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Sea of Thieves – 2.0.18 Patch Notes | Uncover Hidden Treasure Vaults!


The Devil’s Roar Treasure Vaults

  • Expanding the range of Voyages introduced in the Vaults of the Ancients update, the Gold Hoarders posted at Morrow’s Peak Outpost now offer a Treasure Vault Voyage that leads players through The Devil’s Roar.

Fixed Issues


  • When performing an emote, you should now consistently perform that action for any players observing you.
  • Players performing emotes off-screen then moving into visible range will no longer appear to be emoting while moving.
  • Players are now consistently shown appropriate notifications when progressing through an Arena contest.
  • Being killed by a crewmate with a Gunpowder Barrel will no longer allow players to collect the pink flame from the Well of Fates on the Ferry of the Damned.
  • When placing items in the furthest right space of an Ancient Collector’s Chest, the item will no longer be destroyed when you try to pick up the chest.
  • All sitting emotes should now correctly trigger the Skeleton Throne Commendations.
  • During ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale, the medallion icon in the pop-up notification will now correctly display the type of medallion picked up.
  • The ‘Pick up’ prompt should now be localised in German and French if a player’s item inventory is full when they take something from another player.
  • Descriptions for the Aristocrat Jacket, Corsair Sea Dog Pegleg and Crimson Corsair Sea Dog Pegleg have been updated.

Fate of the Damned

  • Progressing through Larinna’s dialogue quickly should no longer offer Voyages for the incorrect week of the campaign.
  • Reaper’s Chests will no longer have their beacons activated before being picked up while in the Fort of the Damned Vault.
  • If another crew hands in Merrick’s boot while your crew is on Larinna’s Voyage entitled The Hunt for Hidden, Ancient Shadows of Fate, the Voyage should now fail.

Mysterious Notes

  • Equipping a Mysterious Note will now have equip and unequip audio effects.
  • Jumping while holding a Mysterious Note will now have appropriate audio effects.

Pirate Emporium

  • Switching tabs quickly in the Pirate Emporium will no longer cause the layout of the next page to change, pushing buttons out of position.


  • On the bottom deck of the Sloop, players should now be able to shoot though the gap between the support beam and the barrel.
  • Players should no longer be able to get on top of the Pet Chest and appear on the outside of the ship while on a Galleon.
  • Jumping into the water by the bridge at The Reaper’s Hideout should no longer launch players into the air.
  • Players should no longer get teleported into the air when walking into a wooden fence on Marauder’s Arch.
  • Swimming near the shipwreck during the Maiden Voyage will no longer cause a player’s character to stutter.
  • The skull and bone on the roof of the Dagger Tooth Outpost tavern should now have the correct collision.

Visual and Audio

  • The Gold Hoarders Figurehead and Wailing Barnacle Figurehead now use correct iconography in the Ship Customisation Chest.
  • Treasure Maps identifying Devil’s Roar islands should now be clearer and of a higher quality.
  • The distance at which an exploding Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel can be heard has been reduced.

Custom Servers

  • Starting a Custom Server session with large numbers of players should now consistently carry all players and crews from the lobby into the game.
  • When creating a Custom Server session on console, the host can now invite Steam players into the lobby without them needing to be on the host’s friends list.

Performance and Stability

  • Further improvements to server performance reducing latency, lag spikes, ‘rubberbanding’ and server correction during gameplay.
  • Further improvements and optimisations to client performance.
  • Optimised a range of islands across The Ancient Isles to improve client performance.
  • Optimised a range of islands across The Shores of Plenty to improve client performance.

Known Issues

Players Impacted Following Server Migration

  • We are currently tracking a number of player-impacting issues which can occur following a server migration. Crews who migrate servers while a Voyage vote is in progress may become unable to complete that vote and prevented from starting future Voyages.
  • Other issues include crews migrating near Outposts finding themselves moved to a location where another ship is already present, and issues with ship interaction points following a migration.

Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets. While improvements continue to be delivered during our content updates, this continues to be a key priority for the team.

Stuck UI Menus

  • When interacting with a barrel and moving quickly through its inventory, players may find that the barrel’s state is not updated as items are removed. Players can also experience Game Options becoming stuck on-screen when exiting a barrel in this state.

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