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Warframe – Heart of Deimos: Hotfix: 29.2.4 NIGHTS OF NABERUS!

Nights of Naberus have arrived!

The ancient festival of death and mischief has begun on all platforms!

On Naberus, beauty is banished. Rot and monstrosity hold sway. And Daughter couldn’t be more excited!

To get everyone in the Naberus spirit, she’ll be dressing up in Morbid costume and offering exclusive, limited-time rewards available for purchase through her special Naberus-themed store in the Necralisk.

Listen to a gruesome tale narrated by Grandmother in the comfort of your Orbiter with a creepy Naberus-themed decoration, or enjoy an assortment of Glyphs, Emblems, Skins and Blueprints – all available for purchase using Mother Tokens.



  • Made a micro-optimization to the Health and Shield display on the HUD.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to game-code using scripts.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to physics sweep queries.
  • Made a micro-optimization to animation inverse kinematics.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to the script runtime.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the perception system.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the damage system.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the effects system.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to level loading.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the sound system.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the script system.
  • Made a micro-optimization to text localization.
  • Made a micro-optimization to flash rendering.
  • Made a micro-optimization to UI rendering.
  • Made a micro-optimization to loading.
  • Optimized a small memory leak that would occur in certain Railjack missions.
  • Fixed a tiny memory leak that would occur when killing Jen Dro in The Index; while inconsequential for regular play this leak showed up in an automated stress-test that pits Brokers vs Executioners for hours at a time.



  • Reduced Isolation Vault Bounty Toxicity phase from 3 minutes to 1:30 minutes.

An early change meant for Update Deimos: Arcana that was low risk to add now! Feedback alluded to this phase not offering much variety within the Bounty – so we’ve shortened it to get you to the meat of the Bounty quicker! 

  • The Helminth Subsume confirmation prompt will now show the Forma count on the respective Warframe.
  • Increased default analog stick deadzones values to 20%. The value was previously 15% only for look/aim inputs, but then was changed to 15% for all analog stick inputs, but this introduced some drift for certain players.



  • Fixed a functionality loss when Upgrading the Railjack Grid then going back while looking at the tooltip.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse ability not functioning properly with Deferred Rendering enabled. As detailed here!
    •  A sharp-eyed Tenno noticed a change with Eclipse’s damage bonus using our new Enhanced Graphics engine setting, and it turns out Mirage had us all under an illusion. Eclipse changes its effect intensity based on how bright (or dark) your current location is. The game calculates the brightness by considering all the light sources that are affecting you.  The problem… Under the Enhanced Graphics engine, lighting is handled in a different way than the Classic way we’ve been using for years. So while playing Landscape missions the sunlight was not being included in the intensity. What looked like bright open ground lit by the sun was, as far as the game is concerned internally, gloomy and overcast. This will be fixed such that the Eclipse ability will consider the real-time sunlight under the Enhanced renderer. We cannot guarantee that the results will be exactly the same using the two equations, but any difference should be negligible.
  • Fixed Tusk Heavy Gunners doing unintended extreme amounts of damage.
  • Fixed Obelisk Requiem icons sometimes not being visible for Clients.
  • Fixed cases of Excavators that could spawn inside Cambion Drift terrain.
  • Fixed Force Feedback issues when firing the Mausolon.
  • Fixed the Cryptosuctus Fish having a hole in it.
  • Fixed Vulpaphyla name appearing as [PH] Chrysalis upon devolving into a larva state.
  • Fixed unlocalized system error messages sometimes being shown in the UI when experiencing network problems
  • Fixed texture streaming on placed Glyphs being missing unless you get close.
  • Fixed a problem with the Dynamic Resolution system.
  • Fixed Chat repeatedly opening and closing if you slowly press down on the left trigger of a controller.

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