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Overwatch – DECEMBER 2020 Patch Notes | Winter Wonderland 2020

18 December Bug Fixes General Fixed a bug within Freezethaw Elimination that caused knockbacks to not count towards Thaw Interruptions for the “Thaw-Stopper” achievement 15 December Winter...

Overwatch – 29 October 2020 Patch Notes

HERO UPDATES We’re making some max health adjustments in 25 HP increments to allow for more fine tuning of heroes’ power. Until now this was done in 50 HP increments to help simplify the u...

Overwatch – 16 October 2020 Patch Notes

HERO UPDATES SOLDIER: 76 Heavy Pulse Rifle Reduced camera shake to make recoil feel smoother BUG FIXES General Fixed a bug where players could get stuck on a black screen after hero selection in Junke...

Overwatch – 13 October 2020 Patch Notes

GENERAL UPDATES Feature Update: Improved Profanity Filter We are making changes to how the Profanity Filter works to give players more control over the types of words they see. Instead of a simple On/...

Overwatch – 29 September 2020 Patch Notes

BUG FIXES General Fixed a bug that caused the “gg ez” filter to no longer work properly Fixed a bug that caused the “Add a Friend” button to disappear when using a controller o...

Overwatch – 24 September 2020 Patch Notes

HERO UPDATES ASHE Ashe is still a bit too powerful, but we’d like to keep her rifle feeling impactful so we’re taking some power out of her Dynamite ability. Dynamite Explosion damage redu...

Overwatch – 15 September 2020 Patch Notes

COMPETITIVE UPDATES Competitive 3v3 Lockout Elimination Season 3 of Competitive 3v3 Lockout Elimination has begun! Ranked Leaver Penalty Adjustment Adjusted ranked leaver penalties. Penalties are now ...

Overwatch – 31 August 2020 Patch Notes

HERO UPDATES Armor Beam-type damage reduction against Armor health pools increased from 20% to 30% In an environment with less pervasive barriers, some Damage heroes have become increasingly lethal. A...

Overwatch – 18 August 2020 Patch Notes

BUG FIXES General Fixed a bug that caused player names to not appear properly when viewing a replay Fixed a bug allowing turrets to get placed in invalid locations Fixed an issue with the Union Jack s...

Overwatch – 13 August 2020 Patch Notes

HERO UPDATES BRIGITTE After gaining multiple Repair Pack charges, Brigitte was enabled to play at safer distances while still having a powerful impact on her team. Combined with her personal barrier, ...

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Overwatch – NEW Twitch Prime Rewards

Calling all heroes! This summer, Blizzard Entertainment is partnering with Twitch Prime to bring you a series of exciting in-game rewards. Starting today, all Twitch Prime members can claim two Wrecki...[Read More]

Release Date:24.06.2016
Developed By:Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher:Blizzard Entertainment

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