge Attacks, to guaranteed a bit of extra damage and flow better. We hope that these changes will address the frustration from light attacks at the same time as give the hero stronger offense at higher levels of play.

  • Storm Rush
    • Now accessible from Front Dodge as well as Back Dodge
    • All 3 sides are now 600ms total with 400ms of visible indicators (from 500/600/700ms)
    • All 3 sides are now Undodgeable
    • Now costs 12 stamina to enter and 10 to feint. No other stamina costs.
      • § Was 10 stamina to enter, 12 stamina to attack, 20 stamina to feint

Developer’s Comment: Storm Rush’s previous incarnation did not perform as intended; players were able to block on the quick side, then react to the slower sides as needed. This made the move lackluster and barely used — we’ve updated it to be more in-line with our expectations of a 1v1 mixup tool, especially with Orochi’s new options, and being accessible from Front Dodge should help in mixups as well as catching opponents who try to run away from the hero.

  • Front Dodge Kick
    • NEW OPTION: Front Dodge Kick
    • Performed by hitting Guard Break during Front Dodge
    • 500ms Bash
    • Can be performed at 300ms after a Front Dodge and can be delayed until 500ms
    • Guarantees a 2^nd^ Chained Light attack on hit

Developer’s Comment: Orochi was lacking in viable openers; while the hero was relatively strong as a counter-attacker, it was difficult to force a reaction on opponents and open them up. With this new move, Orochi gains a move opponents cannot ignore, and must deal with; with the new Dodge Cancels, Orochi also gains access to additional mixups and should flow better than before.

  • Riptide Strike
    • Now 500ms, down from 600ms
    • Now has iframes for 300ms on attack startup
    • No longer interrupted on Non-Superior Block
    • Reverted Testing Grounds change where it granted a Heavy parry reaction

Developer’s Comment: Riptide Strike was initially intended to be Orochi’s 1v1 dodge attack tool, but the lack of iframes on the attack, as well as its speed, made it lackluster. With these changes, the attack should perform its role much better and grant Orochi an excellent 1v1 counterattacking tool.

  • Side and Front Dodge Light
    • No longer interrupted in Non-Superior Block
    • Reverted Testing Grounds change where they granted a Heavy parry reaction

Developer’s Comment: Zephyr Strikes were underperforming in group fights, as well as against heroes with low recovery attacks, because they were interrupted on block, lowering Orochi’s potential as the hero’s offense was easily stopped. With these changes, Orochi should now have a viable dodge attack in group fights and be able to flow better.

  • Side Heavy Finishers
    • Now have larger weapon trajectories
    • Now has additional forward movement

Developer’s Comment: Orochi’s Side Heavy Finishers had little function; you were always better off using the Unblockable Top Heavy version and the side versions were not useful in outnumbered situations. With these changes, the attack should be a better tool to keep Orochi’s opponents off and let the hero defend better in these scenarios.

  • Deflect Attacks
    • Removed Hurricane Blast (Heavy Deflect)
    • Wind Gust now pins opponents and beats Uninterruptible Stance
    • Wind Gust now guarantees a Combo Light attack

Developer’s Comment: Hurricane Blast was too situational; the attack was very rarely used and had a very low success rate. As such we’ve combined the best of both worlds; we’ve removed Hurricane Blast, but improved Wind Gust so that it performs both its old functions, as a guaranteed Deflect attack, but as well let it beat Uninterruptible Stance attacks like Hurricane Blast. With these changes, we’re hoping that Orochi does not have the illusion of choice anymore, and can effectively perform a strong Deflect attack every time the hero Deflects.

  • Zone Attack
    • Now initiates Chains
    • Now costs 40 Stamina

Developer’s Comment: Orochi’s Zone Attack felt lackluster, even with the changes from the Testing Grounds. One of the most requested options for the attack was for it to initiate chains, which is what we added to the hero. Orochi should now be able to perform a Zone Attack to initiate offense and pressure opponents.

  • Damage Changes
    • Most Opener attacks now deal 2 less damage to account for Combo Light attacks

Developer’s Comment: Orochi’s damage output became too high with the addition of Combo Light attacks out of every opener; we’ve reduced most of their damage output by 2 to ensure Orochi’s damage numbers aren’t too much above the curve.

Warlord (FH-2413)

  • Crashing Charge
    • Now hits at 600ms and can longer stay active for 1100ms if held.
    • Removed unwanted 20 Stamina Cost when missing
    • No longer Unbalances Out of Stamina opponents
    • Removed all Uninterruptible Stance from the move (also on throw variant)
    • Removed Stamina regeneration pause when connecting with an obstacle and dealing stamina damage (also on throw variant)
    • Disabled unlocking during hit recoveries in order to prevent performing another guaranteed Crashing Charge after a Wall Stagger (also on throw variant)

Developer’s comment: The Warlord’s Crashing Charge has been an overly powerful move for some time, with its Uninterruptible Stance properties and unhealthy ability to chain into itself when Unbalancing or Wall Staggering. We hope these changes bring the move back in line with the intended power level while keeping its uses as a ledging tool and guaranteed damage off Wall Staggers.


Rally Call

  • The feat has been updated to give +15% damage increase to any allied hero around you, when below 50HP (Before there was two effects: +10% damage increase when below 50HP and +20% damage increase when below 25HP)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that would prevent the feat from working

Developer’s comment: The reason it didn’t work properly before is that having the effects at the different thresholds, combined with the effect they performed, combined to be unable to query the correct HP threshold that the Tiandi was at. For this reason, Rally Call, Sacrifice and Vital leach are now using only the 50HP Threshold, and Indomitable will only use the 25 HP Threshold.

Vital Leech

  • The feat has been updated to give 35 % life leech when under 50HP (Before there was two effects: 30% life leech when below 50HP and 50% life leech when below 25HP)

Long Bow

  • Standardised all Long Bow animation to be consistent across all Heroes, it is now 700ms (from various timings)


  • Added Kyoshin Universal Emotes, Executions and Signatures, for example: “Raising Glasses” Paired Emote, “Suspended Gong” Emote, “Farewell, Horkos Bagpipe” Execution and “Horkos Throne” Signature




  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Peacekeeper to have the wrong Forward Dodge animation when having the Guard on the Left Side
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Peacekeeper Left Side Heavy on Hit and Block to branch 100ms slower than expected


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Conqueror to play the Left Side Heavy animation when using Full Guard from Top or Right


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Valkyrie’s Chain Heavies to have incorrect animations when Out of Lock against Pikemen


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Nobushi Side Light Attacks to be missing animation frames when Out of Stamina


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Shugoki Dodge Forward Heavy to guarantee Headbutt on block or hit
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Shugoki Side Finisher into same Side Opener to not return to neutral animation


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Tiandi’s right “Side Tiger Dodge” animation to be offset after a confirmed Light Opener


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Nobushi weapon to clip with opponents during “Oikase” execution
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Raider “Ljot’s Fortitude” Helm to not apply colors to the plume
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Orochi “Honnari” Armor to not apply color on sash cloth
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Nuxia’s “Liang Zhu” Emote animation to not match with her movement path
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Gryphon to be missing the “Draconite Lord” and “Scholar of Chimera” Illustrious Outfits
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Hitokiri “Okuribito” and “Kijin” chests to not apply materials
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Conqueror arm pieces to clip through certain flat shields
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Hitokiri to be missing the Top and Left guard animations for the Combat Emote “Boujakubujin”
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Hitokiri asymmetrical weapons heads textures to flip when climbing ladders
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Nobushi to lack facial expressions during the “Give Us a Smile” Execution
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Zhanhu’s “Yushi Dafu” and “Shici Hou ” Chest to have physic effect on shin parts


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that could cause severe stuttering when using an Xbox controller on PC

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