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Smite – 10.7 Patch Notes | Unleash the Power of Charon’s Journey!


Get ready for the Season of Souls with the exciting Charon’s Journey Event! This limited-time event is all about celebrating Charon and his realm with a fantastic selection of exclusive skins and bundles. With 6 new skins to collect and 2 bundles available for purchase or to roll from the Charon’s Journey chest, there’s something for every player. And if you manage to collect all the event items, you’ll unlock the epic Bearly Alive Bacchus Skin!

But that’s not all – the Charon’s Journey Event also brings a range of awesome cosmetics, including avatars, global emotes, and jump stamps. Plus, we’ve made some quality of life improvements, like making the Demonic Pact HUD theme available on the New HUD and allowing console players to redeem ColorForge quest rewards more easily. We’ve also fixed some bugs, including issues with the Demonic Pact HUD theme and teammate relic and shard cooldown visibility on the scoreboard. So get ready to embark on Charon’s Journey and make the most of this incredible event!


Welcome to the Charon’s Journey Event! This special event celebrates the Season of Souls and Charon with a range of exclusive skins and bundles! There are 6 new skins to collect and in addition to the skins, there are also 2 bundles available for direct purchase or to roll from the Charon’s Journey chest. If you collect all the items from the event, you’ll receive an unlimited Bearly Alive Bacchus Skin!
  • Charon’s Journey Event Skins
    • Dark Prism Ix Chel
    • Sinister Strife Hachiman
    • Thundor Rage Thor
    • Bearly Alive Bacchus
    • Falcon Leader Horus
    • Solar Vanguard Atlas
    • Chaotic Surge Poseidon
  • Charon’s Journey Cosmetics
    • Thundor Rage Avatar
    • Thundor Rage Global Emote
    • Cyber Seraph Avatar
    • Witchy Jump Stamp


  • General
    • The Demonic Pact HUD theme is now available on the New HUD! Old HUD users can still equip this HUD theme as well
    • Console players can now redeem ColorForge quest rewards without having to navigate down to the claim button



  • UI


      • Demonic Pact HUD theme is available again after fixing an issue where Old HUD users couldn’t use VGS with the theme equipped
      • Fixed an issue where teammate Relic and Shard cooldowns were not visible on the scoreboard for the Old HUD
      • Fixed an issue with the Battle Pass quests overlapping other text in the Quests screen
      • Fixed an issue on the Store – Other tab where there was a broken text translation in the drop-down menu
      • Fixed an issue on the Store – Other tab showing blank purchase buttons on unavailable cosmetic items
      • Fixed an issue on the Consoles Dye and Cape preview on the Gods page extending past the bottom of the page window
      • Fixed an issue with the Item store and Scoreboard where item art wasn’t appearing on first view of the screen
      • Fixed an issue where Exclusive and Limited skins were showing a price after previewing a skin that had a price available
    • General Gameplay
      • Conquest
        • Fixed an issue where the Unleashed Titans audio was using the Fire Giant death sound
        • Fixed an issue where the Stygian Beacon capture could sometimes happen twice unleashing the Titans early
        • Fixed an issue where an invisible blocking volume was sometimes spawning in front of the Gold Fury pit
        • Fixed an issue where the incorrect buff icon was showing with the seasonal Soul Surge feature on Conquest specifically
        • Fixed an issue with the Shield/CDR Jungle Camps spawning at a different time than the map timer
      • Duel
        • Fixed an issue where Soul Surges were duplicating
      • Achievements
        • Fixed an issue with the “Stay There” achievement not working
      • Xbox Silver Accounts
        •  Fixed an issue where Xbox Silver Accounts were sometimes unable to queue due to a ‘Requires Multiplayer’ blocker
      • Soul Surges
        • Fixed an issue where the Soul Surges were causing FPS drops for players inside the effect area


  • Gods


    • Thor
      • Fixed an issue on some of his skins where the landing targeter of his ultimate ability would show much before landing
    • Kukulkan
      • Fixed an issue with his Bone Wraith skin where the targeter of his ultimate ability would show lines during the pre-fire and cast for enemies
    • Cu Chulainn
      • Fixed an issue where he could gain permanent stacks of Serrated Edge
    • Tyr
      • Fixed an issue where mana cost values were showing on the tooltip of his stance switch ability
    • Izanami
      • Fixed an issue with her Apricot skin using the incorrect VGS audio for ‘That’s too bad’
    • Persephone
      •  Fixed an issue on her Harvest Ability Type tooltip labeling the ability as a Leap
  • Items
    • Bewitched Dagger
      • Fixed an issue where the Attack Speed debuff was able to stack with other item Attack Speed debuff effects
      • Fixed an issue where the passive was affecting non-God targets
    • Warlock’s Staff
      • This item now states that it provides an additional 25HP when evolved in the tooltip
    • Glorious Pridwen
      • Fixed an issue where the initial explosion was immuned on the first use of the item


Game Modes

The dream becomes reality as the Titans break their shackles and take to the battlefield to make their divine presence known. Unfortunately with their inevitable demise, the rewards obtained for besting these behemoths are slightly too strong and too easily awarded. By making the Gold and XP local, players will need to actively choose whether to forgo the kill rewards, choosing to pressure elsewhere on the map, or to engage in a larger brawl and reap the benefits, albeit shared now.
  • Conquest
    • Unleashed Titans
      • The Gold and XP rewards for defeating an Unleashed Titan are now only provided locally instead of globally
While the team is happy with the introduction of Soul Surges as a seasonal feature, we want to continue finding the best place for them in all of our game modes. The potency of the zone effect was slightly too strong with how long they could persist for and the Spirit minions continue to be slightly more of a nuisance than we would like.
  • Soul Surges
    • The Movement speed buff provided for being within a Soul Surge has been decreased from 15% to 10%
    • Decreased Soul Surge Spirit Movement Speed from 375 to 275
    • Decreased Soul Surge Spirit Base HP from 265 to 180


The latest seasonal balance pass included a large hit on Protections that items provide and we wanted to take some time to evaluate which items and gods needed subsequent shifts. Prophetic Cloak has been a strong item since its release and while we did not want to directly buff it, the Protection thresholds do not match where we would expect them to be obtained during matches. We will continue to assess these new thresholds to see if the item as a whole needs further changes.
  • Decreased the first Protection threshold from 400 to 325
  • Decreased the second Protection threshold from 600 to 525

The recent changes to the Max stack count on Silverbranch Bow were to help normalize it across the Physical gods that might want to pick it up. Allowing it to be valuable for characters that might not have Attack Speed buffs in their kit and just wanted to itemize into that stat path. We have seen the community sentiment lean towards the more selective prioritization of this item instead and brought back the cap to a more reasonable number. We will continue to monitor if the bonus power provided by the stacks is within an acceptable range.
  • Increased Max Stacks from 20 to 40

Toxic Blade is a niche item that has yet to find its place. The stats that it provides have strong value but never seems to fit the right builds in the meta. Before making any larger changes we wanted to find the best price for the utility it provides.
  • Decreased Cost from 2400 to 2300
  • Decreased max stacks from 4 to 3
  • Increased Anti-Heal debuff from 15% to 20%
  • Increased Attack Speed buff and debuff from 5% to 7%

Tank proc items are one of the main topics this season and while Bonus balance had a few nerfs, Pridwen was excluded on that list. We wanted a bit more time to see how well the data matched the sentiment to get a nerf for the more damage oriented Glyph specifically.
  • Decreased explosion damage from 75% to 65% of total Protections from items and abilities


Mages have been a large topic amongst the playerbase and understandably so. This year has seen mages overall be under-prioritized and generally under-performing. The latest seasonal changes were also seen to be a larger nerf for Magical users vs Physical who have more impactful basic attacks to fill the downtime between ability casts during fights. We considered the best way to buff Mages as a class and decided that the Class Bonus was by far the simplest and cleanest way to do so. Providing a small amount of power on several items has the risk of making certain items more necessary to build vs others. Just buffing all Tier 3 items goes against why we did the damage changes in the first place and also does not address the curve over time as smoothly as a per level option. An extra 20 Magical Power over the course of the game should help Mages reach a more balanced level compared to Hunters specifically across the duration of a match.


  • Increased the Mage Class Bonus Magical Power Scaling per Level from 1 to 2
    • This provides 20 extra magical power at level 20
The Shining Light has been hesitant to charge into battle recently, opting out of the battlegrounds that have tended to prefer the more ability-damage focused Warriors. This push in her charging capabilities should help Amaterasu’s clear be slightly less all-in focused on her Heavenly Reflection and provide her more flexibility.

  • Increased Base damage from 60/120/180/240/300 to 80/135/190/245/300
  • Decreased Cooldown from 16s to 15s
Usually dominant in the early-mid game fights, this cat tends to get a bit lazy and fall off as the day gets older and the match continues to get longer. A little pick me up was needed to give Bastet the pep in her step to get her pouncing into the late-game.

  • Increased Physical Power Scaling from 25% to 27.5% per tick
  • Decreased Cooldown from 11s to 10s
Inspired by the return of the Ferryman, the good boy of the Underworld wants to get back in the fray. Cerberus has always packed the punch needed to send the gods howling but not necessarily as often as he might like.

  • Decreased Cooldown from 13s to 13/12.5/12/11.5/11s

  • Decreased Cooldown from 15s to 14s
While Mages as a whole have been slightly underperforming, this drummer has been fighting even harder to be heard. The Power Scaling on Raijin’s primary damaging ability might seem decent already but as it takes both time and effort to hit accurately, the reward was not quite up to the beat.

  • Increased Magical Power Scaling from 25% to 30% per hit
There are two gods on the list that weren’t quite going to make it but the community sentiment was clear that the seasonal changes warranted shifts for these two. Tiamat is the first with a passive that utilizes Power to obtain mitigations, specifically in the Ground stance. The seemingly small change listed has heavy implications and shifts a large amount of power away from being necessary in her item build. Tiamat, while still seen in the upper echelons of play, is actually not performing very well across all skill levels and modes and will be monitored for additional buffs if necessary.

  • Increased Scale Mitigation earned from Magical Power from 5% to 6%
    • This means Tiamat requires 100 less Magical Power to reach the cap
  •  Fixed description to clarify cap of 30%
    • Was previously listed as 25% but working as 30%
While Hunters are generally performing well that does not ring quite as true for the ability hunters overall. Ullr is the pinnacle of this archetype and as such… is performing quite poorly. Whenever Ullr gains a fraction too much damage, he gains heavy notoriety and is quickly decried for nerfs. The change for his Ultimate is a large one but is mostly utility focused and will hopefully shore up his weaknesses slightly rather than exacerbate his strengths.

  • Increased Physical Power Scaling from 90% to 100%

  • Ullr now gains half of the stat bonuses when in the opposite stance
The second of the two mage shifts, Olorun has a passive that also requires Power to obtain a different stat, this time Critical Hit Chance. As the total Power in item builds went down, this also meant that Olorun’s passive was just that much harder to obtain. This change to Touch of Fate is a pretty big deal but it keeps one of the goals intact of the simple to understand Power conversion. Previously it was 1:10 and now it will continue as 2:10, hopefully allowing Olorun players, allies and enemies an easy way of understanding his current Crit Chance levels. Now with this heavy change and allowing Olorun to Critically hit more often and sooner, we wanted to shift the damage he will be doing downwards to be more inline.

  • Initial Threshold decreased from 150 Power to 100 Power
  • Increased base Critical Hit Chance from 15% to 20%
  • Increased conversion from 1% to 2% per 10 Magical Power from items
  • Decreased Critical Strike Damage from 1.5x to 1.3x
Achilles is a powerhouse in the right hands and gained more protection for his heels than was warranted. Nerfs to his passive were needed to allow him to be more inline with other Warriors, especially when considering free stats… the ones that got nerfed across the board!

  • Decreased Protection bonus per level from 2 to 1.5
  • Decreased Physical Power bonus per level from 2 to 1.5
Hachiman’s recent Passive shift has definitely brought him into the spotlight and while he has been hit once, it was clear the nerf-bat did not strike hard enough. Round two has come around, this time aiming specifically at the new stat provided, cutting the base it provides in half.

  • Decreased base Attack Speed gained per stack from 2% to 1%
Ravana is an interesting case as he was performing quite low across the board but the recent Passive Shield buff and meta changes have almost completely flipped his stats. This semi-revert is just the first place we want to target and with the item changes in tow, we will be watching the Demon King closely.

  • Decreased Health Shield gained per stack from 9% to 8% of Ravana’s max HP
Tyr was bringing down the law a little too often, especially with his new-found strength. He is learning to keep his temper in check and has promised to be a little less judgmental.

  • Increased Cooldown from 90/85/80/75/70s to 90s at all ranks

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