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Europa Universalis IV – German Mission Trees

Welcome to another EU4 Dev Diary. (Shared By Europa Universalis IV developers)

This week, I will be presenting a few of the German mission trees we have been working on that will come as paid content for those who buy the expansion that will accompany the large European update planned at the end of the year.

Our aim with the expansion is to provide the major powers of continental Europe (from Brest to Constantinople) with sizeable mission trees (15+ missions), adding to each country’s unique experience. These will be paid content. We also hope to (time permitting) add smaller, free mission trees of around 5-10 missions to various other interesting countries that, for one reason or another, we were unable to give full mission trees.

In the context of Germany (today, I speak of Germany in the modern sense of the word), Brandenburg-Prussia, Bavaria and Saxony have been given full mission trees, and we hope to add a few missions for the other regional formables (Franconia etc) and electors. I also hear @neondt has a soft spot for Dithmarschen, and certain other beloved minors may get some additions.

Now, onto those missions we’ve made.

NB: Most new missions presented have wip mission icons and will receive new ones before release.

Bavaria (available to Munich, Landshut, Ingolstadt and Bavaria)

Bavarian Missions.png

Bavaria already has a few free missions. These have been reworked a bit to reflect Bavaria’s new starting position and supplemented by a further 15 missions. In terms of conquests, the existing missions broadly focus on Bavaria’s historical gains over our time period, so the new missions go a bit further and represent the aims that a more successful Bavarian state may have had, giving you the chance to reclaim lands owned by the Bavarian stem duchy at its height (c. 975 AD) and various other territories the Wittelsbachs had once held (e.g. Brandenburg and the Netherlands). Furthermore, the new conquest mission tree includes the opportunity to request that the Emperor grant you the Palatinate’s elector status if you PU them (it also gives the appropriate CB to do so) and lets you set up your dynasty in Cologne.

Further branches of the new mission tree focus on developing your homelands and your nation’s capabilities, dealing with new ideas that might emerge among your subjects over the course of the game, and of course, assuming Bavaria’s rightful position among the states of Germany.

Saxony (available to Saxony and Thuringia)

Saxon Missions.png

Saxony had no country-unique missions. As one of the key powers of the HRE in the first half of our period, we decided to correct this and have added 16 new missions. The conquest missions focus, on the one hand, on avoiding the fragmentation with which they were beset in history and conquering lands that had once been part of the Saxon stem duchy (e.g. Brunswick, Westphalia), and on the other, on replicating the exploits of the likes of Frederick Augustus I, also known as Augustus II the Strong, who became the King of Poland-Lithuania as well as Prince-Elector of Saxony.

A further branch focuses on the prestige of the Prince-Elector and entails the foundation of Wittenberg University, winning the religious wars, spreading the dynasty far and wide (a branch of it still rules Britain under the name “Windsor”), and taking on the title of King.

Finally, the economic branch gives you the opportunity to change Dresden/Meissen’s trade good to porcelain, make Leipzig a centre of trade (it became an important commercial centre over this period) and industrialise Saxony.

Brandenburg-Prussia (available to Brandenburg and Prussia)

Brandenburg Missions.png

Like Bavaria, Brandenburg and Prussia already had a few missions. These have been incorporated into their new, larger mission tree, which focuses on the one hand on Prussia establishing itself as the preeminent German state, the unification Germany under them, and their conquests in the east; and on the other on replicating the feats of military organisation the Prussian state achieved in the 18th century, and generally on Prussia having the appearance as well as the military of a great power of Europe. Furthermore, in a tribute to alt-history, a couple of missions were dedicated to making a success of Brandenburg’s (historically abortive) colonial ambitions.

Note: The missions Army Reforms and An Army with a State only become available once Prussia is formed.

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