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Mordhau – 20 Patch Notes | Get ready for intense 3v3 battles!

Patch #20 Changelog 7/12/2020


  • Added Highlands map, available on Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Skirmish, Duel and Teamfight modes.
  • All nobles now have 4 health on kill as default
  • Skirmish round start now destroys engineer buildings and does not repair objects that cannot be repaired (e.g. trees)
  • Added NVIDIA Reflex integration


  • Horse couch now drains stamina on activation
  • Horse couch is now timed
  • Horse couch turncap slightly more strict across the board
  • Horse turning now slightly more weighty
  • Light & Medium horse top speeds reduced very slightly
  • Parry recovery increased 25ms, making double parries slightly harder
  • Max parry angle reduced to 70, reducing back/side parries some more
  • Getting disarmed now slows down more, making it easier to punish
  • Kick stamina drain reduced to 5
  • Kick no longer has look smoothing, fixing some ghost hits
  • Tank health regen speed buffed very slightly
  • Tank turncaps very slightly less strict
  • Fixed a dodge exploit that reduced the stamina cost for dodging

Weapons & Equipment

  • New & updated toolbox buildable wall and spike meshes; The wall is now shorter in height and allows climbing over it
  • Stun perk cost reduced to 3
  • Fixed rusty arming sword being able to heal when hitting plate legs
  • Executioner sword now has heavy weight slowdown
  • Stricter strike turncaps for Mace, Warhammer, Falchion and Axe
  • Warhammer alt mode headshot damage vs t3 reduced by 5
  • Axe stab windup slowed down 25ms
  • Eveningstar slightly stricter strike turncaps


  • Added Footman’s heater shield skin
  • Added Crusader’s kite shield skin
  • Added Gallowglass helmet


  • Fixed wrong party MMR being used for matchmaking under certain conditions
  • Fixed rare case of server stats reverting to an older state
  • Added new first person idles for some equipment
  • Added new first person equipment switch animations
  • Fixed shield jump animations
  • Various minor map optimizations
  • Fixed majority of reported map issues on Grad, Feitoria, Taiga, Castello and Mountain Peak
  • Various tutorial improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixed bug that was causing nobles to be offset in movement, which also fixes broken hit detection that happened in this case
  • Fixed bug where some equipment actions failed after entering and leaving a vehicle with said equipment until switching from/to that equipment again (e.g. toolbox placement, beartrap/pavise placement)
  • Projectile trails are now straight and no longer squiggle erratically


  • Fixed Teamfight score widget not showing all players
  • Fixed spawn screen bug where spawn points failed to hide if you spawned and opened the loadout menu on the same frame
  • Added display name to destroyable objects
  • Added builder name to buildables
  • Removed esc menu closing bind from team select menu
  • Removed close button from team select menu
  • Fixed invasion matchmaking tile being slightly smaller than the rest
  • Fixed gamepad shoulder buttons navigating the menu tabs while rebinding an action


  • Various new commands
  • Added ability to listen for broadcasts (chat, login, match state, killfeed, scorefeed, custom)
  • Modding hooks (Allows for back and forth communication)
  • Improved responses

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