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Lineage 2: Revolutions – January 2019 UPDATE

1. Temporal Rift: Temple of Dragon Hearts
The new Temporal Rift – Temple of Dragon Hearts will be added.
Battle the new Draconian bosses in the dungeon for a chance to acquire the new cloak.

1) About Temple of Dragon Hearts and Recommended CP
– Characteristics: Monsters and Bosses in the Temple of Dragon Hearts are Draconian monsters, so we recommend players to have the same attribute equipment.
– Entry Requirements and Recommended CP

Difficulty Entry Requirement Level Recommended CP
Normal 230 1,141,100
Hard 270 1,664,100


2) Awakened Embrion’s cloak
This is a cloak that can be acquired by defeating the final boss of the Temple of Dragon Hearts.
When a normal attack hits, there’s a chance for the fissure skill to be used. It will also grant a stun debuff.

– How to Acquire:
> Acquire from the Temporal Rift Random Reward Box after clearing the Temple of Dragon Hearts.
> Acquire by combining 1,000 Dragon Scales, which can be acquired after clearing the Temple of Dragon Hearts.

– Characteristics
> The chances of a fissure increases by a minimum of 6% (Level 1) to a maximum of 12% (Level 30) depending on the Cloak level.
> Fissure will strike up to a maximum of 8 times depending on the Cloak level.
> Fissure’s Skill Cooldown is 2 minutes.

Level Skill Strike Count Debuff
Lv. 1 – Lv. 9 4 times 50% chance to stun for 0.5 sec (Lv. 1) – 63.9% chance to stun for 0.5 sec (Lv. 9)
Lv. 10 – Lv. 19 5 times 65.3% chance to stun for 0.5 sec (Lv. 10) – 80.6% chance to stun for 0.6 sec (Lv. 19)
Lv. 20 – Lv. 24 6 times 82.3% chance to stun for 0.7 sec (Lv. 20) – 89.1% chance to stun for 0.7 sec (Lv. 24)
Lv. 25 – Lv. 29 7 times 90.8% chance to stun for 0.8 sec (Lv. 25) – 97.6% chance to stun for 0.8 sec (Lv. 29)
Lv. 30 8 times 100% chance to stun for 1 sec (Lv. 30)


3) Other
– Temple of Dragon Hearts Monster Codex has been added.
– Awakened Embrion’s Cloak combination has been added to the Workshop.
– Temple of Dragon Hearts Titles and Achievements have been added.

2. Draconian Attribute Equipment
– Draconian Attribute Equipment has been added to the game.
>If a Dragonian monster attacks while wearing Draconian Equipment, additional damage or damage reduction is given to the final damage.
> You can hunt Draconian monsters at Dragon’s Cave Catacombs 2 and Dragon’s Cave Depths.
> Many Draconian monsters appear in the new Temporal Rift: we recommend using Draconian equipment when proceeding to the Temple of Dragon Hearts.
– Draconian Equipment will be added to the Equipment Collection.
> Acquire additional CP by completing Draconian Equipment Collection
– Draconian Armor and Weapon Achievements will be added.
– Draconian Attribute Titles will be added.
*Draconian Attribute Equipment can be distinguished with a red background.

3. Winter Herald Costume
To celebrate the season, a new Winter Herald Costume will be added.

*The Winter Herald Costume can be acquired in the Shop.
*It can be purchased once per character.
*The Winter Herald Costume consists of 3 parts: Weapon, Hair (Hat), and Outfit.
*CP will not increase when equipping the Winter Herald’s Hat.
*CP will increase by 1,300 when equipping the Winter Herald’s Outfit.
*CP will increase by 1,700 when equipping the Winter Herald’s Weapon.

4. Improvements to Game Functions 

1) Academy Clan Graduation Function Added
– When reaching the graduation level for the Academy Clan, players will now be kicked after 24 hours.

*Players cannot remain in the Academy Clan after reaching the graduation level.
During the remaining time, say farewell to other members and friends of the Academy Clan.
After graduating, players can join a normal clan to continue enjoying clan content.

2) Open Siege Improvements
– Orc race has been added to Open Siege Class selection.
– Open Siege skills have been changed to 2nd Class Transfer skills.

3) Open All Feature for Random Boxes
– [Open All Random Boxes] feature will be added to the Inventory.
– Boxes that are unable to be used will be excluded from the [Open All Boxes] feature.

4) Claim All Feature for Level Up Rewards 
– Players may now receive all Level Up Rewards at once, if there is more than 1 Level Up reward to be claimed.
– If there is only 1 Level Up Box available, players can acquire the box as before.

5) [Artifact → Alchemy] Menu Removed
– The [Artifact → Alchemy] menu tab will be removed.
– Cube Upgrade Crafting will be added to [Items → Workshop].

6) Interface Improvements
– In the Equipment Collection, achievements that can be claimed will now display at the top.
5. Bug Fixes
– Fixed issue where same conversations of some main quest NPCs periodically appear.
– Fixed issue where Web View items will not be displayed normally when logging into a different character after purchasing a Web View item.
– Fixed issue where a consumable elixir can be used manually when petrified.
– Fixed issue where Aymel’s School is displayed as an empty screen when entering through the Notification button.
– Fixed issue where Conquer Rank displays as Grade in the Daily Conquer Rewards.
– Fixed issue where some Weekly Progress Reports’ year would display the wrong year.
6. New Events
☞ 1/30 Event Round Up (link)

7. New Items

A. New Items
*Sold after 1/30 update – Until Further Notice.

Category Item Name Contents Purchase Limit
Clan Bundle [Update] Clan Large Potion Bundle 1. Purchasing Character
1,500 Blue Diamonds
999 Greater HP Potions
999 Greater MP Potions
9,999 Soulshots

2. Purchasing Character’s Clan Members
100 Red Diamonds
10 Greater HP Potions
10 Greater MP Potions

1 / Week
Recommended [Update] Grade UR Material Lite Bundle 2 Radiant Upgrade Stone Selection Boxes
600 Scrap Selection Boxes
20 High-grade Material Selection Boxes (Includes Rare)
2 Recipe Selection Boxes (Includes Rare)
Winter Herald Costume Set 1 Winter Herald Outfit Costume Box
1 Winter Herald Weapon Costume Box
1 Winter Herald Hat Costume Box
2,000 Blue Diamonds
1 time during the period
[Update] Elixir Alchemy Master Bundle 30 Elixir Essence Selection Boxes
3 Extraction Speed Increase Potions
30 Herb Bundles
3 Feathers of Peace (Top-grade)
7 / Week
[Update] Grade SR Soul Crystal Selection Box 1 Grade SR Soul Crystal Selection Box 1 / Week
Summon Box [Draconian] 10 High-grade Equipment Boxes (+1 Bonus) (Blue Diamonds) Cumulative purchase rewards in progress!
Draconian Attribute Rare equipment acquirable!
(Grade A – Grade SR) Equipment acquirable!
(Grade A – Grade SR) Weapon/Armor Varnish acquirable!
Acquire 1 equipment Grade S or higher!
[Draconian] 10 High-grade Equipment Boxes (+1 Bonus) (Red Diamonds) (Grade A ~ Grade SR) Equipment possible!
(Grade A ~ Grade SR) Weapon, Armor Varnish possible!
One Grade S or higher piece of equipment is guaranteed!


B. Existing Item Changes
*Changed products are marked in red.
*[REVAMP]Except for the Maphr’s Bundle, the price and contents have changed.

Category Item Name Contents Purchase Limit
Bundle Shop [REVAMP] Maphr’s Protection Bundle 4 Maphr’s Protections
300 Red Diamonds
40 Loyalty Points
5 / Week
[REVAMP] Rune Bundle 1 Large Rune Fragment Box (10,000 Rune Fragments)
50,000 Adena
100 Red Diamonds
10 Loyalty Points
5 / Week
[REVAMP] Rare Skill Bundle 3 Forgotten Scroll Page Selection Boxes
20 Loyalty Points
3 / Week
[REVAMP] Mount Equipment Strengthening Bundle 1 Grade R Mount Equipment Selection Box
1 Grade R Mount Equipment Varnish Selection Box
10 Scrolls: Enhance Mount Equipment
25 Loyalty Points
4 / Week
[REVAMP] SP Bundle 10 100 Skill Point Boxes
25 Loyalty Points
3 / Week
[REVAMP] SR Varnish Bundle 1 Grade SR Varnish Selection Box
5 Loyalty Points
15 / Week


C. Discontinued Items
– Grade S Rare Red Weapon+Armor Full Set
– Poison Strike Fighter
– Ride the Golden Boar
– 30 Maphr’s
– Grade SR Mount Equipment Full Bundle
– Temporal Rift Rewards 2x Daily Benefits
– [Limited] Red Rare All-in-One Bundle

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