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Destiny 2 is NOW FREE for a Limited Time

Destiny 2 will be free from today until November 18 for individuals on PC to download through Blizzard’s customer, the organization reported today at BlizzCon 2018. The giveaway is to check the diversion’s one year commemoration of first coming to PC.

Clearly, this offer just applies to individuals who haven’t just acquired the diversion on PC. The individuals who willed get an interesting seal. In the mean time, players who download the game during this period will own it even after the November 18.

Destiny 2 already went “free” on PS4 as one of the downloadable games for September as a feature of the console’s paid online membership benefit, PlayStation Plus. A month ago, Bungie additionally reported that Destiny 2’s year one DLC, Curse of Osiris and Warmind, would now be included free with September’s paid Forsaken development (at present priced at $40).

After losing a few players in the months following the game’s release in September 2017, the studio gives off an impression of being attempting to acquire new ones by bringing down the obstruction to section. Also, as it generally is with Destiny, the diversion’s year two extension has helped settle a ton of the issues which pushed some away initially, making it as great a period as any to try it out.

Particularly if you are on PC, where the game’s is now free !

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