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Fifa Mobile 19 – Market Change ! You Can List ANYONE

Greetings Footballers from around the world!

First off, we’d like to thank everyone for your overwhelming support of the new FIFA Mobile season!  We are always striving to improve the game based on your suggestions and feedback. One of the most common requests has been to increase player pools for chemistry, and to make it easier to acquire your favorite players from our seasonal programs.  

Coming soon to FIFA Mobile, almost every player in the game will become auctionable (there’s a list below of players that will remain non-auctionable), and most players from future programs will also be directly auctionable. As the season progresses and new programs are added, we will keep you informed as to what will be auctionable within that specific program.  Additionally, furture Team of the Week players will become auctionable approximately one week after they initially launch. 

NOTE: Team of the Week 6 Starters will not become auctionable until January 8th as we observe the Holidays. 

Here is a list of what will/will not be auctionable:


  • Team of the Week
  • Campaign
  • VS Attack
  • Head to Head
  • Team Heroes
  • Icons
  • VIP
  • Scream Team
  • Scouting
  • Thanksgiving
  • Flash Sale
  • Football Freeze


  • League Players
  • Domination
  • Now & Later
  • Onboarding/Tutorial Players (such as 80 Brandt)
  • Players we may have to remove/make untradeable due to licensing.

Note: Due to potential changes, this list may change over time.

Please stay tuned to our channels for the exact time and date this change will come into effect. 

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