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  • The EA SPORTS FIFA (EASF) Tracker is a new communication platform available now.
  • It will serve as a one stop information hub to get access to key FIFA Development Team updates.
  • We will be providing visibility into some of the community reported issues that the team is investigating.
  • We will be aiming to update it once a week, or when new information is available.
  • The issues currently in the ‘Investigating’ column were identified during internal pre-release testing.

What Is The EA SPORTS FIFA (EASF) Tracker?

The EASF Tracker is new player confronting stage that will permit us to pull data from the FIFA Development group into a solitary area.

At its most essential level, you can consider it a virtual notice board, where the FIFA Development Team can make a card at whatever point there is data we are hoping to impart to our locale.

It’s accessible for general visibility and oversaw by individuals from the FIFA Development and Community Teams.

Why Launch The EASF Tracker?

Proceeding to improve correspondence with our locale is a center objective of our own. We accept that we have been making numerous enhancements in the course of recent years, with things like the Pitch Notes, EA FIFA Direct social channels, and Developer Q&As.

Notwithstanding, we accept we have a few chances to improve further, and that the EASF Tracker will help make that conceivable.

Information Hub

While we do have various interchanges coming legitimately from the Development Team, they can regularly be dispersed in better places. Contribute Notes is one spot, Title Update notes are elsewhere, a significant Tweet from FIFA Direct in one more spot. While a few players can follow and devour this data in all these various areas, it tends to be trying for other people.

Our objective for the EASF Tracker is to unite this data into a solitary area. While the genuine post or data itself may at present live on its unique stage, a card would be made on the EASF Tracker that sums up the data while giving an immediate connect to it.

So on the off chance that you need to stay up with the latest on data from the Development Team, bookmark the EASF Tracker, check it routinely, and you ought to be set.

It will likewise make it a lot simpler to guide players to this single spot from inside the game, expanding our capacity to get this data to a more extensive crowd inside our locale to keep more individuals educated about how things work and what is happening in the game.

Just to note, the EASF Tracker won’t be covering things like content announcements or similar information. Following @EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter is still the best way to keep up to date on those announcements.

Issue Tracker

The EASF Tracker will empower us to begin featuring a portion of the territories of center for FIFA 21, explicitly around network announced issues. One part of the board will be devoted to issues that the group is right now researching. In the event that we can resolve an issue, we will move it over to the delivered segment of the board, showing when and how it was settled for players. There may likewise be circumstances where it’s feasible for players to abstain from being affected by an issue, frequently alluded to as a workaround, so in circumstances where something to that effect is accessible, we will hope to give that data inside that card too.

The point here is two-crease. To begin with, we need you to know, that we know, that you are revealing these issues to us. Second, we need to have the option to be as straightforward as conceivable about the endeavors that we are making towards them.

It’s critical to take note of two or three central issues about the issues part of the EASF Tracker.

To begin with, what is recorded on the board isn’t proposed to cover all that the group is chipping away at.

Second, the issues that we will include the load up right now are centered around obvious issues as opposed to things that might be very abstract. For instance, on the off chance that we have a solidness issue that occurs after you play out an activity, it will be entirely clear to everybody when that issue has been settled, leaving very little space for banter. Notwithstanding, when managing something that is more abstract, for example, the adequacy of an ability move, regardless of whether an adjustment here ‘fixed’ something is generally going to be founded on your assessment of that aptitude move before the change was made. While we will, on occasion, actually be making changes or fixes in those emotional territories, we won’t track them inside the issue tracker part of the board.

How Will The EASF Tracker Work?

The EASF Tracker will be overseen and kept up by individuals from the FIFA Development and Community groups.

At the point when a significant correspondence to the network has occurred, a card will be made on the site presently. This card will guide you to that correspondence piece.

The issue tracker segment of the board will be refreshed commonly once every week, however we may refresh pretty much habitually relying upon what new data is accessible to share.

We emphatically accept that the EASF Tracker will be an extraordinary ally to our @EAFIFADirect channel on Twitter. EAFIFADirect will keep on posting operational updates and the most recent news on occasion, however the EASF Tracker keeps significant data from getting covered in individuals’ timetables.


That about does it. We are truly glad to have the option to rejuvenate this new correspondence stage, and we trust that the additional straightforwardness and data that it brings will be of an incentive to our locale going ahead.

As usual, thank you for the energy all of you have for the game. We are anticipating an energizing FIFA 21 cycle and to seeing you play the game.

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