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Mobile Legends – 1.3.36 Patch Notes | NEW HERO KADITA

From The Designers
Christmas is coming! To celebrate it. we prepared many interesting game-plays and events for you. Merry Christmas to everyone! In this update. we revamped the map [The Celestial Palace] and the creeps. Also. we made some adjustments to the battlefield system. Hope you all have a better gaming experience in the Land of Dawn!
Season 10 will come to its end on 0:00, December 22nd (Server Time). The new season arrives and better get prepared!


I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes
1. Ocean Goddess [Kadita] -599 Diamonds 32000 BP 30% LaunchWeek Diamond Discount. Available to the whole Official Server on 18th December.


Free access to heroes becomes unavailable when they’ re out in the Official Server.


II. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins
1.8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/12/14 05:01:00 to 2018/12/21 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
Hayabusa, Akai, Odette, Vexana, Karrie, Estes, Grock ,Gusion.


6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:
Gord, Johnson, Pharsa, Sun, Helcurt, Jawhead


2. New skin Kadita (Atlantean Goddess) 269 diamond. Launch week 30% diamonds OFF Available starting from 00:00 18th December (Server Time).


3. New hero Kadita and her skin – will be in a bundle. Launch week 30% diamonds OFF. Available starting from 00:00 18th December (Server Time)


4. Zilong new skin (Christmas carnival) Diamond 749. Launch week 30% diamonds OFF. Available starting from 00: 00 20th, December (Server Time)


5. Freya new skin (Christmas carnival) Diamond 749. Launch week 30% diamonds OFF. Available starting from 00:00 20th, December (Server Time)


6. Christmas carnival – Zilong and Freya will be in a Christmas Bundle. Launch week 30% diamonds OFF. Available starting from 00:00 20th, December (Server Time).


7. Martis zodiac skin – [Capricorn] obtain via Zodiac summon


8. Revamped skin :
A. [Gord] [Christmas Carnival] revamped.
B. [Eudora] [Christmas Carniva|], [Miya] [Christmas Carnival] revamped. Optimized the battlefield effects.
C. Revamped hero [Balmond] and his skin [Power Source] and [Ghoul’s Fury].


9.From December 21st (Server Time) items in the shop will be adjusted as follows:
A. Premium Skin Fragment Shop: Unavailable now [Alice] [Spirit Woman]; [Diggie] [Pigeoneer]; New Availab le [Bruno] Vanguard Elite; [Lapu-Lapu] [Ancestral Blade].


B. Rare Skin Fragment Shop: Unavailable now [Valir] [Pale Flame]; New Availa ble [Aurora] [Heartbreak Empress].


C. Hero Fragment Shop: Unavailable now [Yi Sun-shin], [Lapu-Lapu]; New Available [Aurora]. [Lesley].


II. Hero Adjustments
1.ln this patch, the following Heroes will receive a lot of adjustments:
Chou, Hayabusa, Balmond, Aurora, Grock, Hanabi, Harith, Kimmy


2.0ptimized the display effects in battlefield for the following heroes: [Ruby] [Little Red Hood]; [Ruby] [Cat Girl]; [Ruby] [Hidden Orchid Butterfly].


Ocean Oddity: Adjusted Base Damage to 245/290/335/380/425/470 from 220/270/320/370/420/470.
Thalassophobia: Adjusted the HP Regen to 65% of the damage taken from 50%.


Shunpo: Adjusted Extra Physical ATK to 1.5 from 2.


Shield Assault: Optimized the range of this skill’s explosion.


Fixed a problem where the equipment item’s effect of Demon Hunter Sword can’t be removed when purchased in the Pinnacle Ninja state and then sold.
Fixed a problem where the real body of Hanzo will be pulled towards the Blood Demon when forced to blink and attack to death.


Energy Transformation: Adjusted Physical Bonus of this skill to 0.45 from 0.4 and the Magic Bonus to 0.45 from 0.4. Fixed a problem where Kimmy’s Basic Attack will trigger Helcurt‘s Passive.


Fixed a problem where the battlefield effects of Lunox disappear after using “Power of Order: Brilliance”. Fixed a problem where Lunox’s skills under the control of AI will be wrongly located.


Increased the basic Mana by 50%.


Increased the basic HP Regen by 50%.


Groundsplitter: Reduced its Cooldown by ls of all Levels.


Phantom Shuriken: Adjusted Base Damage of each shuriken to 170/190/210/230/250/270 from 160/180/200/220/240/260.


Shadowblade Slaughter: Shortened the time to reactivate this skill to recall daggers.


Phantom Steed: Adjusted the increased Physical and Magical Defense in the Mounted State to 40/55/70 from 40/60/80.


Blazing Duet: Adjusted the Bonus of Shield to 0.03 from 0.04.


Molten Scythes: Decreased the max distance by 5% over which the Scythes will return to Thamuz automatically.


Fixed a problem where the attached ally will be stuck in the obstacles in some circumstances.


Increased the movement speed by 5 points.


Contract: Soul Steal: Now the Enhanced Basic Attack after using the skill doesn’t enjoy the Attack Speed Bonus. Adjusted the increased damage from each layer of Contract: Soul Steal to 8 from 7.


Power of Nature: Adjusted the cooldown to 45 from 63. Counts begins upon the end of skill activation. Fixed a problem where the damage doubles when tapping Power of Nature twice.


Adjusted the Energy Regen to 5 from 3 in the Brawl Mode.


IV. Battlefield Adjustments
1 . The Lord
A. The Fallen Lord will enhance its power when the game time reaches 12 min.
B. After slaying the Fallen Lord, the Luminous Lord will increase his attack by 20% and gain an extra HP of 150 points per minute and greatly enhance the allied minions nearby. Also. the Luminous Lord has a special ability: he will launch an attack towards the first turret he reaches and deal large amount of damage to it, during which time the turret can’t attack.
C. Now the movement speed of the Luminous Lord follows the same as the minions.
D. When the Luminous Lord appears. the Magical Defense of the following Infantry. Lancer and Cannon are adjusted to 60 from 40.
E. When the Luminous Lord appears. the Magical Defense of the following
Enhanced Infantry. Enhanced Lancer and Enhanced Cannon are adjusted to 80 from 60.


2. Turtle
Increased the Base HP by 10%.
E. Slightly adjusted the strength of the Turtle Buff. 3.0ptimized the model and effects of Core Guard and Statued Shocker. 4.0ptimized effects of some creeps.
1.lf the outer turret is destroyed, the next one will increase its Physical Defense for 60s from 30s. 2.0ptimized the effects of Base being destroyed.


V. New Systems & Events
1. Winter Gala Pre order.
Pre-order the Winter Gala Event from December 18th to let when logging in.
A.successful pre-order guarantees Gingerbread Men, which can be used to exchange for 1 random excluswe skin among the following: [Arhat king] [Deadly mamba] [Vanguard elite] [Power of wilderness][Pale flame]
2.Double BP for the first 7 matches every day will be available from 0:00. December 25th to 0:00, December 26th (Server Time).
3.[Christmas Event]: [Christmas Carnival] Zilong & [Christmas Carnival] Freya, presale from December 16th and available from December 20th.
4. [BP bonus] Players can claim log-in rewards for 7 days in 30 days:
A. Log in 7 days in a 30-day range and claim BP rewards.
B. Pay 99 Diamonds to purchase BP Bundle (Premium) and obtain extra BP. S.Chrlstmas Collectlon Event Available
The necessary item [Gingerbread Men], collected by logging in, teaming up with friends, sharing and joining the Winter Gala Pre-order event. can be used to exchange awesome rewards including Emblem Pack, Hero Fragments. Premium Skin Fragment, Exclusive Christmas Skin Chest. Open the Exclusive Christmas Skin Chest and one of the following skins will be unlocked randomly for you: [Arhat King], [Deadly Mamba]. [Vanguard Elite]. [Power of Wildness], [Pale Flame].


6.[Bell Battle] Collection Event Available
The necessary item [Christmas Bell]. collected by partaking in Survival Mode, sharing the Survival Mode and collect items in this mode, can be used to exchange for awesome rewards including Emblem Pack, Double BP Card, Hero Fragments, Premium Skin Fragment, Magic Dust and Christmas Spawn Effect (30-Day).


VI. System Adjustments

1. Hero mastery code :

A. Updated the Mastery Code Tasks of Hanzo and Kadita.

B. Fixed a problem where tasks rewards can’t be claimed in some circumstances.
C. Adjusted some task requirements and decreased the difficulty of some tasks.
2.0ptimized the Follower List:
A. Now in the [Follower List New] only the latest 100 followers will be shown.
8. Now in the [Follower List Gift] only the followers who have sent gifts to you will be shown.
3.In the Home Screen Live added Facebook Stream. Go and have a try!
4.Now the MVP of the losing side will be shown in History. 5.Now the red-dot reminder of FacebookWouTubeTwitter|nstagram will be shown at Lvl 10.


VII. BUG Fixes
1.Fixed a problem where the allied enhanced minions are wrongly shown in the Jungle Tutorial.
2.Fixed a problem where the display of Inventory is wrongly shown on some devices.

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