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Mobile Legends – 1.5.12 Patch Notes | Yve The Astrowarden

Yve, the Astrowarden, will be available for a free trial on the Advanced Server for a limited time. Purchase is not available.

Hero Feature: A mage wielding the power of the galaxy who can use skills freely in her domain

Skill 1: [Void Blast] – Yve detonates Galactic Energy in a designated area, dealing Magic Damage to the targets. The targets in the central area will be slowed.

Skill 2: [Meteor Fall] – Yve summons a pulsing meteor in a designated area, dealing Magic Damage to the targets hit. [Use Again]: Starting from the original place, the meteor will deal Magic Damage continuously to the target and slow the target.

Ultimate: [Real World Manipulation] – Yve creates a starfield in a designated direction. During this period, she can cast the Ultimate by tapping or sliding. [Tap]: Deals Magic Damage in a designated area in the starfield. [Slide]: Deals Magic Damage continuously to the targets in the designated area and slow the targets. During this period, Yve is immune to any airborne effects. When being controlled, her starfield won’t disappear but she will be unable to cast skills. The starfield will disappear when she is suppressed.

Passive: [Galactic Power] – Yve gains Galactic Power when dealing damage to enemy heroes with her skills. Each stack of Galactic Power increases Movement Speed for her. When she creates a Galactic Field, all the Galactic Power will be reset, increasing the number of ultimate casts and removing the Movement Speed gain.


(~)Basic Attack (↑): Fixed the issue where his Basic Attack doesn’t benefit from Physical Lifesteal

Skill 1(~): New slow effect: 18% – 40% (scales with the number of the targets penetrated)

Cooldown: 3.5s → 5s (at all levels)

Base Damage: 250-450 → 200-450

Ultimate(↓): Cooldown: 22-16 → 28-22s


(↑)Ultimate (↑): Base damage: 60-120 → 80-120

First slow effect: 0.8s → 1s

In this patch, we have adjusted the laning ability of some heroes and also made adjustments in other aspects accordingly. We hope that these are reasonable changes that won’t largely affect the wave clearing capability of the heroes.



Base damage: 140-200 → 120-180

Mana cost: 50 → 60-100

Passive(↑): New effect: Each blood orb she absorbs will restore 50 Mana for her.


(~)Skill 1 (↑): Base damage: 300-600 → 400-600

Skill 2 (↓): Base damage: 530-830 → 450-750

Magic Power Bonus: 180% → 160%


(~)Skill 1(~): Base damage: 265-490 → 300-500

Damage reduction: 70% → 50%


(↓)Skill 1(↓):

Slow effect: 40% → 20%

Max slow: 75% → 40%

Skill 2(~): Base damage of Crescent Moon Basic Attack: 0 → 20

Magic Power Bonus: 30% → 25%


(~)Skill 2(↓): Damage increase after dealing damage to enemies doesn’t work on minions now.

Passive(↑): HP restoration from killing minions and creeps: 5% → 6%


1. Atlas’s skin [Fuel Turbine] will be available on September 7th (Server Time). Diamond 599, Launch week 30% OFF.

Hero [Atlas] and skin [Fuel Turbine] will be in a bundle and available on September 7th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

2. Khufra’s Epic Skin [Volcanic Overlord] will be available in [Epic Showcase] on September 9th (Server Time).

3. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 9/4/2020 05:01:00 to 9/11/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

Granger; Atlas; Minotaur; Helcurt; Johnson; Masha; Khufra; Hanzo

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Harley; Hanabi; X.Borg; Selena; Kagura; Sun

Arcade Mode – [Magic Chess]

4. Benny’s skin (Jailbreaker Benny) will be available on September 5th (Server Time). Diamond 599, Launch week 30% OFF.

Little Commander [Benny] and skin [Jailbreaker Benny] will be in a bundle and available on September 5th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.


1. [Outer Turret]

HP: 4000 → 4500

Shield: 4000 → 4500

Gold offered by each 10 shield: 1 → 0.8

2. [Inner Turret] Team gold bonus for destroying the turret: 120 → 80

3. [Base Turret] Team gold bonus for destroying the turret: 160 → 120


1. Core Guard: Base gold bonus increased by 15%

2. Statued Shocker: Base gold bonus increased by 15%

3. Statued Chaser: Base gold bonus increased by 15%

4. Gargoyle: Base gold bonus increased by 10%

5. Crammer: Base gold bonus increased by 10%

6. Little Crammer: Base gold bonus increased by 10%

7. Lizard Man: Base gold bonus increased by 10%

8. Lithowanderer: Base HP and HP Growth reduced by 10%. Physical Defense: 37 → 60


All jungle equipment: Exp gain from minions in the first 3 mins: 30% → 40%


1. Optimized the skill vibration effects of Yi Sun-shin, Moskov, Johnson, Estes, Aurora, and Karrie.

2. Updated the Mastery Code tasks of Saber, Miya, Zilong, Layla, Eudora, and Alucard

3. Gold bonus from killing an enemy hero: 70 → 60; Max gold bonus in a match: 400 → 300

4. Gold bonus from killing an enemy with high net worth increased by 50%, which works only when the team gold lags behind 2500 → 2000

5. Slightly increased the default Exp gain in the middle and late game.

1. “Credit Score Deduction Rate” changed to “Violation Rate” which only includes Ranked matches.

2. Fixed the issue where the personal battle result is incorrect in some cases.

3. Added new functions of Customer Service and Game Help in Settings.

4. MCL Optimization

a. Added mail reminder for the season final and the first match of the new season.

b. Players who are not qualified to participate in the match will have a different MCL Final interface.

c. Preorder can be added to phone calendar now.

d. Added a special label to the interface for the first match of the new season.

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