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Fifa Mobile 20 – Europe Event DETAILS

Event Type: Group Stage

Event Duration: October 1st to October 8th

Event Energy Type: UEL Energy (Refreshes 1 energy every 1 hour)

Event Ads:

Greetings Footballers Around The World!

Our next event we will be previewing is the Europa League Group Stage event.  In this event, you will play through Europa League Draws consisting of various matches and skill games as you chase players from each group.

There are 5 chapters:


  • Main Chapter (Europa League Draw)
  • Group Chapters (A, B, C and D)

The basic event flow is as follows:

  1. Enter the Main Chapter and get assigned to a group.
  2. Play your Group Stage matches in the corresponding chapter.
  3. Earn Boosts and Europa Points upon successfully completing the skill games and matches.
  4. Exchange Europa Points for the Europa Player Offer that contain player(s) or boosts.

Main Chapter (Europa League Draw):europadraw.jpg

In the Draw Chapter, you will get your Group assignments.  Whatever group you are assigned to, will have corresponding matches and skill games relative to that group.  If you wish to reroll which group you are placed into, you can do so for the cost of 10,000 coins.


Here’s a list of the clubs in each group:


You will also exchange your Europa Tokens (earned in the Group Chapters) for prizes.  For 10 Europa Tokens, you exchange them for the Europa Player Offer, and you will be awarded one of the prizes below:


BONUS: If you do 6x Europa Player Offers, you will get an 80 OVR Elite Europa Player as a bonus!

Group Chapters:


There are 4 different group chapters, and each chapter has a set of 4 progressive paths to complete. Upon completing all 4 paths in a chapter, you will be rewarded with a bonus 79+ Europa player!

Each path consists of various matches and skill games. You will be rewarded Europa Tokens and Skill Boosts upon successfully completing a given match.




Lastly, here are the players available in the event:



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