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Tropico 6 – 15 September 2021 Patch Notes | Exciting Festival DLC Updates!

Festival DLC

  • Buildings under the effect of boredom can now be relocated
  • The overall boredom area growth rate has been reduced
  • Balanced balloon trade prices and production rate to make it a more viable commodity
  • Map 2: The last delivery quest is optional and a hint was added to suggest that this mission is not supposed to be done.
  • The Festival campaign has been balanced to decrease overall difficulty
  • Map 2 & 5: Increased time limits for timed missions
  • Map 3 & 5: Reduced spawn rate of new boredom areas
  • Map 4 & 5: Reduced global boredom increase

Bug fixes

  • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue where DLC settings were reset when the victory conditions get changed inside the lobby
  • Fixed an issue where market manipulation for import routes also affected export routes
  • Fixed busker visitors clipping into the gift box
  • Fixed broken option menu tabs when switching between Arabic languages
  • Fixed logging camp and coconut harvester not using nearby trees when relocating their buildings
  • Fixed the busker being able to catch fire
  • Fixed several graphical glitches and crashes
  • Fixed a couple of text localization and display issues
  • Several stability improvements


  • Festival Map 2: Fixed an issue where attacks from axis sometimes don’t happen
  • Festival Map 2: Removed random superpower demands for building a pirate cove
  • Fixed some 2×2 park variations not being able to be built
  • Fixed radius display for Festival ranges under some circumstances (relocation, multiplayer)
  • Fixed festival effects not getting removed properly in some multiplayer occasions (multiplayer, solving multiple quests simultaneously)
  • Fixed several visual glitches in festival maps 2 & 4

Carribbean Skies

  • Fixed issue where mandate time didn’t decrease after winning the game (Caribbean Skies Map 2 and Festival Map 1)
  • Caribbean Skies Mission 2: Fixed Wydham support money triggering even if player had enough money

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