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Legends of Runeterra – 1.10 Patch Notes | Cross-Shard Friend Challenge

Card Updates Dev Notes: Balance in 1.10 & 1.11 Patch 1.10 lands three weeks after the Call of the Mountain patch rather than the usual two, which has given us room to lock in more balance changes ...

Legends of Runeterra – 1.8 Patch Notes | MICRO-UPDATE: NEW LAB

New Lab: Inventor Arriving tomorrow, Inventor will test your ability to expect the unexpected and make the most of the hand you’re dealt. In this Lab, your deck is full of ‘Invent!’, a spe...

Legends of Runeterra – 1.8 Patch Notes | Call of the Mountain

Call of the Mountain marks the start of LoR’s new bimonthly card release cadence, kicking off a three-expansion set exploring the new region of Targon. In addition to the new region, Call of the Mount...

Legends of Runesterra – 1.6 Patch Notes : SPIRIT BLOSSOM

Dev Notes: Balance in 1.6 When designing and balancing LoR, we strive to set players up to dictate the metagame by giving them a variety of tools to adapt to and solve novel challenges. While we’re se...

Legends of Runeterra – 1.5 Patch Notes : LABS

Dev Notes: Balance in 1.5 and beyond Patch 1.5 contains a couple balance changes that were originally slated for Patch 1.6 as part of our usual monthly balance cadence. While we’re not going to ...

Legends of Runeterra – 1.4 Patch Notes ; THE SEASON OF FORTUNE

Dev Notes: Card adjustments in 1.4 In addition to our normal commitment to game balance and metagame diversity, many of the card changes in this patch (particularly the rework-level ones) are part of ...

Legends of Runeterra – 1.3 Patch Notes

Patch 1.3 contains minor bugfixes and card clarity updates, along with the latest Expedition archetype adjustments. The new patch will be playable at approximately 10 AM PT, June 10. Before we get to ...

Legends of Runeterra | Economy and XP Reward Change

LoR is headed to open beta with a whole bundle of updates and changes. In this article, we’d like to elaborate on some key changes to the underlying economy, but you can also check out the full patch ...

Legends of Runeterra – Open Beta Patch Notes

ECONOMY UPDATES All account progression and content from the preview patches has been reset. There will be no further account resets—anything you earn once the open beta starts is yours to keep! We’ve...

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Back in April, Legends of Runeterra (LoR) delivered to the world and we were unable to be more joyful with how the European people group has reacted. From heading out with Bilgewater to focusing on th...[Read More]

Legends of Runeterra – HOW TO PLAY THE OPEN BETA

BE LEGENDARY Face off in dynamic, alternating combat full of opportunities to adapt and outplay. Make your move, but be ready to react, because your opponent has a plan of their own. It all comes down...[Read More]

Legends of Runeterra
Release Date:24.01.2020
Genre:Card Game
Developed By:Riot Games
Publisher:Riot Games

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