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Tropico 6 – 26 August 2021 Patch Notes | Customize Your Citizens’ Names!

New Features

  • A new entertainment ‘building’ has been added: Meet the busker, a street artist who can be placed on sidewalks and adds that extra flair to your buzzing streets (available from Colonial Times onwards).
  • Citizens and buildings can now be given custom names. Citizens with custom names will show up in a special section within the almanac.



  • Added more challenging thresholds to victory conditions in sandbox and multiplayer mode.
  • Reorganized display of modifiers in the efficiency-tab of buildings.
  • Improved raid duration time accuracy.
  • Adjusted cost for modernizing Guard Towers.
  • The housing demands of Tropicans have improved. They no longer build shacks near wind turbines and relay stations.
  • [Lobbyistico] Rebalanced beauty-value of parks from the Lobbyistico content.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where military units would not leave their barracks during an attack.
  • Fixed the Ancient Ruins site on the “Rio” map.
  • Fixed an issue where the efficiency of barracks did not affect the strength of the units.
  • Fixed several occurrences where citizens were teleporting to their destination.
  • Fixed an issue where El Presidente would talk to Tropicans without triggering the effect of improving their personal experience.
  • Fixed Church Fee edict increasing fees for all buildings instead of just religious ones.
  • Fixed an issue where the research menu would  appear empty when opening it for the first time in a session.
  • The work modes of the Funfair Pier were not working correctly. These issues have been resolved.
  • Fixed several crashes and text issues.

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