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Mobile Legends – 1.3.82 Patch Notes | Bane Revamped and More

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

Revamped Heroes

Revamped [Frozen Warrior] – Bane is coming to the Advanced Server as a free hero (Limited). Unavailable for purchasing.
Within this duration, the Mastery Code of Bane is unavailable.

Hero Specialty: A Fighter who can hit enemies with skills and deal massive damage in a short time.

Skill 1 – [Crab Claw Cannon]: Bane fires a Crab Claw Cannonball in a designated direction, dealing Physical Damage to the first target hit. Then the Cannonball will bounce to a random enemy unit behind the target, dealing 150% damage of this skill. (Attack enemy heroes first) If Bane uses Crab Claw Cannon and kills the target, Bounce Damage will be increased by 50%.

Skill 2 – [Rum]: Bane takes a sip of rum, immediately regenerating HP and increasing his Movement Speed. Use Again: Bane can then spit venom forward in a fan-shaped area, dealing Magic Damage to enemies. The longer the venom is brewed, the more damage it will deal.

Ultimate – [Deadly Catch]: Bane summons a stool of sharks to move to a designated location. When they hit enemies, they will deal Physical Damage, decreasing target’s Movement Speed and Attack Speed. Deals 25% Damage to Turrets.

Passive – Shark Bite: Bane’s weapon is infused with Tidal Energy every 10s. Damage of his next Basic Attack is increased and will deal extra splash damage to nearby enemies. Hitting an enemy hero with skills will decrease the infusion time of Tidal Energy by 0.5s. Hitting non-hero units will decrease the infusion time of Tidal Energy by 2s.

New Skins

  • [Executioner] – Terizla, Diamond 599, BP 32000, Launch week 30% diamond OFF. Available from June 4th (Server Time).
    Free access to heroes becomes unavailable when he’s out in the Official Server.
  • [Terizla] New Skin – [Abyss Guard]. Diamond 269. Launch week 30% diamonds OFF. Available from 00:00, June 4th (Server Time).
  • [Terizla] and his new Skin – [Abyss Guard] will be in a bundle. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF. Available from 00.00, June 4th (Server Time).
  • [Kaja] and his Starlight Member Skin – [Kaminari] will be available from 00.00, June 1st (Server Time).
  • [Alucard] Skin – [Empire Agent]. Diamond 50. Limited offer for 14 days. Available from 00:00, June 5th (Server Time).

Weekly Free Heroes

Server Time 2019/5/31 05:01:00 to 2019/6/7 05:00:00

  • Alucard, Hayabusa; Lolita; Moskov; Grock; Harley; Karina; Kaja
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Hilda; Claude; Hylos; Martis; Change; Lunox

Server Time 2019/6/7 05:01:00 to 2019/6/14 05:00:00

  • Alucard; Chou: Alpha; Roger; Irithel; Helcurt; Jawhead; Selena
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Ruby; Lesley; Uranus; Martis; Thamuz; Kadita

II. Hero Adjustments


  • Spectre Step: Dyrroth dashes in the designated direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies on the path. When he uses this skill again, he will lock on to a target and releases one Fatal Strike, dealing Physical Damage and reducing Physical Defense of the target.
  • Abyss Enhanced: Fatal Strike will deal 1.5x of the original damage and stun the target.
  • Wrath of the Abyss: When Dyrroth’s Rage reached 50%, he will enhance “Burst Strike” and “Spectre Step”. After each 2 Basic Attacks, Dyrroth will release a circle strike of his Basic Attack, dealing Physical Damage in the circle. If he hits an enemy hero, the CD of “Burst Strike” and “Spectre Step” will be reduced.


  • Blue Nova: Stun Time increased from 1s to 2s. Magic ATK decreased from 0.8 to 0.5.


  • Ejector: Basic Shield increased from 280+SkillLevel*70 to 520+SkillLevel*80.


  • Eternal Evil: Now Argus will clear all DEBUFFs when he casts this skill. The time being controlled decreased 25% in Skill duration.


  • Optimized the display effects of her skills.


  • Optimized the display effects of his skills.


  • Optimized the display effects of his skills.


  • Optimized the display effects of his skills.


  • Optimized the display effects of her skills.


  • Optimized the display effects of his skills.


  • Optimized the display effects of his skills.


  • Optimized the display effects of his skills.

III. Battlefield Adjustments


  • Valid Time of Assist increased from 10s to 12s.
  • For kills achieved with 2 or more assists, Gold and EXP received by the assisting players increased from 60% to 78%.
  • Gold BUFF of Crab adjusted from 10 Gold per 2s, lasting 30s to 10 Gold per 3s, lasting 30s. 4. Optimized the game and battlefield experience with Middle-End Smartphones.
  • Now the bullet will briefly disappear when it passes through the bush.


  • Retribution(Advanced): Now when the player use Retribution and choose an enemy hero as a target, the hero with lowest HP in the range will be locked. Cast extra 1 time to Non-hero unit in fight.
  • Optimized the display effects of Retribution and Retribution(Advanced).

Equipment Items

  • Added “Roaming”. All Equipment Items in this tab have 2 Passive: Devotion and Thriving. Help those players who have low Gold and EXP farm without affecting teammates.
    • Unique Passive – Devotion: Gains Gold and EXP per 5s. With this Equipment, you won’t share any EXP or Gold from teammates around.
    • Unique Passive – Thriving: When your Gold or EXP ranks the 5th in your team, increase Gold or EXP you gain per 5s and gain extra Gold or EXP with Assists.
    • The following Equipment Items are in this Tab:
      [Wooden Mask]: +15 Movement Speed. Unique Passive – Devotion. Unique Passive – Thriving. Price: 280 [Iron Mask]: +400 HP. +5% CD Reduction. +25 Movement Speed. Unique Passive – Devotion. Unique Passive – Thriving. Price: 850
      [Shadow Mask]: +700 HP. +10% CD Reduction. +25 Movement Speed. Unique Passive – Devotion. Unique Passive – Thriving. Active Skill – Conceal: Use to conceal you and teammates around. Dealing or taking damage will end the state.
      [Courage Mask]: +700 HP. +10% CD Reduction. +25 Movement Speed. Unique Passive – Devotion. Unique Passive – Thriving. Unique Passive – Bravery: Increases Physical & Magic ATK, Physical & Magic Defense, HP & Mana Regen of teammates around. Active Skill – Encourage: Increases the Movement Speed, Physical and Magic Attack of the caster and allies nearby.
      [Awe Mask]: +700 HP. +10% CD Reduction. +25 Movement Speed. Unique Passive – Devotion. Unique Passive – Thriving. Unique Passive – Awe: Basic Damage will mark an enemy hero. During the mark time, this hero will be stunned when attacked several times by you or your teammates.
  • Adjusted Jungling Equipment Items:
    • When you purchase Jungling Equipment, you will increase Attribute Bonus based on the number of Creeps you’ve killed. The number of Creeps you’ve killed before purchasing Jungling Equipment will also be counted.
    • Raptor Machete: Extra New Skill: For a period of time, next Basic Attack will deal extra damage and slow enemies down. Basic Attack will decrease the CD of this skill.
    • Beast Killer: Extra New Skill: For certain damage of Max HP you take, you deal certain damage to targets nearby.
    • Star Shard: Extra New Skill: Regenerates a certain percentage of your Max HP after a kill or an assist.
  • Adjusted the following Equipment Items:
    • [Immortality]: +40 Magic Defense adjusted to +40 Physical Defense. Magic Resist Cloak in the build adjusted to Leather Jerkin.
    • [Cursed Helmet]: HP provided by this Equipment increased from 920 to 1200. Magic Defense provided reduced from 50 to 25.
    • [Feather of Heaven]: Magic Wand in the build adjusted to Exotic Veil. Total price of this build decreased from 2230 to 2030.
    • [Deadly Blade]: Physical ATK provided by this Equipment decreased from 65 to 50. ATK Speed provided decreased from 20% to 15%. Total price decreased to 1500. Adjusted Icons.
    • [Holy Crystal]: Added Unique Passive – Mystery: Increases 21% – 35% Magic ATK (Scales with level). Removed Unique Passive – Exterminate. Removed Passive: +25% Magic ATK.
    • [Blade of the Heptaseas]: Added Passive – Ambush: If no damage was dealt or taken in 5s, next Basic Attack will deal 100% extra Physical Damage of Physical Attack. Added Unique: +15 Physical PEN. Removed Unique Passive – Steamroll. Physical ATK provided by this Equipment decreased from 75 to 65. HP provided decreased from 300 to 250.
    • [Hunter Strike]: Added Unique Passive: +15 Physical PEN. Physical ATK provided by this Equipment decreased from 100 to 80. Legion Sword in the build adjusted to Fury Hammer. Adjusted price for build, total price remains the same.
  • New Equipment Items:
    [Sea Halberd]: +70 Physical ATK and +25% Attack Speed. Unique Passive – Life Drain: When using Basic Attack to hit one target, HP Regen of this target will be reduced by 50%. Lasts 3s. Total price: 2200. The build is Deadly Blade plus Dagger.
  • Removed Equipment Items:
    [Spirit Wheel], [Soul Scroll], [Wizard Boots] and [Courage Bulwark].


  • Brawl:
    Necrokeep, which was full of evil, death and hated, was isolated. Now Vexana revives Leomord from Wraith and leads the troops to hit The Moniyan Empire directly. The Conflicts of Dawn determines the future of the Land of Dawn. Warriors, fight with us and protect The Moniyan Empire! As the war goes on, the scene in Brawl has changed a lot. We’ve optimized the map display in Brawl. We will continue to optimize Brawl mode in future versions. Please experience the new map – Brawl in Necrokeep!

IV. New Events & Features

  • Added Hero Position System
    A. In order to help players understand the gameplay better at the early stage, we’ve launched Hero Position System. There are 4 positions in MLBB: Side lanes, Middle lane, Roam and Jungle.
    B. Players can check the recommended position of each hero in Hero Display, and communicate with their teammates about the position they want to play. Players who play well in the match are more likely to win Golden Position!
  • Added Equipment Book in Preparation. Now you can check details about Equipment and Builds.
  • Added MPL Verified feature. The Team verified by the official will get a sign of MPL. The verified signs of MPL and Squad will be shown in the same place. MPL Sign will be shown first.

V. System Adjustments

  • Battlefield Adjustments:
    A. Optimized the positions of [Buy] and [Prioritize].
    B. Added “Prioritize” in Items.
    C. The small button near Battlefield Shop now becomes 2 Tabs.
    D. Finished Equipment will be shown only in Simple Mode. Equipment List on the left will show the names and descriptions of Equipment.
  • Added Heroes’ name in Pick and Post Screen.
  • Optimized the display of HP bar in battle.
  • Optimized the algorithm to detect “Feeding” more accurately.
  • Revamped the display effects of Tutorial.

VI. BUG Fixes

  • Fixed a BUG where the emote list was incorrectly locked when entering Emote Shop
  • Fixed an issue where the “Send”Button was displayed incompletely in chat on iPhoneXS Max.
  • Fixed a BUG where the shadow effects of Heroes didn’t appear on Xiaomi MI8.

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