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Warframe – Heart of Deimos: Prime Vault: 29.2.0 Patch Notes

Heart of Deimos: Prime Vault: 29.2.0


Prime Vault: Ember & Frost Prime
Add dueling elemental forces to your Arsenal with the latest Prime Vault release!

Ember Prime and Frost Prime, as well as their Prime Weapons and exclusive Customizations are now available for a limited time! Trinity Prime Packs, Nova Prime Packs, and their Relics have returned to the Vault.

Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Latron Prime, Reaper Prime, Sicarus Prime, and Glaive Prime Relics have been added back to the droptables!





Note: As some of you have noticed, our Prime Vault rotation this round has gone on a little long. We had to put a lot of work into making Deimos a simultaneous release during COVID times, and that meant we had to divert focus and people away from some other items. Prime Vault was one of those items.

This means the next Prime Vault offering is a tried and true debut of Ember and Frost Prime (full details to come tomorrow). It also means that we are now in a position to make the Vault following Ember and Frost Prime offer new-to-Vault contents because we recognize how important this is.

Thank you for understanding!

Marked For Death Changes:

We are changing Marked for Death to start its base Damage at 75%, which will cap at 150% with Mods. Since the ‘Damage Type In = Damage Type Out’, this will scale well with certain Damage types, specifically ones with DOTS which is what we envision.

Simply put: We’re bringing the damage back up!

Railjack Resources:

There will be a reduction in the batches of Railjack Resource Costs across the board required to yield Helminth Secretions.

The changes are as follows:

Resource Pre-Hotfix Batch Post-Hotfix Batch Reduction as a %
Asterite 5,000 1,500 30.00%
Aucrux Capacitors 25 10 40.00%
Bracoid 1,000 200 20.00%
Carbides 10,000 2,500 25.00%
Copernics 15,000 4,000 26.67%
Cubic Diodes 12,500 7,000 56.00%
Fresnels 1,000 150 15.00%
Gallos Rods 300 175 58.33%
Isos 400 200 50.00%
Kesslers 300 100 33.33%
Komms 25 15 60.00%
Nullstones 225 50 22.22%
Pustrels 15,000 5,000 33.33%
Titanium 20,000 10,000 50.00%
Trachons 10,000 1,000 10.00%


Additionally, anyone with Helminth installed and Railjack owned will receive an Inbox of Resources after the Hotfix goes live that includes the reduced costs. A perfect script is not possible, but a generous grab bag is! If you meet the criteria, you will receive the Resources via Inbox after the Hotfix date. We’ll let you know in this thread once the Inbox script has completed – stay tuned! Helminth Railjack Resource Inbox Script has finished!



To give players more options for the Bile Secretion, we are adding the following components as feedable to Helminth to create Bile:

  • Antiserum Fragment x 900
  • Javlok Capacitor x 7
  • Nav Coordinates x 65*


General Helminth Changes:

  • Helminth now shows you a locked status when you sit in the chair with a Warframe whose ability you’ve already Subsumed (stops player confusion).


Character Shader Changes:
We have made significant enhancements to probe-based lighting. The results of this are dynamic objects receive better quality lighting, and metals are more responsive. Additionally, objects should now look more grounded in their environments.



  • Made a micro-optimization for Melee ground slams.

  • Made a micro-optimization when opening the Inventory screen.

  • Optimized assets within parts of Deimos to improve performance.

  • Optimized assets in Deimos’ skybox to improve performance.



  • Fixed a crash when encountering a Rescue objective in the Plains of Eidolon.

  • Fixes towards a crash that occurred when a Treasurer spawned during a Corpus Ship Defense mission

  • Fixed a matchmaking exploit related to Isolation Vaults.

  • Fixed Clients unable to re-activate the Bait Station if the Bait is lost during an Isolation Vault Bounty.

  • Fixed ability to grab numerous Concoctions if all squadmates trigger the context action at the same time during an Isolation Vault Bounty.

  • Fixed issues with missing Granum Void portals when a certain spawn tile is used in the Remastered Corpus Ship.

  • Fixed Battacor’s Alt Fire damage being the same whether fired with 1 charge or 3.

  • Fixed the interaction of Limbo’s Cataclysm and Tesla Nervos (via Helminth Subsumed) dealing more than the normal amount of damage.

  • Fixed Khora’s Accumulating Whipclaw buff stacking indefinitely after jumping into a teleport volume.

  • Fixed Xaku’s Grasp of Lohk ability targeting phantom enemies in the Ambulas boss fight.

  • Fixed Jugulus Mod Set cooldown not being present in the HUD buff section.

  • Fixed the Necralisk door becoming black and see through after using fast travel.

  • Fixed Warframes overlapping the Modding UI when Modding in a Town/Relay.

  • Fixed Clients seeing double Markers in Capture missions.

  • Fixed Disruption Key UI appearing as a filepath in the Round 2 UI.

  • Fixed an issue where Warframes would flicker if you stayed in the Orbiter while they completed their Subsume and queued another.

  • Fixed various compatibility issues with the Oscira Skin collection.

  • Fixes towards weapon audio issues with the Oscira Pistol Skin.

  • Fixed a script error when playing Eidolon hunts.

  • Fixed Assault missions not failing when the timer runs out.

  • Fixed issues with hybrid Companions appearing in the Market when viewing certain items.

  • Fixed some Look Link issues and diorama issues with the new Companions (mismatching tails, for example).

  • Fixed a few issues with the teleport height on the Cambion Drift Captura Scene.

  • Fixed issues with inappropriate ESC menu usage being possible in the Heart of Deimos quest.

  • Fixed camera clipping near the gates to Cetus in the Plains of Eidolon.

  • Fixed some badly lit and set doors in the Orokin Derelicts.

  • Fixed Clem and other friendly NPCs sometimes spawning in the ceiling.

  • Fixed camera alignment issues when opening the Arsenal as the Operator in a Town/Relay.

  • Fixed default Pet being shown for a quick second when swapping Pets quickly in the Arsenal.

  • Fixed dark spots in the Corpus OutPost skybox.

  • Fixed slight text overlap in the Eidolon Hunt Bounty objective UI.

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