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It’s that time again!  With November rolling around, our very first POTM launches with a new format!  Our first POTM Player is Manchester City’s own Kevin De Brunye.

In the past we have had various ways to achieve POTM.  This season, we are introducing a new format that has elements of the new season, as well as ways of old that were popular.  Here’s the basic rundown:


  • Users will play a TOTAL of 30 VSA matches against each other
  • There are no rebuys, so everyone has the potential to play a maximum of 30 games.  Ties do not count towards this total of 30
  • Based on how many WINS you achieve in the tournament, you will be granted a set amount of rewards, including the ever valuable POTM points
  • The November POTM Player cost will be 100 points
  • Matchmaking is done by using a form based matchmaking.  More about this below.
  • There is no OVR cap
  • Wins count as wins, Losses count as losses and Ties refund match currency.
  • We have added a single Global Leaderboard for the top 100 to recognize the top users in the POTM tournament.  Users are ranked by total wins out of 30, with the tiebreaker being the goal difference in the tournament matches.



  • POTM points carry over from month to month

Let’s talk a bit more about the event shall we?





Matchmaking introduces Form Based matchmaking.  You will see a display (similar to your 12 matches in Scream Team), except this will only display your 5 most recent matches.  If your last 5 matches are W-L-W-W-L, you form is 3-2. When matching, the system will look for any opponent with the same form.  Ties do not count towards your form. Fans, Cups, League Fame, OVR…none of that has anything to do with matchmaking.




Based on how many games you win, you will win rewards from the following milestone.  They are pretty self explanatory:


Wins are rounded down if applicable.  This means if you win 12, you get Silver 1 (11 win reward).  If you win 23, you get the Milestone 3 (22 win reward). Let’s take a second and read a full reward tier:



  • At Gold Milestone, you will have won either 13 or 14 games
  • You will have a 36.67 win rate at least (13 of 30 or 14 of 30 games)
  • You will have earned 30% 35% of a POTM player just through the tournament alone
  • You will earn a bonus of 400,000 Coins
  • You will earn a bonus of 2 TOTW Elite starters
  • You will earn 35 POTM points which carry over

There are various store offers that allow you to top off your POTM points and are available through various currencies if you choose to go that route.

Lasty, we have added a Global Leaderboard feature.  The top 100 users ranked by wins, and goal differential as a time breaker, will earn the following bonus rewards:


So assuming the #1 player wins 26 games, he will earn Elite 1 Milestone Rewards, as well as Top 1 Tier ranked rewards, for a grant total of:

  • #1 Animated Logo
  • POTM Animated Player
  • 100 POTM Tokens
  • 1,000,000 Coins
  • 3 TOTW Players

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