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Mobile Legends – 1.4.44 Patch Notes | NEW HERO CARMILLA

New Heroes and Revamped Heroes

1. New Hero: Carmilla, the Shadow of Twilight, will be available on ).January 17 (Server Time). Diamond 599, BP 32000, Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

-Free access to hero becomes unavailable when she is out in the Official Server.

2. [Ocean Gladiator] – Atlas is coming to the Advanced Server as a free hero (Limited). Unavailable for purchasing.

Hero Specialty: The old one from the deep sea, and the Mecha operator.

Skill 1 [Annihilate]: Atlas smashes the ground and causes 3 explosions. Each explosion deals Magic Damage to enemies. Ejected State: If Atlas has ejected from his Mecha Sentry, both himself and his Mecha will cast this skill.

Skill 2 [Perfect Match]: Atlas Ejects from Mecha Sentry, increasing his Movement Speed. Mecha Sentry will follow Atlas with an increasing Movement Speed. Atlas will return to the Mecha once they meet, dealing Magic Damage to targets nearby and state, reducing the damage received. Use Again: Atlas orders his Mecha Sentry to catch up with him faster.

Ultimate [Fatal Links]: Atlas hurls chains at all nearby heroes and starts charging. Enemies hit by the chains will be slowed down (decays continuously). Use again: during charging, Atlas drags all targets toward him, then plonks them into a target place, dealing Magic Damage.

Passive [Frigid Breath]: Atlas generates Frigid Breath around him each time he casts a skill. If the targets stay within the Frigid Breath area for a certain time, they will be slowed down. Enemies can escape from the Frigid Breath area to remove the slowdown debuff immediately. The Frigid Breath can be generated once only in 3s.

Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

1. Carmilla’s new Skin “Wisteria Countess” will be available on January 17 (Server Time). Diamond 269. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

2. Carmilla and her new Skin “Wisteria Countess” will be in a bundle and available from January 17 (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

3. Odette’s new Skin “Auspicious Charm” will be available on January 22 (Server Time). Diamond 749. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

4. No Adjustments in Fragments Shop.

5. Adjustments in Sacred Statue Shop:

Lancelot’s Sacred Statue “Soul Blade” will be available on January 18 (Server Time).
Alice’s Advanced Sacred Statue “Queen of Scourge” will be available on February 1 (Server Time).

6. Adjustments in Painted Skin Shop:

Painted Skin of Valir’s Shikigami Summoner will be available on January 15 (server time). Painted Skin of Akai’s Monk will be available on February 1 (server time).

7. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 1/10/2020 05:01:00 to 1/17/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)

Faramis; Alpha; Bane; Lapu-Lapu; Minotaur; Pharsa; Gusion; Aldous

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Karrie; Lesley; Argus; Chou; Belerick; Lylia

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 1/17/2020 05:01:00 to 1/24/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)

Lolita; Bruno; Aurora; Karrie; Leomord; Lesley; Gusion; Terizla

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Hayabusa; Angela; Estes; Harith; Vale; Granger

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 1/24/2020 05:01:00 to 1/31/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)

Kadita; Lylia; Johnson; Grock; Gatotkaca; Jawhead; Hanzo; Vale

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Roger; Valir; Guinevere; Hanabi; Lolita; Natalia

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 1/31/2020 05:01:00 to 2/7/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)

X. Borg, Fanny; Johnson; Hilda; Zhask; Hanabi; Uranus; Badang

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Cyclops; Thamuz; Aldous; Claude; Faramis; Helcurt

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2/7/2020 05:01:00 to 2/14/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)

Hayabusa; Hylos; Irithel; Bruno; Clint; Minsitthar; Belerick; Esmeralda

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Moskov; Gatotkaca; Sun; Uranus; Diggie; Martis

8. Arcade Mode [Magic Chess]: New map [Breath of Spring] will be available on January 24 (Server Time). Diamond 899. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF. The Magic Chess will also be launched by then.

Hero Adjustments


Cloud Walker: Crit Chance increased from 20% to 40%. Crit Damage decreased from 160% to 140%.

Defiant Sword: Energy adjusted from 35 at all levels to 40-30.


Rhapsody: Basic Damage decreased from 30 to 20. Damage Growth increased from 26 to 28.


Chrono Dash: CD decreased by 1s at all levels.


Thunderclap: Damage Reduction Duration increased from 3s to 5s.


Lightning Bomb: Reduced the movement speed.


Fire Missiles: Basic Damage decreased from 40 to 30. Damage Growth increased from 12 to 14.


Basic HP increased by 100.


Baxia Mark: Damage Reduction adjusted from 28-56 to 35 at all levels.


Crossbow of Tang: Physical Attack Bonus decreased from 60% to 50%.


Spiral Strangling: Basic Shield increased from 300-450 to 340-540. Magic Power Bonus decreased from 100% to 70%.

Changed the hero role to Fighter/Mage.


Sanguine Claws: Slightly increased the width of this skill so that the visual effect can align with the skill effect better.

Bats Feast: Magic Power Bonus increased from 10% to 15%.


Volley Shot: Physical Attack Bonus decreased from 105% to 100%.


Puppet-on-a-String: Now the debuff can be removed by “Purify” correctly.


Iron Hook: Fixed an issue that this skill could be blocked by teammates.


Optimized the skill animation.

Battlefield Adjustments


1. Mayhem Mode will be accessible for a limited time. Don’t miss out!

Added New Heroes: Fanny; Lesley; Kimmy; Esmeralda; X.Borg; Ling; Lylia; Baxia; Masha; Wanwan

New Event and Features

1. [Lunar New Year Red Packet (Tickets)] Event Time: January 17 – January 25 (Server Time). Complete event tasks to accumulated tickets. Log in on January 25 to claim all the tickets you earned!

2. [Martis’s Music Party] Event time: January 25 – February 9 (server time). Complete tasks to get the chance to win “Guitar Hero” Battle Emote and the Special Skin “Deathrock”. Party time now!

3. Starlight Member Privileges Trial Event

A. Come try the Privileges of Starlight Member!

B. At the end of the trial, you will get the chance to purchase Starlight Member Trial Card at a super low price!

System Adjustments

1. Now you can complete “win matches” daily tasks by reaching top 3 in CHESS-TD or top 4 in MAGIC CHESS.

2. Redesigned the sandbox of Arcade Lobby.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue that the Arcade Lobby might be wrongly displayed when returning to the Main Lobby.

2. Fixed an issue that the game sound might not be triggered after Chang’e casts skills.

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