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Sea of Thieves – 2.0.9 Patch Notes | The Seabound Soul ALL DETAILS

Tall Tales: The Seabound Soul

Our Tall Tales series first started when we launched the Anniversary Edition earlier this year, and we’re delivering a brand new Tale this month with The Seabound Soul. Brave souls will be led down a dark path to discover the fate of a legendary ship called the Ashen Dragon, with the help of a mysterious gentleman whose name may ring a bell…

  • Tall Tales: The Seabound Soul – The crumbling remains of a once-proud Galleon, the Blackwyche, gave Shipwreck Bay its name. Now a ghostly voice calls out from the wreckage. Journey to Shipwreck Bay and seek the captain’s journal in the heart of the Blackwyche to uncover a secret history of binding and betrayal…
  • The Seabound Soul Commendations – New Commendations have been added cataloguing players’ progress through the latest Tall Tale. These can be found in a new ‘Tall Tales’ section of the Reputation page. By progressing through these Commendations, players can earn new rewards: Pendragon’s Sword of Souls and the Ashen Dragon Sails.
  • The Seabound Soul Achievements – New Xbox achievements can be unlocked by progressing through The Seabound Soul in-game Commendations. A total of 40 gamerscore is available to earn from this update, and these achievements will remain in the game indefinitely.

Ashen Treasures

Duke has heard rumours of skeletons gathering ancient Ashen Tomes and keeping them under heavy guard. They are going to great lengths to protect the mysterious pages within, locking the Tomes inside Ashen Chests and keeping the Ashen Keys in isolation. This level of organisation is worrying – something big is brewing!

Duke has hastily departed the Outpost seeking advice on this latest threat, leaving Stitcher Jim in charge of operations. Jim has tasked crews with intercepting these Ashen Chests and, if possible, finding the Ashen Keys to unlock them and retrieve the treasures within. While nobody knows what the skellies are planning, you can certainly make it tougher for them by taking Ashen Tomes from right under their nose holes!

  • Key Seeker Voyages – Although unsure exactly where the Key Masters can be found, Stitcher Jim’s scouts have provided details of their Captains in each region of the world. Upon defeating a Captain, a dropped set of Skeleton Orders will lead players to the location of a hidden Ashen Key, but beware – collecting an Ashen Key will antagonise the Key Masters into revealing themselves and protecting their treasure!

    While Jim will offer Doubloons for selling these Ashen Keys, the true prize is locked inside the Ashen Chests that the Keys unlock.

    All Key Seeker Voyages are time-limited for the duration of The Seabound Soul update.

  • Legendary Ashen Guardian Lure Voyage – Stitcher Jim’s scouts have provided the locations of Ashen Trinkets buried throughout the main regions of the world, and want Pirate Legends to dig them up in order to provoke an Ashen Guardian into revealing themselves. Defeating the Ashen Guardian will result in a dropped riddle leading to the location of the Ashen Chests they’re protecting. Expect to discover a range of Ashen Trinkets and multiple Ashen Chests from this Legendary Voyage!

    The Legendary Ashen Guardian Voyage is time-limited for the duration of The Seabound Soul update.

  • Mercenary Commendations and Rewards – A range of Mercenary Commendations are available to unlock for participating in the Key Seeker and Ashen Guardian Lure Voyages offered by Jim, earning players Doubloons as well as a soon to be named Title.

    All Mercenary Voyage Commendations, Doubloons and Title are time-limited for the duration of The Seabound Soul update.

  • Ashen Skeleton Ship Battles – Crews warn of perilous encounters while engaging with Skeleton Ship clouds. Sailing towards this Red threatening cloud will uncover Skeleton Ships carrying a hidden shipment of Ashen Chests. Don’t be too complacent however, these ships now wield firebombs to take on anyone daring to threaten them. On defeat, their stash of Ashen Chests and even a Ritual Skull will be released!

    The Ashen Skeleton Ship Battles will become a permanent addition to the world after The Seabound Soul update, allowing players to encounter this threat at any time.

  • Ashen Guardian and Ashen Key Master Sightings – With heightened levels of activity across the sea, Ashen Guardians and even Ashen Key Masters have been spotted patrolling on Islands. Keep a close eye on islands as you explore and take them down!

    The Ashen Guardian Key Masters will become a permanent addition to the world after The Seabound Soul update, allowing players to encounter this threat at any time.

  • Ashen Chest Stash Voyages – Stitcher Jim has retrieved a stash of Ashen Chests for himself, however, doesn’t hold enough Ashen Keys to unlock the tomes within. Within the Black Market, Stitcher offers players a Stash Voyage to collect a quick Ashen Chest straight from the Outpost. These Black Market Voyages can be purchased for either Doubloons or Gold and are repeatable to your heart’s content!

    The Ashen Chest Stash Voyage will become a permanent addition to the world after The Seabound Soul update.

  • Ashen Treasures Commendations – A new tab has been added to the Bilge Rats Reputation page, housing a new set of persistent Commendations for helping Jim intercept Ashen cargo and the Ashen Tomes locked inside. Earn Doubloons to spend in the Black Market along the way.

    All Ashen Treasures Commendations will become a permanent addition to the world after The Seabound Soul update.

  • Ashen Rewards: Volume 1 – Both Stitcher Jim and the Outpost stores now offer a selection of new Ashen cosmetics, rewarding players for collecting the various Ashen Tomes hidden in recovered Ashen Chests. In The Seabound Soul update, players can recover volumes from one of the Ashen Tomes – the Tome of Curses – allowing access to the first set of cosmetics including items from the clothing, weapons, items, and ship sets.

    All Ashen Rewards will become a permanent addition to the Outpost stores after The Seabound Soul update.

  • Ashen Treasures Achievements – New Xbox achievements can be unlocked by progressing through in-game Commendations. A total of 35 gamerscore is available to earn by collecting Ashen Treasures, and these achievements will remain in the game indefinitely.

Tome of Curses I [5G]

Tome of Curses II [5G]

Tome of Curses III [5G]

Tome of Curses IV [5G]

Tome of Curses V [5G]

Tome of Curses Collector [10G]


The seas just became a lot more hazardous as this month’s update introduces fire! Whether you’re cooking, sailing through a storm or locked in fierce combat with a rival player or skeleton crew, the threat of your ship (or yourself) bursting into a brilliant ball of flames is now ever-present. You have been warned…

  • Firestarter! – Players, ships and skeletons can be set on fire, but how does it happen? Fires start in many ways: firebombs can be launched by a rival crew, explosions from a detonated Gunpowder Keg can start a blaze, ships struck by lightning can become a raging experience in a storm and of course The Devil’s Roar is now an even more treacherous place – watch out for those volcanic rocks!
  • Grab a Firebomb! – Spawning in barrels across the world, these fire-filled flasks are the perfect way to start a blazing inferno and are added to your resource inventory. You can equip these with the throwable radial or keybind and throw them at other players or skeletons to set them alight, but the real magic comes from loading them into your cannons. When fired from a cannon they can set other ships ablaze!
  • Pirates on Fire! – Being set on fire sounds great, right? Well, it’s not. It’s all hot and will make you want to dive headfirst off the jetty. But while you’re on fire, you can run around like a headless pirate and set other players and even skeletons on fire – so it does have its perks!
  • Ships on Fire! –  So your ship has just a little fire on the top deck – no need to panic, right? Wrong. When a ship is on fire it will slowly spread if not dealt with quickly. Grab a bucket of water and douse the flames before they spread. If fire reaches certain areas of your ship it could destroy your wheel, wreck your capstan, bring down your mast and even put holes in your ship!
  • Skeleton Ships on Fire! – Skeleton Ships are not impervious to the effects of a firebomb fired from a cannon. Load up, fire upon on the Skeleton Ships and watch the chaos ensue!
  • Gunpowder Kegs on Fire? – Firebombs, ship fires and even campfires can now be used to ignite a Gunpowder Keg, causing them to explode instantly.
  • Protect Antonio! – Pets clearly don’t appreciate feeling hot under the collar, whether it’s your ship on fire or the effects of a rogue firebomb – your companion will now flee for safety!
  • Poor Larry – So, you’re midway through your Merchant Alliance Voyage with a ship full of livestock, and a fire breaks out; you need to deal with that fire before your ship turns into a floating BBQ. But at least you can restock your food barrel if you’re a little slow dousing the flames. Wild pigs, chickens and snakes caught by a rogue firebomb will also cook on the spot, crates or not. Nothing is safe!
  • Protect the Cargo! – Rum cargo crates can now be damaged when they’re in fire or when carried by a player who’s on fire.
  • What’s That Smell? – Absent-minded pirates be warned, cooking on a ship is now a little more treacherous. Leaving food burning on the stove for several minutes is now guaranteed to set the ship on fire!
  • Water Barrel? – There is now a handy water barrel on each ship. Head to the middle deck of the Galleon or bottom deck of the Brigantine and Sloop to find it! Run up to it and interact, pumping some water into the barrel so you can grab it for your bucket to help deal with those fires.
  • Douse Yourself! – Players now have a secondary action on the bucket, enabling them to tip a full bucket of water over themselves to put out a fire.
  • Superheated Water – While superheated water has been around since Forsaken Shores, players have never been crazy enough to want to collect it. Players will now find they can scoop up superheated water in their bucket and hold onto it, throwing this at other players will scald and damage them!

The Arena

Prepare for a more intense Arena experience! With changes to the core mode, expect more battling as crews fight it out over the chance to earn that precious silver. All that competition can earn you new Commendations and rewards with the introduction of the Triumphant Sea Dog set. Why not customise parts of your ship and sail into battle in your own style?

  • Arena Maps and ‘X’s Change – When you are given maps, you will only ever be given 1-3 maps. The number of ‘X’s per map has also been slightly decreased, although there still is a tiny chance to get a rare jackpot number of ‘X’s. This means there will always be fewer islands with treasure than crews, encouraging ships to come together and compete over limited resources.
  • Arena Spawn Point Changes – In line with the increased likelihood that there will be fewer maps to choose from, we have replaced several ‘clock face’ layout starting points with fairer layouts, as these could feel unfair in a one map scenario.
  • Stocked with Firebombs – Looking to cause some havoc in The Arena? Ships will be stocked with firebombs for those pyromaniacs on your crew, and respawning ships will even receive a restocked supply!
  • Arena Ship Customisation – You will now see a ship customisation chest in the Sea Dog Tavern where you can customise your ship’s wheel, cannons, capstan, and figurehead for the next contest. Your team colour will still be represented on the sails, hull and flag so that you can see rival crews.
  • Time for Some New Rivals? – When you’re back in the Tavern following a contest, you now have the choice to matchmake with the same rivals as before or vote along with your crew to find a new set of rival players. This needs to be a majority vote from your crew with the voting being displayed at the top left of your screen.
  • Triumphant Sea Dog Commendations and Rewards – A new wave of Commendations is coming to the Sea Dogs Trading Company. These Commendations require players to represent the Company and don the Glorious Sea Dog outfits in order to progress, rewarding the new Triumphant Sea Dog cosmetics. Check them out in the Sea Dogs Reputation tab.
  • Sea Dog Reputation and Rewards – After the successful Arena Weekend, the Sea Dogs are feeling even more generous. Crews fighting in The Arena will now earn more reputation and gold upon completing each contest!
  • Glorious Sea Dog Rewards – The Glorious Sea Dog cosmetic set is now complete! Head to the Sea Dog Tavern stores to find the Glorious Sea Dog Boots, Belt, Eyepatch, Trousers, Pegleg and Dress all locked behind the Captain of Silver Waters Commendation.

Pirate Emporium

The Pirate Emporium has been restocked with rare goods and festival treats freshly smuggled into the Sea of Thieves. To see the exciting new items on sale, head to the Pirate Emporium from the Sea of Thieves main menu before jumping into the game, or at an Outpost via the Emporium outlet above the Order of Souls tent!

  • Festival of Plenty – The Pirate Emporium is celebrating the Sea of Thieves’ first Festival of Plenty! With a range of festival-themed player instruments and outfits for all the pets, there’s something for everyone to celebrate with their crew. These Festival of Plenty items are time-limited for The Seabound Soul update, so snatch them up before they return to the vault.
  • Cockatoos and Marmosets! – The Skeleton Cockatoo and Marmoset have now left the Pirate Emporium, but fear not – their real-life counterparts have arrived! Head to the pets section to find a range of colourful crested Cockatoos and agile Marmosets. With the introduction of these new breeds, Bilge Rat and Sea Dog outfits are available for both animals.
  • Sovereign Pet Outfits – Introducing a more regal look for your loyal companion. Each pet can now dress with distinction and don the new Sovereign outfits. Go to the pets section of the Pirate Emporium to purchase an outfit, then head to the Pet Chest to equip it.
  • Sovereign Discount Bundles – For the duration of The Seabound Soul update, you can pick up discounted bundles for the Cockatoo and Marmoset, each dressed in a regal Sovereign outfit.
  • Huntress Ship Collection – Prepare for a perfectly dark ensemble! Freshly sourced from the Carrington Institute of Pirate Ship Design comes a ship representing Perfect Dark: the Huntress Ship Collection. A Huntress Ship Bundle is also on offer which includes all the regular ship cosmetics at a stealthy discount.
  • Admiral Persona Bundle – Always felt a little superior, more refined than those scruffy pirates around you? Pick up the Admiral Persona Bundle for a fresh new set of core emotes with a whole new level of class!
  • Emote Variety Bundle – A range of new emotes have been added in the Variety Pack 3 Bundle! Tell crewmates how you really feel with the I Love You emote, or voice your frustration in the most expressive way possible as you sail towards that rock with the new Despair emote, amongst a range of other new offerings.
  • Festival of Plenty Bundle (Store Only) – Available only on the Xbox and Microsoft Stores. Share in the fun and feasting with the Festival of Plenty Bundle. With four fun emotes to help you get into the mood for celebration, four food-themed instruments, plus 1000 Ancient Coins and free bonus gold, you’ll be ready for the Feast! Head to the Store to find out more.
  • Expanded Emote Radial – Players now have access to three pages within their emote radial, allowing further customisation when slotting in newly acquired emotes.
  • Ancient Coin Balance – Players can check their current Ancient Coin balance alongside their gold and Doubloon balances when in menus.
  • Pirate Emporium Browsing Experience – The Pirate Emporium has been updated with a range of browsing improvements. Simpler store navigation, better pet iconography, an improved Ancient Coin purchase layout and hiding descriptions to better show off the items on sale – the Emporium experience is now much smoother!

Black Market

  • Wild Rose Weapons – Continuing the beloved Wild Rose set, this month offers the Wild Rose weapons. Collect the Wild Rose Cutlass, Wild Rose Blunderbuss, Wild Rose Eye of Reach and Wild Rose Pistol, all available for Doubloons.
  • Wailing Barnacle Items – Not wishing to leave sets unfinished, Jim has stocked the previously unattainable Wailing Barnacle Items! Available for Doubloons, players can pick up the Lantern, Compass, Spyglass, Shovel, Bucket, Tankard, Speaking Trumpet and even Fishing Rod of the Wailing Barnacle.
  • Forsaken Ashes Ship – Jim has recovered a shipment of the once-forgotten Forsaken Ashes ship cosmetics, allowing players to complete the set. The Forsaken Ashes Cannon, Capstan and Wheel are all available for Doubloons.
  • Dirty Rotten Bilge Rat Clothing – How about something for your gold? This monthly update offers a twist on the Rotten Bilge Rat clothing set. Players can acquire the full set by digging into their gold reserves!
  • Inky Kraken Ship – Fans of the original Kraken Ship Set will be pleased to find the Black Market now offering the Inky Kraken design, available for gold! With the full set available for purchase, you can sail away in devastating style.


  • Portable Ammo Crates – Portable Ammo Crates can now be found washed up across the Sea of Thieves. These can hold a stack of 50 ammo for your guns and can be carried to the Ammo Chest found on your ship or on an island to restock the Ammo Crate supply.
  • Interactive Campfires – Players can now build and light campfires found on islands across the Sea of Thieves. You’ll need wood in order to rebuild a campfire and your ingenuity to light it. Once lit, you can cook away to your heart’s content, as long as you keep it supplied with wood – but be warned, the smoke emanating from a campfire can be seen by other crews. Protect that Splashtail!
  • Collector’s Chests in Gold Hoarder Riddles – Players will now be rewarded with a Collector’s Chest that contains gold and artefacts inside once they complete any Riddle Quest. This change allows us to increase the rewards players get for completing Riddle Maps to bring them more in line with the rewards players receive for completing X Marks the Spot Voyages. Gold inside the Collector’s Chest can be taken immediately and is awarded to the whole crew, but any artefacts found inside are vulnerable and need to be returned to your nearest Outpost!
  • Emergent Collector’s Chests with Rewards – Players have been scouring the world and uncovering Collector’s Chests, washed up on beaches and even hidden in shipwrecks. Those empty Collector’s Chests will now be packed full of rewards, with a chance to find a range of valuable reward items and even gold that can be collected straight from the chest into your crew’s wallets. They can even be found in Forts, Skeleton Ships, Krakens and Megalodons. Head out there and hunt them out!
  • Emergent Skeleton Captain Rewards – Ritual Skulls can now be rewarded from Skeleton Ship battles, therefore will no longer be found when defeating an emergent Skeleton Captain. Their Skeleton Orders will still lead players to a range of high-value rewards.
  • Fort Collector’s Chests – Collector’s Chests packed full of rewards and gold have now been added to the vaults of Skeleton Forts. The Fort of the Damned even receives a full Collector’s Chest with a range of valuable rewards in addition to all the previous Fort rewards!
  • Fort of the Damned Key – The Fort of the Damned Key will now be tracked on the map for all players to see.
  • Gunpowder Skeleton Movement – Gunpowder Skeletons have had their movement speed slowed down to be a little more forgiving to those unaware of their presence. But these hissing threats are still to be feared, so as soon as you hear that fuse light – run!
  • Who Equipped That? – When inside the Shipwright Chest, if another crew member has equipped a ship cosmetic you will now see that cosmetic in your inventory grid in addition to the preview pane confirming that a member of your crew has applied it.
  • Stocked Rowboats – Check that Rowboat storage carefully, as Rowboats can now spawn with goodies inside!
  • Showing Off – When holding a pet, ‘showing’ them will now have a range of actions they can perform!
  • Particle Effects Quality – A new graphics option has been added for PC players: Particle Emitter Quality. This will enable players to increase the quality of some particle effects such as ship fire and water spray, typically by increasing the number of particles spawned. However, it can affect both CPU and GPU performance.

Fixed Issues


  • Players should no longer find themselves spawning on the Shores of Gold when attempting to take a mermaid to return to their ship.
  • Using a keybind to switch to food following a weapon switch now works consistently.
  • Hitting the environment with a sword strike will now correctly classify as a miss and delay the player from striking again for the full cooldown.
  • The Masked Stranger’s sketches have now been returned to their original locations from Smuggler’s Fortune to ensure players can still unlock the Commendation.
  • Players should no longer be able to press themselves into areas of the Galleon and emerge through the hull.
  • Players will now be prevented from playing an emote when already taking continuous damage. Taking continuous damage while emoting also cancels the players current emote.
  • Players can no longer be affected by the Jigball or Wearyball when already taking continuous damage. Taking continuous damage while under the effects of the Jigball or Wearyball also cancels the player’s current cursed effect.
  • ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale – Players who migrate after solving the puzzle vault will now find the altar map correctly migrates with them.
  • When locating a washed-up Rag and Bone Crate, they will no longer have a delivery time attached to the package so you can hand them in at your leisure!
  • Emote and Pirate Phrase radials will no longer intersect with tutorial popups.
  • Resolved a rare occurrence where a docked Rowboat could be removed when migrating servers.
  • Collecting a Message in a Bottle will once again play SFX.
  • Ships on the edge of a storm will now begin to take on rainwater when rain effects are visible on-screen.
  • Players can no longer continuously attack an animal after it has died and disappeared, producing SFX and VFX (you monsters).
  • Gunpowder Skeletons no longer become paralysed if their Gunpowder Keg is harpooned away from them.
  • Sword-lunging into the Pirate Emporium and interacting with the Emporium NPC no longer locks player movement.
  • Skeletons spawning on Lost Gold Fort should no longer spawn on top of each other in the same spot.
  • ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ Tall Tale – The Chalice Key and Crown Key are now correctly textured.
  • Corrected a range of cannon icons to ensure they are centered inside the icon and preview image.
  • Players carrying the Pirate Legend shanty into deep water will now hear the underwater version of the tune.
  • The ship’s wheel, mast and capstan now consistently display damage VFX and SFX when taking damage.
  • When using the Vanity Chest to equip an emote, you can now access all slots using the mouse.
  • When the last player votes with their dagger, the appropriate SFX is played for the final dagger.
  • Resolved an issue causing players loadouts to become corrupted on loading into the game, causing your next visit to the Ferry of the Damned or game restart to reset your loadout.
  • ‘Wild Rose’ Tall Tale – George’s music box now shows the correct figures spinning on top.
  • Detonating a Gunpowder Skeleton will now chain detonate any nearby Gunpowder Skeletons.
  • Interacting with a ship interaction point during a sword lunge will no longer cause subsequent animations to play incorrectly.
  • When digging up bait, the ‘Pick Up’ tooltip is now visible.
  • The Skeleton Captain on Crow’s Nest Fort will now drop a Fort Key when defeated.
  • When throwing water from a bucket, water VFX should now display consistently.
  • Resolved an issue causing some servers to exhibit high network activity, causing all connected players to experience high ping.

Fort of the Damned

  • Resolved issues in several locations which caused the ghost of Graymarrow to become stuck inside the environment at the Fort of the Damned.
  • Dropped Skeleton Orders will now use the correct radial iconography in the quest radial menu.
  • Shadows of Fate should no longer spawn on top of each other in the same spot.
  • Purchasing a Skull Stash Voyage then sailing away from the Outpost before activating it will now correctly select the Outpost closest to the player’s position when activating.
  • Ferryman Statue’s ‘Grate Hands’ will no longer be displayed on an inactive Fort of the Damned when a player somewhere else in the world encounters a Shadow of Fate Skeleton.
  • Ferryman Statue’s ‘Grate Hands’ are now cleared once the Fort is completed.
  • Ferryman Statue’s ‘Grate Hands’ will correctly reactivate when leaving and rejoining the Fort while in progress.
  • Improved the animations used by the Ferryman Statue’s ‘Grate Hands’ to provide more variety.
  • Players who are teleported out of the vault when the Fort is restarted are now teleported to their ship.
  • On opening the Fort door, the key is now visually removed.
  • Gunpowder Kegs spawned inside the Fort vault will no longer explode if a nearby keg is detonated prior to the vault being opened.

Pirate Emporium

  • Emotes in the preview pane of the Emporium and Vanity Chest are now presented as they appear on your equipped pirate, reducing scenarios where the preview showed pirates’ hands in the incorrect locations.
  • The Coin Toss Emote now shows the coin in the preview when purchasing within the Emporium or equipping from the Vanity Chest.
  • Changing the game window size on PC while inside the Pirate Emporium will no longer cause graphical issues with the pet preview window.
  • After purchasing an item, the player should no longer be returned to the home tab.
  • When using the Vanity Chest to equip an emote, players can now access all slots using the mouse.
  • Defeating an Ancient Skeleton and receiving the pop-up in German now fits correctly on-screen.
  • Players browsing the Pirate Emporium now display the correct presence in their Xbox status while playing Sea of Thieves.


  • Pets sitting on the crow’s nest perch when the mast is destroyed will now correctly and safely return to the deck.
  • Dirty pets can now be cleaned with a bucket of water when below deck.
  • Pets will no longer instantly become clean if jumping in the water.
  • Equipping a pet from your Pet Chest while you are already holding another player’s pet will now correctly summon your own pet.
  • When navigating the Pet Chest, animals should no longer briefly T-pose when selected.
  • After dismissing a pet it will no longer still appear equipped in the Pet Chest.
  • Crumbs will now fall on the floor when pets eat food on a moving ship.

The Arena

  • Players should no longer find themselves spawning on the Shores of Gold when attempting to use a mermaid to return to their ship in The Arena.


  • Moved the tooltip to remove a pet from an animal cage to make it more visible on-screen.
  • Info text should no longer be displayed when sailing through the Devil’s Shroud approaching the Shores of Gold.
  • Shadows will no longer be cast from the mountains in the evening on Plunder Outpost.
  • Players should no longer become stuck between the shipwreck and dock in the Pirate Legend Hideout.
  • Players should no longer become stuck next to a tree on Smuggler’s Bay.
  • Players should no longer become stuck between rocks on Ashen Reaches.
  • Players should no longer clip into the floor when climbing the southeast ladder on Fort of the Damned.

Known Issues

  • Cosmetics Saving Across Sessions – Some players may find that after equipping cosmetics then leaving the game, upon their return those cosmetics will no longer be equipped.
  • Sailor of the Shores of Gold Title Not Unlocking – Some players may find that after having completed the Seeker of Grand Adventure Commendation, they are not awarded the Sailor of the Shores of Gold Title.
  • The Seabound Soul Subtitle Formatting – Players may find that some dialogue subtitle text in non-English languages is cut off. The team is working to get this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox One: 7.05 GB
Xbox One X: 12.9 GB
Windows 10: 12.9 GB

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