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Lineage 2:Revolutions – 28.06.2018 Patch Notes

Lineage 2: Revolution developers released new patch details. Here is the list

The June patch brings a variety of new and improved content, including improvements to the Enhancement system (as explained in detail through our Developer Notes), as well as the start of Honorable Battlefield’s official season. A new field boss, the Community Hub Magnadin, and costumes will also be available in this update.

1. New community hub, Magnadin

The new community hub, Magnadin, will be open for exploration.

There are no restrictions to enter! Enter Magnadin by tapping [Map] > [Magnadin] > [Go to].

*Teleportation services to Magnadin are free.

*Tapping ‘Leave’ while in Magnadin will return players to their previous location.

1) Account/Personal Storage

Personal Storage can be used after reaching Character Level 30 and completing the Storage Quest.

– Account Storage

> Items in Account Storage can be shared between characters on the account.

> Only items capable of storage will be active and selectable in the Inventory.

> Some untradable items will be eligible to be stored.

Ex) Radiant Relics, Soul Powder, etc.

– Personal Storage

> Personal Storage can only be used by the current character.

*All types of items can be stored in Personal Storage.

2) Beauty Shop

– The Beauty Shop can be accessed by talking to the Stylist NPC within Magnadin.

– Hairstyles and color can be changed through the Beauty Shop.

*Depending on which costume is applied to the character, hairstyles may not apply.

3) Magnadin Discount Shop

– The Magnadin Discount Shop offers consumables at a discount from prices in [Shop > Consumables].

*The Discount Shop’s special discounts change on a set schedule.


4) Training Scarecrow

– The Training Scarecrows are located within the Training Grounds of Magnadin.

– The Training Scarecrow is an NPC that can attack and be attacked. Calculate damage taken and damage inflicted by testing out equipment with different attributes.

– The scarecrows have different attributes. Currently, there are scarecrows for: Normal, Elite, Magical Monster, and Boss attributes.

5) Teleporter

– Teleporter NPCs within Magnadin allow players to teleport free of charge to portals located in other regions.

2. Added Arabic support + New Server

Arabic will now be one of the languages supported! A new server will also open.

3. New Accessories

New Accessories of the Hero are being added to help players show their prowess while on the battlefield.

1) Accessory Name

– Earring of the Hero

– Ring of the Hero

– Necklace of the Hero

2) Accessory Attributes

– Battlefield Hero: Increases Atk. Spd. on Battlefields (Arena, Honorable Battlefield, Fortress Siege, Castle Siege)

3) Set Effects

4) How to Acquire

– Acquirable via Summon Boxes and the Honorable Battlefield Exchange Shop (Cannot be acquired through combining)

4. Costumes now available

The new Costume system will help spruce up your character’s looks.

1) Location: Menu -> Items -> Costumes

2) Costumes Menu Description

– Wardrobe: View any owned costumes here.

– Shop: Preview or purchase Costumes here.

– Costumes being added: Royal Guard, Knights of Light, Martial Arts Gi, and more!

5. New Field Boss, Roc

A new field boss, Roc, has been added.

1) Location: Plains of Dion – Dion Castle Outskirts

2) Monster Attribute: Draconian

3) Characteristics:

– Walks on two legs and stuns players by stamping its feet.

6. The Official Season of the Honorable Battlefield begins

The official regular season will commence.

1) The first season will go on for 3 months after the update.

*There will be a further notice when the season ends.

2) Honorable Battlefield times for European regions will change.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5:00 pm (GMT)

*Honorable Battlefield times for other regions will stay the same.

3) Items in the Exchange Shop have been swapped out for the regular season! Enjoy the larger variety of items.

– Daily Limit of Acquirable Honorable Battlefield Currency

– Honor Coin Exchange Shop Item Changes

3) Titles for the Honorable Battlefield have been added.

*Titles will only be available for the duration of a season and will reset upon the start of a new one.

*Certain titles can be kept according to maintaining certain standards.
*Title will not support character stats.

4) Tier Rewards will be sent when Season 1 ends.

* Tier Rewards will be sent as box items based on each tier. Rewards can be claimed when the box items are used.

– Season 1’s Tier Rewards

7. Improvements to the Enhancement System

The existing Enhancement system will be split into two types: Normal Enhancement and Safe Enhancement.

*Safe Enhancement will be available for different enhancement thresholds.

1) +1 to +7: Only normal enhancement (No enhancement degradation)

2) +7 to +20: Normal enhancement and Safe enhancement using Adena

*Safe Enhancement: Use at least double the amount of Adena to ensure that enhancement levels do not degrade

3) +20 to +30: Normal enhancement and Safe enhancement using Maphr’s Protection

*Safe Enhancement: Use Maphr’s Protection to ensure that enhancement levels do not degrade (Same system as the existing one)

8. Improvements to Elite Dungeon Bonus Time

A new Auto Elite Dungeon Bonus Time and ON/OFF toggle feature have been added.

1) Using the Auto-mode

– Bonus Time will automatically begin and end based on your character status.

– If a character should die, Bonus Time will be paused. Bonus Time will start up again if the character is revived.

2) Toggling the Auto-mode Off

– Tap the Bonus Time Start/End button to control when Bonus Time is used.

*The ON/OFF toggle will not be available during combat.

9. Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes

1) World Boss Ticket Quest Improvements

– A World Boss Ticket will now be available for binding if 1 or more Demonic Scroll quests have been cleared

2) Monster Dungeon Improvements

– Clan Member invitation / Player support request function added

3) Open Siege Improvements

– Settings menu now accessible from within Open Siege

10. New Events

New events will begin with the patch.

☞ Event Round Up

11. New Items and Item Changes

1. New Items2. Discontinued Items

– [Limited-time Discount] Camelot Bundle

– [Limited] Grade SR Limit Break Stone Bundle

– [Limited] Rare Equipment Bundle

– World Festival UR Crafting Scrap Bundle

– World Festival UR Bundle

– World Festival Strengthening Bundle

3. Changed Items

*Changes to items are highlighted in red.

4. New and Changed Cumulative Purchase Items

*The Weapon Strengthening Box item’s cumulative purchase count will be reset.


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