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Europa Universalis IV – 1.34.3 Patch Notes | Game Balance Overhaul!


Game balance


  • The Prussian Monarchy / Stratocratic Administration / Militaristic Divine State reforms are now available for Germany if it was formed by the Teutonic Order even if it never formed Prussia before.
  • The native reform “Land Tradition” now also grants +1 Monthly Administrative Power so players without Conquest of Paradise do not have a reform without modifiers.
  • Polish unique reforms “Legislative Sejm” and “Integrate the Sejmiks” are now available with the new Polish T1 Reforms.
  • Removed the reduced governing capacity from the Mandala System reform.


  • Carolean units now have 5% Morale Damage instead of 10%.


  • The Aristocratic idea “International Nobility” now gives -10% General Cost instead of -20%.
  • The Divine idea “Friends in High Places” now gives -33% Cost of Reducing War Exhaustion and -10% Leader cost instead of 20% Leader cost.
  • Dynastic Administration now grants +0.2 Yearly Corruption instead of +0.15.
  • Fixed that you could prolong battle excessively by only reinforcing to backrow. Now artillery is forced to reinforce front row cells opposite enemy regiments as a last resort.



  • Made AI understand new morale damage modifiers.



  • Guns Drums and Steel Vol. 3 now has a proper localized description on the lobby interface.
  • Fredman’s Epistles music pack does not reference Sweden when you play as Gotland in the Lobby.

User modding


  • Made the government traits and flags which enable and disable estates more uniform and consistent.



  • The decision “Adopt Hussitism” is no longer usable for junior partners.


  • The option “The infrastructure of the mine needs more attention.” of the Swedish event “Investment of Falun” is no longer disabled if it already has a manufactory and a counting house. Reason for this change is because it is possible to get locked out of getting a Counting House in the province under certain circumstances.
  • The Swedish event “Rise of the Swedish Kingdom” now gives permanent claims on the areas required for the Swedish mission “The German Coastline”.
  • The opinion bonus of the Swedish event “Sweden asks for Support for their Independence” is now applied on Denmark instead of vice versa if you refuse to help Sweden.
  • The event “The Pacta Conventa and the Henrykian Articles” can now only fire if the event “The Nieszawa Privileges” already occurred before.
  • The event “Sack of Capital” has its event option back.
  • Added a go to button for the Noble demands events for the Kalmar Union.
  • The event “Peasants’ War” has now a go to button and the effects are now in the event option itself.
  • Livonian event “The Role of the [Root.Monarch.GetTitle]” for the creation of your government reform no longer requires you to have a 3/3/3 ruler to fire.
  • The event “Nobles Demand Recompensation” can now only fire if you have the Nobles estate in your country.
  • The Papal event “Sublimis Deus” will not trigger twice for the same country in Iberia.
  • The Machu Picchu events can now all trigger properly for the owner of Machu Picchu.


  • The event ‘The Rule of God’ no longer grants 25% Morale of Armies and 5% Discipline, it now grants 5% Morale of Armies and 5% Discipline to better match its negative equivalent event.
  • Persian Traditions no longer grant +1 Cavalry Shock, they now grant +15% Cavalry Power instead as in previous version.


  • Getting Gold in your capital as Lubeck (instead of Fish) removes the “Lubeck Herring Market” modifier.
  • The event Pact of Cooperation that can happen between Poland/PLC and either Hungary or Bohemia no longer grants Poland the Union if Poland does not exist.
  • The Swedish mission “Integrate the Sami” no longer requires that the owner accepts the culture of the province if the owner is your subject.
  • The Swedish missions “The Crown of Norway” and “The German Coastline” now override claims with permanent claims in their rewards.
  • The Ethiopian mission “Surpass the Past” now requires you to be at peace to complete it.
  • Lithuania has its access to the default missions back if you do not own Lions of the North.
  • The Byzantine mission “The Eternal City” will no longer punish you with stability hits when you do not have the Purple Phoenix DLC. Instead, you will heal the schism and ask all Catholics to convert to Orthodoxy.
  • The reward of renaming your country to “Burma” has been moved from the mission “Chakravarti” to “First Burmese Empire.


  • The Noble privilege “Increased Levies” and the Maratha privilege “Increased Maratha Recruitment” are now mutually exclusive.
  • The Livonian Order is now called “Livländischer Orden” instead of “Livonischer Orden” in the German version of the game to keep it consistent with all the other references of the order.
  • The Black Army mercenary company no longer costs Army Professionalism when recruited.
  • The Angkor Wat monument is now available for Dharmic religions too.
  • Added a condition for government reforms which compete with an estates-enabling reforms. Through this condition, it is no longer possible to swap the estate reform with a non-estate one as long the unlocked estate has any privileges.
  • Removed the “take no Admin ideas” condition from Imperial Prussian Capital as it feels bad for being punished for taking an idea group.
  • The Estate Statutory Rights Privilege events will now fire even if you have more than four privileges active.


  • The Polish mission “Cultural Flowering” now correctly checks if your ruler has fourteen monarch stats in total.
  • Fixed Lübeck mission name in Spanish for “Double Entry Bookkeeping” being out of place.
  • The reward tooltip for the center of trade upgrade in the Swedish mission “Window to the East” is now always shown.
  • Poland / PLC Now properly gets permanent claims in the “Varna Aftermath” mission if Bohemia or Hungary are not eligible for a Union.
  • The Teutonic mission “Develop Prussia” gets its progress no longer reset if you form Prussia.
  • The Danish mission “Challenge the English Navy” will only request a flagship if you own Golden Century instead of Rule Britannia.
  • Shun will now always be at war with Ming with the “Claim the Mandate” CB if the player chooses to play as them.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos.
  • Forming another country while having the Norse ideas previously refused will no longer override your ideas with the already rejected Norse ideas.
  • Fixed a bug which made the conversion of Catholic provinces impossible for Riga through propagating religion.
  • The native government reforms “Trading with Foreigners” and “The Great Plains calls to us” are no longer blocked for no reason if you do not own Conquest of Paradise.
  • Fixed an issue which made the usage of the Karma decision from the government reform “Empower the Monasteries” impossible.
  • The Kalmar Union is no longer active when you do not own Lions of the North.
  • Fixed that new morale damage modifiers did not work when applied to a country.
  • Fixed issue that the winner of a battle could get stack wiped.
  • Fixed rare crash when country trade view was open.
  • Fixed mercenary-related crash when using incompatible version of Extended Timeline mod (and potentially others).
  • Fixed crash when using old mod in nation designer.
  • War taxes no longer increase monthly military power gain by 2 instead of decreasing it.
  • Trading Posts from Reform ‘Union of States’ no longer persist after Government Change.
  • Vassalization Acceptance is no longer called “Vassalizatation Acceptance”.

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