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Europa Universalis IV – 1.31.4 Patch Notes | Gamebalance Update: New Provinces Added!



  • Should a foreign country become the Emperor of the HRE then all of their European provinces, which have a connection to their capital, will be added to the Empire.



  • Add new line to “Proclaim Erbkaisertum” tooltip explaining that it removes vassal princes from the diplomatic relations of the emperor.
  • Fixed Piracy in Palembang tooltip containing wrong ruler name.
  • Fixed issue where tactics difference would be displayed incorrectly in siege phase tooltip.


  • Added new icon for “Missionary Strength against Heathen”.



  • Forming Malaya will now ask the player if they want to update their ideas.
  • The decision “Flee to Brazil” will now properly set your capital to Brazil – regardless if it was in Europe or elsewhere on the world before.


  • The event “The Completion of Borobudur” has now additional modifiers of its Mean-Time-To-Happen, which will drastically increase the chance for that event to happen for Sunda and Majapahit.
  • The event “The Completion of Borobudur” triggers for Sunda only when they have fulfilled the mission “Restore Borobudur”.


  • The Samoan Idea “Fa’s Samoa” now grants you +10% Governing Capacity instead of the +5% Administrative Efficiency.


  • Adjusted some mission icons for the Indonesian Mission Tree.
  • Fixed issue with Palembang having duplicated missions.
  • The Ayutthayan mission “Royal Absolutism” will now ask the player if they want to update their ideas while switching to Siam.
  • The Maori mission “Centralize the Realm” gives now monarch points if you are no longer tribal instead of trying to enact the Polynesian Kingdom.
  • The Maori mission “Loyal Subjects” will no longer require that all estates have less than 10 influence. Instead, it will now require that every estate has less 40 influence and a loyalty of 65 or higher.
  • The Maori mission “Own a Center of Trade” will now upgrade only ONE of your Centers of Trade instead of every single one.
  • The Maori mission “Riri Wars” will give you now +100 ADM power and 0.15 years of Manpower if there is no rival left for getting a CB against.
  • The Maori mission “Expand the Trade Routes”‘s requirement is now consistent with itself, meaning the amount of trade buildings you need to have is always 3 or 2 with 20 light ships.
  • The Maori mission “Gain Mana”‘s requirement has been nerfed to having 1 stability down from 3.


  • All province modifiers, which are granted by estate privileges, will now properly affect provinces, which weren’t owned by the country at the point when the privilege got enacted (for example: newly conquered Christian provinces will now be affected by the Dhimni privilege if active).
  • Fixed issue with custom nations overriding others in MP.
  • Declare War interface no longer falsely suggests that Emperor’s allies are called to war.
  • The define_heir effect can now allow random higher stats than given if fixed = yes isn’t specified.
  • Non-active countries now have their revolutions crushed just like everyone else so they don’t pop back up as revolutionary if released later on.
  • Majapahit and Khmer national disasters will now trigger as expected.
  • Fixed the monarch names of Fars.
  • Can now stop building spy network via diplo menu of a country whom you took the capital of.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to speed up progress on monuments construction after continuing save.
  • Changing displayed Unit Type or Technology Tier does not close Sprite Pack list in Nation Designer.
  • Conquering a province with a monument under construction now cancels construction.
  • Fixed a CTD related to AI disbanding mercenaries.
  • Fixed a CTD when tooltipping siege in outliner.
  • Fleet basing rights are now granted automatically by war allies.
  • Fixed issue where “Left the Empire” would not tick down over time.
  • Fixed issue for subjects not fabricate claims.
  • Last federation advancement now inherits properly without auto-settling, and gives all tribal land correctly.
  • Various issues with CBs and war goals fixed.
  • Fixed OOS related to leader initialization.
  • Fixed OOS related to naval modifiers.
  • Fixed issue where a hotjoin request would be duplicated if player cancels hotjoin and request it again.
  • Fixed some issues related to monument events.
  • Fixed a CTD in eventwindow related to selecting an event picture to display.
  • Fixed an issue for pending events not loading property if they do not have an end date set.
  • Fixed an issue for events not showing up when playing coop in MP.
  • Fixed a CTD related to building spy networks.

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