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Dota Auto Chess – June 2023 All Update & Patch Notes

Update: 30 Jun @ 6:53pm

● S26 has kicked off! Claim your rewards for S25 in Event Panel.
● You’ll need 5 ranked game to settle your ranking in S26 as usual.

Update: 29 Jun @ 7:01pm

Minor Balance Patch 3

● Black Market: The recruitment cost of units through the Dark Heart of Machine will no longer be fixed. Instead, it will be adjusted based on real-time market demand (based on server data statistics, not limited to the current match). Units with high demand will have increased prices, while units with low demand will have decreased prices (similar to family discount, the sale price of units will be the same as the recruitment costs).
● Rambling Fatebender: Units that have already gained a race/class cannot be designated again.
● Ogre Magi: now only grants 60% of units’ attack damage and maximum health (previously 80%). However, when Ogre Magi deals damage to couriers on the opponent’s side, all units devoured will also be taken into account.
● Winter Wyvern: Base health reduced from 600 to 550.
● Mirana – Moon Glaives: Cooldown increased from 10/8/6 seconds to 10/9/8 seconds.
● Vengeful Spirit – Nether Swap: Armor reduction on the target decreased from 4/6/8 to 2/3/4.
● Windranger – Shackleshot: Cooldown increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.
● Phantom Assassin: Base attack interval increased from 0.9 seconds to 1 second.
● Earth Spirit – Rolling Boulder: Cooldown reduced from 7/6/5 seconds to 6/5/4 seconds.
● Legion Commander: Lifesteal effect of Counterattack reduced from 50% to 30%.
● Terrorblade/Demonic Terrorblade: Base attack interval balanced from 1.1/0.9 seconds to 1.0/1.0 seconds.
● Marci – Unleash: Cooldown reduced from 20/16/12 seconds to 16/13/10 seconds.
● Drow Ranger – Gust: Cooldown reduced from 12/10/8 seconds to 10/8/6 seconds.
● Medusa – Split Shot: Additional arrows increased from 2/3/4 to 3/4/5.
● Fixed a bug where units had strange blue light appearing on them.

Update: 29 Jun @ 7:00pm

Season Settle Announcement

● Congratulations to Douyu.1874 for winning the S25 Championship!
● S25 Arcane Apprentice (May 1st to June 30th) Season Settle Reward Rules:
♕ Queen Top 20 (Ranked Players): Tome Apprentice Season Winner Badge
♕ Queen: 320 Candies + Crown (Valid until S26) + Tome Apprentice ♦ Croci Courier (Legendary)
♔ King: 320 Candies + Tome Apprentice ♦ Black Courier (Epic)
♖ Rook: 160 Candies + Tome Apprentice ♦ Cyan Courier (Rare)
♗ Bishop: 80 Candies + Tome Apprentice ♦ Brown Courier (Rare)
♘ Knight: 40 Candies ♙ Pawn: 20 Candies
● Except for the top 20 badges, which are based on the final ranking, season rewards will be based on the highest rank achieved during the season~
● On the last day of the season, the ranked chess room will be closed to award prizes to outstanding players. During the closure, casual gameplay is available, but ladder ranking points will not be counted. The new season (S26 Poker Dragon Season) will begin on July 1st!

Update: 19 Jun @ 10:45am

● Fix bug!

Update: 16 Jun @ 9:59am

● Fix bug!

Update: 15 Jun @ 11:23am

● Fix bug!

Update: 15 Jun @ 8:33am

● Fix Rambling Fatebender bugs!

Update: 8 Jun @ 11:01am

● Fix bug!

Update: 7 Jun @ 1:43pm

● Fix bug!

Update: 7 Jun @ 11:33am

Rebalance Patch

● Human – Spark of Mind, Mech – Heart of the Machine, Repair Tools: Items granted now appear in your slot at the next preparation phase.
● Rambling Fatebender: Magic cards not valid on preparation phase (including HUMAN, PANDAREN, DRUID, MECH)
● Fix Troll Bug
● Fix Monkey King bug
● Fix Manta Style Bug

Update: 6 Jun @ 6:18pm

● Fix bug!

● Remade Relic: Rambling Fatebender
● Modified Relic: March of the Beasts
● New crafted item: Aghanim’s Scepter (Tier 4, Soul Booster + Ogre Axe + Staff of Wizardry) (previously Aghanim’s Shard)
● New crafted item: Aghanim’s Shard (Tier 3, Energy Booster + Energy Booster + Energy Booster)
● New crafted item: Phase Boots (Tier 2, Boots + Chainmail)
● Fix Bug
● Chance for $5 Pieces increased from 5% to 6% at Level 10
● New Chessboard: New Frontier (in memorial of the New 7.33 Update and its cataclysm for Auto chess)

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