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Imperator Rome – 1.4 Patch Notes | Magna Graecia Content Pack: Unleash the Gods!

Patch 1.4

Magna Graecia Content Pack

  • Apotheosis: Living and deceased rulers can now be deified and worshipped as gods. This comes at a cost of Political Influence and requires high popularity and family prestige. Deification requires selecting an existing deity that your character will assume the attributes and ceremonies of, as well as passive and active bonuses. Invoking an Omen of a deified character will result in a powerful effect that the base God did not provide, the strength of which will often be based on the skills or attributes of the deified character.
  • Added 4 new Mission Trees for a resurgent Sparta and the rise of a new Peleponesian league.
  • Added 4 new Mission Trees for Syracuse, allowing the player to realize the dreams of Agathocles and highlighting the history of Greek Italy.
  • Added 4 New Mission Trees for a resurgent Athens and the creation of a new Delian League.
  • As part of the Expansion Features 30 Greek Sacred Treasures have been placed in countries and Holy Sites around the Greek World.
  • Added 12 new deities local to Athens, Sparta and Syracuse, with special artwork.
  • Ostracism: Utilizing one of its older political traditions, Athens can now banish its citizens to an unknown destination without first imprisoning them by paying a hefty Tyranny cost.
  • Heroic Frieze: This new Spartan province investment increases the output of citizens in the entire province as well as the local supply limit.
  • Free Helots: This new province investment lets Sparta increase the freeman output, primary culture happiness and recruit speed in an entire province.
  • Create Mercenary State: Syracuse can release any city as a militaristic subject state under a puppet governor. A Mercenary Subject state gets a 50% increase to base Manpower. The overlord will receive a reduction in mercenary cost for each subject of this kind they have, and can recruit new rulers from them.
  • Added 3 new hellenistic themed music tracks.
  • Added new land unit models for Athens, Sparta, Syracuse and Crete.
  • Added new fleet unit models for Athens, Sparta, Syracuse and Crete.
  • Added a new port model for Greek cultured countries all around the world.
  • Added a new Acropolis style Fort model for all Greek countries around the world.
  • Added a number of historical flavor decisions to owners of specific significant provinces in the Greek World.

Free Features

  • State Pantheon: Religion has been overhauled. Instead of a set of Omens that are invoked periodically, each country now has a State Pantheon of 4 primary Deities that they can choose themselves from among all the Deities worshipped by their population, even those not of the State Religion. Each Deity will provide +5% happiness for pops from its associated religion as well as passive benefits specific to that Deity.
  • Omens: As before each deity also has an Omen that gives a larger temporary boost to its country. Rare personified deities (such as Alexander the Great or Zoroaster) also give a second immediate effect when worshipped. Their character page can also be accessed in game.
  • Holy Sites: Each Deity in the game can have one Holy Site. Holy sites exist in territories around the map and apart from some local benefits they also provide a boost to the effectiveness of their associated Deity if a country owns their holy site.
  • Holy Treasures: Treasures are objects that can be placed on Altars in Holy Sites, and which will benefit the entire Province to which the Holy Site belongs. How many Altars a Holy Site has depends on the type of territory. A settlement has one Altar, a city has two and a Metropolis will have 3. There are circa 100 treasures spread around the holy sites of the world as part of the Archimedes Update.
  • Desecration: Holy Sites can be desecrated by their owner or a visiting army in control of their territory. Desecrating a Holy Site will transfer all of its treasures to the country performing the desecration. Desecration also causes other countries in the same religion group as the desecrated deity to lose opinion of the offender, but don’t let that stop you, because wolves aren’t concerned with the opinions of sheep.
  • Honored Prophets: Since Judaism is monotheistic, it does not have a State Pantheon. Instead it will compose a group of 4 honored dead Prophets of the faith. These work similar to Deities in some respects, but give more powerful benefits when activated while also being possible to use more rarely. Monotheistic countries also cannot honor a Deity from a different religion, they are limited to only their prophets.
  • Trade: You can now specify Trade Goods for which you will automatically decline all requests in the Trade View.
  • Multiplayer: You can now configure AI settings that will dictate what the AI can and cannot do if you leave a game.
  • Continue Button: When the game end date is reached, you can now choose to continue playing, while forsaking any achievements or custom content after this point. Go nuts, proclaim Pax Romana in 1939 AD if you want, but please send us screenshots.
  • Holdings no longer stop the promotion of Slaves; instead there is now a button to halt slave promotion in a territory at a cost of Slave Happiness. Wolves, sheep, yadda yadda.
  • Character Loyalty: Character Loyalty has been changed away from a system of drift over time to instead function as a sum of known modifiers. This means that at any given time characters will occupy different parts of the loyalty spectrum instead of all characters always drifting towards blind loyalty or complete defiance. To account for this all sources of character loyalty in the game has been revised and rebalanced. Traits now also play a much larger role in the base loyalty of a character.



  • Freemen now give a bit of tax income.
  • Slaves now produce a bit less tax income.
  • Base Happiness for Slaves is now 90%.
  • Base Happiness for Tribesmen is now 80%.


  • Heir support now depends on popularity and traits as well as stats. Martial and Charisma stats are now worth more than finesse and zeal for supporters.


  • Imprisoning a Head of Family now always requires a trial and risking a Civil War.
  • All sources of Loyalty in the entire game have been rebalanced as part of the rework of how Character Loyalty works.
  • A Character will now always take their holdings with them into a Civil War, and there is no longer a limit on how many Holdings a Character can have.
  • Trials are no longer blocked by a character having 40 or more Power Base. Instead they will always be possible if the base chance is above 1%.
  • The “Proscribe” Character Interaction can now be used on an imprisoned head of family to confiscate all holdings of that family. They will fall from grace and no longer be considered a Great Family of your country.
  • It is now harder to take a Co-Ruler to trial.
  • “Persuade Character” interaction now replaces Bribe if your ruler has orator or silver tongued. Bribe and Persuade now cost Political Influence in addition to any other effects.
  • Only Heads of Family will now purchase Holdings, though any Character can acquire them through schemes or events.
  • Enticing governors now requires that the governor has at least one state at low state loyalty and bordering the enticing country. Any such provinces will defect to the enticing country.


  • Religious Conversion is now less quick in general to account for being able to placate pops by honouring their gods.


  • Elephants now have a maneuver of 0, meaning they can only target opposing units directly in front of themselves. The intent here is to simulate that elephants were largely one-dimensional battering rams on the battlefield, with enormous striking power but limited tactical maneuverability.
  • Mega Polyremes now have a maneuver of 0, meaning they can only target opposing units directly in front of themselves. Ditto above, bigger is not always better.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in combat deployment and also added new rules to ensure more desirable deployment outcomes:
  • Supply Trains now only ever join battle once all other units on their side are depleted.
  • Non flank units now reinforce the center from behind instead of from the flanks. Primary units are deployed first and secondary units second.
  • Flank Units still reinforce the flanks. Designated flank units are always preferred to reinforce if available.
  • Units that are instantly deployed when an army arrives to a battle that has been ongoing long enough that the retreat block has been removed will now deploy with a morale penalty.
  • Units that reinforce the center but are not designated as secondary rank will now take a small hit to morale.
  • Units can now require multiple things to be built. Heavy Ships now require both the right Military Traditions and Wood.

War & Peace

  • The base speed for a siege tick is now 25 days instead of 30 days.
  • Mercenaries now cost Gold to recruit instead of Military Experience.
  • Conquered provinces now start somewhat less loyal than they used to.
  • Increased War Exhaustion from Battles.


  • AI should care more about strength when agreeing or disagreeing to becoming a feudatory.
  • Converting religion now gives a 75% discount to changing deities in pantheon for a period of time. News gods on sale, limited time offer, while supplies last.
  • High tribute level now only reduce subject opinion by 50.
  • Legitimacy no longer affects max loyalty. Monarchies default to 100 loyalty as max.
  • Lowered the zeal requirement for Divinity Statutes law to 10 from 12.
  • Only Civilized overlords can have Feudatories.
  • Rivals of your ruler now get a lower wage and will get a reduction of Family prestige over time.
  • Starting Army Sizes and Navy Sizes are now slightly smaller.



  • Fixed an esoteric case where AI could attack subjects of an ally without breaking the alliance (thus incurring harsh penalties).
  • AI slightly more likely to accept becoming a Client State or Feudatory based on the strength of the potential overlord.
  • AI should now be better at judging when to start another concurrent war to speed up expansion (if at all).
  • AI now knows that they can enforce demands having fully captured the war goal (and will do so if situation isn’t improving).
  • AI now properly checks strength balances on changing conditions, leading to fewer suicides.
  • AI is now able to void the guarantees they committed to like the true bastards they ought to be.


  • Fixed so that the AI can properly create trade routes via the action plan.


  • Added additional qualifying criteria before AI decides to send out armies on naval expeditions when wargoal is being contested and can be pathed to.
  • AI units now dynamically increase search range in case they find too few options or fail to reach their current destination pathed to. Should result in less indecisiveness and staying in poor locations.
  • AI should be slightly more interested in pursuing the war goal as well as state capitals.
  • AI should consider if they really have food prior to besieging non-wargoal forts (imperfect heuristic).
  • AI may try to assault if its troop is unavoidably attriting away due to lack of food and there is nothing else for it to do, because come on you dogs, do you want to live forever?!


  • AI tribes can now migrate.
  • AI may Deify their ruler to celebrate a large-scale victorious conquest.
  • Added AI functionality for destroying buildings



  • Added a small animation for when a mission is in progress.
  • The style of the buildings in a city on the map will now correspond to the dominant culture of that city, and will change if the dominant culture changes during the game.
  • There is now an alternative icon for Sacrificing to the gods for countries that follow religions that would not have sacrificed a pig, such as Judaism, Jainism, etc.


  • Add government type Map Mode
  • Add province rank Map Mode
  • Added Naval Range Map Mode
  • Added Holdings Map Mode
  • Added additional Map Modes to the in game lobby


  • Changed modification_display for several buildings to actually show comparable number effects. Also changed so that displays are consistent in showing mods in order: first “output” then “happiness” and then other effects such as ratios etc



  • Added 7 new achievements for Archimedes update.


  • Imperial Cult now requires that the entire Pantheon of your country is composed of Deified rulers, if you own the Magna Graecia content pack.
  • Added formable Epirus
  • Added a formable for Euboea


  • Added a large number of new deities around the world (ie deities that do not correspond to any pre-existing Omen).
  • Alexander the Great now exists as a personified deity that can be worshipped by anyone in possession of his body.
  • Buddha, Mahavira, Alexander, Zoroaster and all Jewish Prophets are now scripted as characters that can be viewed in game by anyone honoring their respective religion.


  • Added a new event series about the hostilities between the Diadochi kingdoms, pitting Phrygia against Macedon, Egypt and the Seleukids.
  • Added an alternate version of the Etruscan Fortune event, which works similarly to the original, but is a country event that can fire on a yearly basis (rather than specifically when you conquer something in Sardinia).
  • Added variable that stops main_event_pulse while mission monthly_on_actions are active
  • Added warning to Persian Heiress event to inform the player about what they are forsaking.
  • The ruler can no longer be adopted
  • Added checks to ensure physician and patient are not same person, because that’s probably some sort of violation of the Hippocratic Oath
  • Added 4 DHEs for Thrace
  • Added divorce effect and applied it to relevant events.
  • Made accidents more likely if physician has less than 4 finesse or is a rival of the patient
  • Made sure Ambrakia becomes provincial as well as country capital when Pyrrhus returns
  • Stopped city fall events from occurring if new owner is in a civil war
  • Increased the rewards from Scientific Breakthrough event significantly


  • Added 4 new Mission Trees for Greek countries in Greece, the Black Sea region, Italy and the far west.
  • Disabled Destroy Latins task for AI, as it is an alt history scenario for particular strategies/circumstances
  • Fixed FPS drop for Aegis of Africa mission
  • Added highlighting to Indo-Greek decision
  • Timed tasks now prevent mutually exclusive tasks when in progress


  • Starting Tech levels now vary between countries, between 0 and 2 to better reflect differences in development already in place in 304 BCE. Countries that start above tech 0 still have to buy the inventions of the previous tech levels.
  • Heads of Family will now start with some Holdings in all countries big enough to support that.
  • Adjusted the starting border between the Seleucids and Phrygia.
  • Added country specific heritages for: Ionia, Aeolia, Delphi, Boeotia, Elea, Croton, Acragas, Aetolia, Megara, Elis, Miletos, Epidauros, Eretria, Byzantium, Bithynia, Bosporan Kingdom, Halicarnassus, Metapontum, Knidos, and Kios.
  • Added cultural heritages for the following cultures: Achean, Arcadian, Siceliote, Italiote, Cretan, Aegean, Graeco-Pontic, Bosporan, Euboean, and Bithynian.
  • Added Ptolemy Soter’s father and brother
  • Added more Greek heritages around the Mediterranean
  • Adjusted some province trade goods
  • Added a set starting pantheon for many historical countries.
  • Made Agathokles friends with his brother to help with disloyalty
  • Added a new Meroitic culture group.
  • Reorganized pops in Sparta
  • Added Blood of the Argeads to Neoptolemos II and Kadmeia Aiakidai (children of Alexander the Great’s sister, Kleopatra)
  • Added Chalkidian Fortifications modfiier to Chalkis (+15% fort defense) and a starting level 2 fort
  • Added Phila Antipatrid (prior wife of Demetrios I, mother of Antigonos Gonatos & Stratonike), Alkia (wife of Agathokles I, mother of Lanassa & Agathokles II), Phthia (mother of Pyrrhos, Deidamia & Troias), and Krateros (son of Krateros & Phila Antipatrid)
  • Added full historic regnal numbers for Epirus and Macedon
  • Added starting friendship between Pyrrhos of Epirus and Glaukias of Taulantia
  • Added starting rivalry between Glaukias of Taulantia and Kassandros of Macedon
  • Diversified starting population of Thebes based on their re-settlement
  • Fixed Hipparchia Maroneid being Krates Askonid’s daughter instead of wife
  • Fixed advanced age of Archagathos Agathokles (Agathokles I’s grandson)
  • Fixed heir to Paeonia being 10 years younger than their father
  • Made Beroaia Otid the starting spouse of Glaukias of Taulantia
  • Made Eurdyike Miltiatid the starting spouse of Demetrios Poliorketes
  • Moved Khotanese, Yuezhi and Tocharian cultures into the Bactrian group.
  • Removed Seleukos, child of Antiochos and Stratonike, as not born yet
  • Tweaked Boeotian trade goods: Anthedon now produces Wine, Tanagra now produces earthenware
  • Added a number of deceased historical characters to the game world.
  • Structure of the setup files for provinces and characters have been completely overhauled, allowing for much greater moddability of flexibility when working in setup.


  • Standardized and updated governor policy tooltips
  • Added character interaction to revoke a holding.
  • Added scheme for heads of family to expand a family estate in one of their holdings, this can be done multiple times to increase the value of that land.
  • Cleaned up tooltips, reduced chance, and increased cooldown for Discreditable Dalliance and Price of Wild Oats event chains
  • Fixed huge heir attraction modifier in The Brothers event chain
  • Hid Adopt character interaction on dead characters
  • Archimedes is now in Archimedes
  • Added more loading screen quotes
  • Made Isis a viable deity for nations who have the Isis cult
  • Stopped characters from seeking patrons among children
  • Overhauled renaming of Seleukids and Maurya to not rely on founding family existing in code
  • Simplified opinion modifiers in Raze and Pillage unit abilities and reordered effects
  • Purged all remaining uses of Omen Duration and Omen Cost.


  • Made map changes to Attica, Euboea, Argolis, and the Aegean Sea. Adding new tags and provinces in the process to create a more detailed view of the Greek World.
  • Introduced the new countries Opus, Amphissa, Delphi, Elateia, Dyme, Pellene, Tegea, and Hermione – in addition Euboea has now been divided between Oreos and Eretria.
  • Introduced a large number of new countries in India and reworked the starting event about the Seleucid-Mauryan war to account for this.
  • Added dynamic province names for new territories in Peloponnese
  • Added some Egyptian dynamic province names
  • Renamed Sale in Thrace to Maroneia
  • Swapped some cities in Upper Egypt to the famous cities from smaller places
  • Added further Egyptian names
  • Corrected location of Alexandreia Nikaia and Areia
  • Fixed Ake name for non-Seleukids and changed Etruscan Sena to Sena Rasna to avoid duplicate
  • Changed names in Persia based on beta feedback
  • Changed some of the start trade goods in Cyrenaica.
  • Improved accuracy of some province names
  • Made Heraia name consistent with country, added Nikomedia name if Bithynia owns Astakos.
  • Fixed an upside down port in Africa
  • Travelers from Keos will no longer go directly to Athens, but will now properly have to go through Thorikos first.


  • Readjusted the Tyrian Purple to need a surplus of 5 or higher, rather than than a surplus of more than 5.
  • Slave revolts that end in unowned territory will now still count as ended in the origin country.
  • Experience decay is now not a fraction of a percentage.
  • Fixed bad controller check when razing/pillaging fortified provinces.
  • Fixed pillaged opinion using max instead of min, now correctly gives -50 each time instead of -200 instantly
  • Added `has_siege = no` trigger to `city.20` which gives a free fort level.
  • Added bypass to Befriend Ibero and Gaul based on a variable set when the task is taken
  • Added bypass triggers to generic conquest mission
  • Added missing Tooltip for Capital Cities.
  • Added checks to prevent highlighting functions being called while parent window is animating, should help prevent a crash.
  • Added cooldown for overlords and tributary events.
  • Added fallback potential for Hispania and Africa missions in case Punic Rivals never appeared.
  • Added gender neutral description for Olympics.
  • Adriatic Adventures now allowed if a subject borders Ancona and bypassed if a subject owns Ancona territory
  • Annex Apulia now bypasses if Mesapia or Apulia is a subject rather than just both
  • Fixed multiple Archimedes’ appearing over and over until the world was full of mathematicians.
  • Fixed Neuter Carthage mission triggers when they have no subjects
  • Fixed a food calculation logic bug.
  • Fixed age order of Phila Antipatrid’s kids (Krateros > Gonatos > Stratonike)
  • Fixed babies making friends and rivals in Bond of Childhood event.
  • Fixed event being confused about who was who when marrying within family.
  • Fixed literally unplayable typos
  • Fixed treatment giving money to patient
  • Fixed typos in: Inspiring Hellene, Polemic Speech event, Fixed typo in Sounding Out the Opposition, The Administration of Asia, The Fate of Pergamon
  • Fixed crash caused by trying to check unit abilities on a unit without location
  • Fixed crash when trying to access alive data for dead character under modifier updates
  • The game now uses the governorships scriptlist for the “governorships” scriptlist. Previously it was using holdings.
  • Game will no longer create empty units for revolts without loyal veterans
  • Fixed issue where generic conquest missions would abort if you conquered the entire region they targeted.
  • Fixed the Captured Roman Eagle event showing the wrong description text.
  • Fixed the Germania Magna achievement, it no longer looks at the incorrect region.
  • Assaults no longer continue indefinitely if started with too few cohorts, although “Neverending Assault” would be a pretty great heavy metal album title.
  • A country should no longer be able to run out of females (or males). We offer no such guarantee for zebras, however.
  • Governor wages are now properly taken from the income of the provinces under the Governor, reducing what they send to the state treasury by the same amount that the governor is paid.
  • Fixed bug that made province capitals appear in random locations at start, instead of the largest city in the province.
  • Fixed bug which made script that affected province food always fail, except on developer builds.
  • Fixed bug that could make battles last forever if any unit had a maneuver of 0.
  • An annexed country that revolts or is released again will never appear unless it would own its former capital.


  • Fixed audio-related issue that caused slowdown and stuttering for some users.

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