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Mobile Legends – 1.4.22 Patch Notes | NEW HERO SILVANNA

New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

[Holy Knightess] – Silvanna is coming to the Advanced Server as a free hero (Limited). Unavailable for purchasing.

Hero Specialty: A Fighter with strong solo ability.

Skill 1 – [Cometic Lance]: Silvanna strikes with her lance, dealing Magic Damage to all enemies in the path and stunning the first enemy hit. If this skill hits a target, Silvanna’s movement speed will be increased, and she can dash in a designated direction and strike with her lance again, dealing Magic Damage to enemies in a fan-shape area.

Skill 2 – [Spiral Strangling]: Silvanna swings her lance and stabs in a designated direction for several times, each time dealing Magic Damage and slightly pulling the enemies to the center. Meanwhile, generates Shield that can absorb the damage dealt to her. Stabs 1 more time for each 50% extra Attack Speed.

Ultimate – [Imperial Justice]: Silvanna enters battle state and charges for a while, leaping toward an area (the leap distance increases as Silvanna charges longer) and dealing Magic Damage to enemies in the target area. Meanwhile, Silvanna creates a Circle of Light, in which the enemy that is closest to the center will be restrained from escaping for the next 5s. The enemy cannot escape from the circle in the next 5s. If Silvanna is in the Circle, she will get extra 50% Attack Speed.

Passive – [Knightess’ Resolve]: Silvanna’s skills can mark the enemy hit. Each mark reduces the target’s Physical and Magic Defense by 3. A target can carry up to 5 marks. When the amount of marks reaches the limit, Silvanna’s skill can deal 30% extra damage to the target and detonate the target.

Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

1. [Chang’e] New Skin – [Floral Elfo]. Diamond 749. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF. Available from 00:00. October 17th (Server Time).

[Chang’e] and her new Skin – [Floral Elfo] will be in a bundle. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF. Available from 00:00, October 17th (Server Time).

2. [Franco] New Skin – [Wheatfield Nightmare]. Diamond 749. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF. Available from 00:00, October 22nd (Server Time).

[Franco] and his new Skin – [Wheatfield Nightmare] will be in a bundle. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF. Available from 00:00, October 22nd (Server Time).

3. [Helcurt] Zodiac Skin – [Scorpio]. Obtainable in Event [Zodiac Summon].

4. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2019/10/18 05:01:00 to 2019/10/25 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)

Franco; Natalia; Chou; Leomord; Lapu-Lapu; Helcurt; Khufra; Ruby

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Clint; Sun; Harley; Akai; Gatotkaca; Vale

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2019/10/26 05:01:00 to 2019/11/1 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)

Kadita; Sun; Franco; Aurora; Lapu-Lapu; Helcurt; Angela; Selena

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Roger; Pharsa; Grock; Fanny; Hanzo; Terizla 

Hero Adjustments


Swallow’s Path: Now this skill will only enjoy Spell Vamp instead of Physical Lifesteal.

Crossbow of Tang: During the process of releasing this skill, Wanwan will become invincible. When she kills the target, she will lock onto another enemy hero and shoot for a period of time. The Crit Damage of her last dagger will be removed.

Fixed the error of the skill description and the cooldown.

Tiger Pace: Now the enemy’s Weakness is changed to 3 in front and 1 behind. Each weapon thrown is considered as Basic Attack. Each time Wanwan hits the Weakness, she will deal extra damage equal to 4% of the enemy’s Max HP and regenerate a certain number of HP. When she completely hits the enemy’s all Weakness, she will slow down the target for 60%. Lasts 1s. Wanwan will get extra ATK Speed in a short time when she kills any targets.

Now her Hot Builds display correctly and her Custom Builds can be saved.


Curse of Crow: The cooldown of this skill adjusted from 11-7s to 8-6s. Now Pharsa’s other skills will stun the marked targets for 1s. Adjusted the logic of this skill. Now this skill can hit the enemies more easily.

Energy Impact: Basic Damage increased 50 at all levels. Magic Attack Bonus increased from 160% to 180%. Now the actual range of this skill is the same as the special effect displayed.

Feathered Air Strike: Optimized the intervals between strikes. Now players can use this skill for 4 times. Magic Attack Bonus increased from 160% to 180%.

Spiritual Unity: The Movement Speed increased from 20% to 30%. Added icon for showing the countdown to trigger Passive.

Adjusted the Recommended Builds.

Fixed an error where Pharsa may encounter a display issue if she’s killed after being resurrected by Faramis.

Optimized special effects in the battlefield.


Wild Power: The extra percentage-based damage dealt to the target decreased 0.5% at all levels.

Thunderclap: The cooldown of this skill increased 6s at all levels. At the same time, the calculation of the damage dealt to Creeps is modified (some extra damage dealt will have a limit), so that Masha’s enhanced Basic Attack can deal higher damage to Creeps when the Crit Chance is triggered.


Shield of Spirit: Magic Attack Bonus increased from 80% to 120%.

Tortoise’s Puissance: Magic Attack Bonus decreased from 50% to 30%.


Last Insanity: Now this skill has built-in CD to help players deal enough damage.


Abyssal Traps: Now players can use Arrival on Abyssal Traps.


Added visual effects when Lolita charges her Ultimate. Now it’s possible to distinguish the Ultimate released by the Lolita in the enemy team.


Fixed an issue where Fanny used Tornado Strike to hit the enemies and the special effects would play for several times.


Fixed an issue where the Blood Demon showed incorrectly in mini map when Hanzo cast Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja.


Fixed an issue where the initial Mana was not 0


Optimized the animation in the battlefield.


Optimized the animation in the battlefield.


Optimized the display effects of his skills.

Battlefield Adjustments


Optimized the performance of the arrow indicator.


Revitalize: When several players cast this Battle Spell at the same time, they can only get extra healing effect for one time. Fixed an issue where some special effects were not displayed under high graphic settings.

New Systems & Events

New event – Empire Reborn will start on Oct 18 – Oct 23 (Server Time).

Log in on Oct 19 and get 100 Tickets.

Log in on Oct 21 and get 200 Tickets.

Log in on Oct 23 and get 300 Tickets.

During the event, precious items including Starlight Member Card and Starlight Points await!

System Adjustments

1. MVP of the losing team will get extra Protection points in Rank.

2. Optimization of Draft Pick Mode in Rank:

A. Now players can show their teammates which hero they want to pick.

B.When players suggest the heroes they want to ban, a notification will be shown. The teammates can tap and ban the heroes directly.

C. Now players show their teammates which lane they want to go. They can adjust the lanes in BP.

3. Controls: Adjusted Target Lowest HP First (Percent) to Target Lowest HP First. When choosing this targeting method, players will attack the enemy units with the lowest HP.

4. Optimized the performance of Skill Demonstration and added non-mandatory tutorial when entering the hero display interface for the first time.

5. Players can tap on the free chest to view rewards.

BUG Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where the Gold and EXP panel of both teams was not displayed correctly in the replays or Live Stream.

2. Fixed an issue where the ATK Speed on the panel was incorrect in some cases.

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