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MechWarrior Online – MWO COMP Championship Series 2020

MWO Comp revealed the details of the 2020 MWO Comp Championship Series (MWOCS), an overall rivalry that will figure out which group is the most grounded MWO group in 2020!

The MWO Comp Championship Series is an unofficial MWO Series designed to serve as the true end game for MWO. We invite aspiring teams to take part in the Series.

Important Information

Link to Rules –
Link to Discord –
Link to Twitches – , ,
Link to YouTube –

Important Dates

Stage 1: In-game Competitive Queue
The in-game competitive queue opens on the 29th of September and closes on the 10th of November. The queue is open for matches every Thursday and Saturday.

Stage 2: Finals
Starting on the 13th of November and finishing with the Grand Final Matches on the 12th of December.


There will be both in game and cash prizes, final cash prize is to be determined while the in-game prizes supplied by PGI are detailed below:

Would you like to support the MWO Comp Championship Series 2020? You can do so in the following ways:
– Sub or cheer to

If anyone in the community wishes to donate some of their time or creations to the prize pool please contact: Live1991#7633 on discord.

We would like to help support the whole MWO community.


Please join the discord and MWO Team will be happy to answer!


This is not a PGI official event; PGI is only giving in-game support. The players organising MWO Comp will be responsible for the tournament and the potential physical or cash prize distributions they may organise. Anything you choose to donate or personal information you choose to give to the event organisers is solely at your discretion.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming announcement on a Comp themed event & sale!

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