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20.01.2020 Patch Notes

Clock Tower and Hit The Top
● Activity duration: From 00:00 Jan-24, 2020 to 00:00 Jan-30, 2020 (GMT+8)
● Clock Tower: During the duration, refresh interval of candy shop -75% (every 6 hours) and all price -20%
● Hit The Top: During the duration, victory points +25% and daily max victory candy +50% (15 candies)
● Fix bug

16.01.2020 Patch Notes

-It’s Kael Time
● Alarcity’s attack bonus both increased from 40/60/100 to 50/80/120
● Deafening Blast’s max radius increased from 225 to 275
● EMP’s mana burn increased from 40/60/100 to 50/75/100, and deals 100%/200%/300% damage of burned mana to victims
● Sun Strike’s position are now randomly chosen, but most probably near the highest level enemy, damage increased from 800/1200/2000 to 1000/1400/2000
● Forged Spirits get 80% magical resistance and attack speed adjusted from 1.7/1.4/1.1 to 1.3/1.2/1.1
● Fix bug

15.01.2020 Patch Notes

Acolyte of the Lost Arts
● Aeons before he was recognized as the most dangerous magician aliv, in days even he no longer remembers, the Invoker was the adolescent star pupil at an ancient wizard’s academy. Now, harnessing dangerous magics purloined from his headmaster’s secret archives, young Carl has discovered the means to journey forward and join the battle of the Ancients well before his time.
● New Chess Piece added: Invoker ($5 Elf Mage)
● Added seasonal decorations to chessboards, and few items in Candy Store: Drake of the Lost Arts (Pet), Greevil Dancer (Pet), Firesnap Cookie (Projectile effect).
● Due to limitations of DOTA2 native chat interface, we have reworked a brand new chat interface and battle announcer UI.
● Optimized recuitment to minimize the situation that a particular piece never showed up in a game.
『Balancing Updates』
● Added Backstab Leap for Assassins: The first movement of Assassin pieces in each round causes Assassins to leap over to the back of enemy lineup. The first blow after the leap guarantees a critical strike which the damage is a random number from all possible strikes: 300% for (3) Assassins, 300%/500% for (6) Assassins and 300%/500%/700% for (9) Assassins.
● Increased (4) Orcs’ Battle Hardened ally bonus health from 200 to 250.
● Increased Abaddon’s base health from 800 to 850.
● Decreased Venomancer’s Plague Ward damage from 75/125/175 to 60/90/120.
● Decreased Sven’s maximum cleave range from 625 to 500. (now deals cleave damage to a sector area of 2 cells behind the target)
● Decreased Enigma’s Midnight Pulse duration from 8 to 7 sec.

[Bug Fix]
● Fixed a bug that some abilities such as Heat Seeking Missle and Sacred Arrow can deal damage to a magic immune chess piece.
● Fixed a bug which allows Lv.10 Courier to comtinue purchasing XP.
● Congratulations to Broodmother for winning this week’s least wins prize!
● Increased Broodmother’s base attack damage from 80 to 95.
● Fixed a bug which spiderlings attack slower than it shows on the stat panel. Spiderlings now have a common base attack cooldown of 1.2 for all ranks.

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