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Mordhau – 26 Patch Notes | Female Characters Arrive!

Patch #26 27/10/2022


  • Added female body with one face and 4 voice options
  • Re-implemented team color preview in Armory
  • Re-implemented “Hide Defaults” in Armory
  • Improved face sculpting performance
  • Fix attempt for input loss cases
  • Fixed swapped objective text
  • Fixed wrong team damage showing on vote kick
  • Scoreboard interact context menu can now be closed with the same keys as the scoreboard itself
  • Exclusive banners no longer display on non-official servers
  • Renamed “key bindings” subnav button to “action bindings”
  • Added navigation shortcuts to matchmaking screen
  • Added suicide button to Main menu
  • Increased death ragdoll force across the board


  • Added Dungeon Map & Variants (Alternate, 32 and 64 player)
  • Removed respawn timer from frontline
  • Changed map vote to select different game modes from the map rotation equally
  • Reworked Brawl modes on Castello and Arid with extended play area
  • Camp – adjusted anti toolbox volumes on spike palisades
  • Arid – pushers now die when the bomb goes off
  • Added anti toolbox to Grad griefing spot
  • Added 10s delay to first castello objective completion to give defense some time to get ready
  • Moved covered up rock spawner on Mountain Peak

Weapons & Equipment

  • Added new rideable Hog – can be found on Dungeon
  • Added throwable Explosive Barrel – can be found on Dungeon and Horde
  • Added throwable Fire urn to Horde
  • Added throwable Bricks – can be found on Dungeon
  • Added Bone, Large Bone and Throwable Skull – can be found on Dungeon
  • Beartrap no longer triggered by friendlies running over it
  • Increased enemy footstep volume slightly
  • Stab & Strike feint lockout reduced 25ms
  • Reduced max parry angle slightly, this fixes people parrying with their back/side
  • Tank movement speed buffed very slightly
  • Removed heavy weapon movement debuff from weapons (still active on shields)
  • Buffed dodge very slightly
  • Kick windup very slightly faster
  • Longsword Strike & Stab combo windup 25ms faster
  • Longsword Stab windup 10ms faster
  • Longsword Alt mode strike windup 10ms faster
  • Bastard sword strike damage vs medium & heavy armor increased
  • Arming sword strike damage vs medium & heavy armor increased
  • Removed carving knife miss combo slowdown
  • Rapier stab damage buffed
  • Dagger point cost reduced to 1
  • Dagger stab windup & combo stab 25ms faster
  • Throwing knife point cost reduced to 3
  • Billhook stamina game buffed
  • Cleaver stamina game buffed very slightly
  • Partisan Stab windup & Stab combo now faster
  • Partisan Strike combo slightly faster
  • Partisan strike damage increased very slightly
  • Estoc stamina game buffed
  • Estoc stab windup 10ms faster
  • Estoc stab damage buffed against light and no armor
  • Estoc strike damage increased
  • Mace strike combo windup very slightly faster
  • Bardiche damage against heavy torso increased slightly
  • Falchion strike damage increased
  • Fists combo speed slightly faster (Non-Pugilist)
  • Javelin huntsman modifier buffed, now allows one shot of armored archers with huntsman
  • Deployable spawn now takes more damage from projectiles
  • Toolbox walls and spikes now take 50% more melee damage
  • Doors now take 25% more melee damage
  • Fixed Heavy Handaxe alt mode stab being different
  • Fixed a case where camel speed would not increase


  • Fixed firebomb on HRD_Camp that costs only 11 instead of default 1900


  • Added Dragon set DLC, including the Dragon Greatsword
  • Added Landsknecht Set & Variants
  • Added Maximilian Set & Variants
  • Added Almain Rivet Cuirass
  • Added Landsknecht Halberd
  • Added Katzbalger Falchion
  • Added Katzbalger Greatsword
  • Added Royal Guard Zweihander
  • Added Renaissance Longsword

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