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Tropico 6 – Cinco “El Gigante” Update


  • Tourist accommodations will now generate profits in a similar way like residential buildings. This will overall increase profits generated from having tourists on Tropico.
  • Meteor Shower disaster: Reduced the negative effect when chosing the option to deny refugees.
  • Reduced efficiency from the “Pollination Parcel” upgrade of Hydroponic Plantations.
  • Made the Ancient Ruins cheaper and buffed all work modes to make it a more efficient and desirable building.
  • Reduced the upkeep of TV Stations.
  • Adjusted the income generated by media buildings set to special work modes.
  • “Lose Load Limit” work mode in the Teamster’s Office can now lose up to 10% of the cargo.
  • Made balancing changes to the work modes of the Childhood Museum:
    • Reduced the impact on faction standing and superpower relations.
    • Reduced impact on the efficiency of other buildings.
    • Increased impact on the efficiency of High Schools and Colleges.
  • Raised the adult age threshold for Tropicans in World Wars to 18 years.
  • Pollution now reduces the beauty of an area slightly less.
  • Increased radius of the Teleferic Upgrade “Audio Tour Guide”.
  • If residential buildings are located in areas with high pollution levels, Tropicans resting there will now get a penalty to their healthcare happiness.
  • Expelling a superpower from an Embassy will not have an effect on the superpower standing.
  • Inviting/Expelling a superpower now has a cooldown.
Player Feedback
  • Electric Substations will now display their effect radius.
  • Added a missing effect radius for Hydroponic Plantations with the “Pollination Parcel” upgrade.
  • The Fun Quality overlay shows correct values for tourist accommodations now.
  • The vicinity radius for an Embassy will now be shown to the player, when clicking on the building. This should make demands easier that ask players to construct a specific building near an Embassy.
  • The Palace, Aircraft Carrier, Guard Tower and Watch Tower now display a value for their military strength.
  • Looped raids now properly appear in the raid queue.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the average happiness of Tropicans not getting updated correctly after loading a savegame. This caused differences in the Approval/Support ratings after loading a savegame.
  • Fixed a demand by the Conservatives that required players to research “Contraception Ban” and level up “Good old Days”.
  • Fixed a bug that lead to Offshore Offices still producing a profit even if the superpower had been expelled.
  • The pirate outfit for El Presidente will get unlocked correctly now.
  • The “Multi Culture” work mode of plantations now also gets correctly applied to pre-built plantations.
  • “Advanced Boat Services” now also correctly influences the speed of freighters.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused quests to appear twice.
  • Fixed protests disappearing too quickly.
  • Residential buildings now properly show the budget modifier for housing quality on the efficiency tab.
  • The “Light Bulb Ban” Edict now correctly displays its activation cost.
  • Fixed the housing quality of Conventillos getting reset after loading a savegame.
  • Upgrading Guard Towers now counts towards quests progress for a Militarists demand asking to have a certain number of Watch Towers.
  • Fixed Tropicans and Tourists getting stuck at an Airport with a Metro upgrade.
  • Fixed Tropicans getting stuck at a Metro.
  • Tropicans will no longer wait at a Bus Stop if the Bus Garage was destroyed.
  • Soil degradation will now correctly affect the efficiency of Ranches.
  • Soil degradation will now correctly reduce the efficiency of Plantations over time.
  • The “Way of the Red Pill” work mode of the Asylum works correctly now.
  • The crime safety bonus for religious buildings gained by the “Theocracy” constitution option now works correctly.
  • Fixed pathfinding issues that were caused by the Teleferic Station.
  • Fixed Tropicans getting stuck after loading a savegame.
  • Fixed empty shacks popping up.
  • Freighters will no longer arrive at Docks without workers.
  • Almanac: Home slots are now counted correctly as the number of available households and not only as available buildings.
  • Almanac: Fixed Tropicans that have a home being listed as “homeless”.
  • Almanac: Fixed prisoners being listed as “homeless”.
  • Almanac: Tourist Rating modifiers are now displayed correctly.
  • Oil deposits on the sea will now only be shown on the overlay from Cold War onwards.
  • Fixed the “Fracking Posts” upgrade from Oil Wells.
  • Fixed construction worker walking on water.
  • Workers of Coconuts Harvesters and Logging Camps will not continue to work and waste resources if the building’s outstock is full.
  • Fixed the collision boxes for the Airport and the Factory Ranch.
  • Fixed the constitution option “Energy Efficiency” not applying the correct decrease in energy consumption.
  • The propaganda effects of multiple media buildings of the same type will no longer accumulate.
  • Fixed issues with the Waste Treatment Plant and the Garbage Dump.
  • Fixed building not getting highlighted correctly when they are inside of another building’s vicinity radius.
  • Fixed the constitution option “State Controlled Media” not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to not apply the correct fullscreen resolution.
  • Fixed visual artefacts on the ocean that could appear when loading a savegame from a drought or an active Nuclear Testing edict.
  • Fixed Tropicans getting stuck after a bridge was demolished.
  • Fixed issues with the achievement “Knight to Little Duck”.
  • Fixed an issue in Battle Royal mission that caused newsfeed messages of destroyed building to be displayed repeatedly.
  • Military units will no longer be shown as “idle” during warfare.
  • The budget of military buildings will now correctly affect the military strength of units.
  • Fixed a potential progress blocker in the Bureaucrazy mission that prevented the “Electrify All” quest to get completed.
  • Fixed a potential progress blocker in the Speakeasy mission that prevented Prisoners getting counted towards quest progress.
  • Right-clicking on a completed task will no longer cause players to miss out on a reward.
  • Repairing a World Wonder will no longer spawn the radio message.
  • Fixed the “Urban Development” edict not expiring after loading a savegame.
  • Fixed several visual issues for military units.
  • Fixed several animation issues.
  • Fixed several crashing issues.


  • Added new variations for Parks and Squares.
  • Added a new decoration object: Space Memorial.
  • Added 4 new traits for El Presidente.
  • Made improvements to the gamepad controls.
  • The game now pauses gameplay and audio playback when minimized (except during multiplayer matches).
  • Improved RMG landscape generation.

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