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Destiny 2 – A Comprehensive Guide to Xur’s Exotic Wares

Should you be an ardent enthusiast of Destiny 2, the enigmatic figure known as Xur is likely no stranger to you. This hard-to-find trader, commonly dubbed the “mysterious merchant,” graces the game every weekend, offering an array of unique goods. So, how does one track him down? What exceptional items does he harbor? Join us as we navigate the depths of Destiny 2 and reveal the marvels within Xur’s unparalleled wares.

Who is Xur? – The Mystery Surrounding Xur’s Presence

Xûr, an NPC in Destiny 2, is recognized for his irregular appearances and exclusive array of exceptional goods. He operates as a vendor, manifesting at varying locations every weekend and providing players with an eclectic mix of exotic armor, weapons, and engrams up for purchase.

Where Can You Find Xur? – Revealing Xur’s Whereabouts

One of the most fascinating aspects of Xur lies in his elusive demeanor. He emerges in the game every weekend, yet his location is in a constant state of flux. This lends a sense of unpredictability and anticipation to the game, as players embark on a quest to find him and gain access to his exceptional treasures.

For the weekend of June 23 – 27, Xur was found at the Winding Cove in the EDZ. To encounter him, players needed to travel to the Winding Cove landing point, then make their way towards the rock cliffs at the farthest end of the cove. A winding cave here leads up to a platform near some Fallen, where Xur is stationed with his exotic items.

What’s on Xur’s Offerings? – Exotic Armor

Xur’s inventory changes every week, presenting a fresh selection of exotic items for players to acquire. These items include exotic armor for each Guardian class, a random exotic weapon, and an exotic engram. Additionally, Xûr also offers a random assortment of legendary weapons and armor for players to equip their Guardians with.

Exotic Armor

During the weekend of June 23-27, Xur showcased a variety of exotic armor pieces, such as the Wormhusk Crown, the Heart of Inmost Light, and the Phoenix Protocol. Each of these items provided distinct stat enhancements, making them valuable additions to any Guardian’s arsenal.

Exotic Weapons

Xur’s exotic weapon offerings for the same weekend included the Jade Rabbit, an exotic scout rifle, and the Hawkmoon, an exotic hand cannon. However, the rolls on these weapons were not considered exceptional, suggesting that players might have been better off passing on them that week.

Legendary Weapons and Armor

In addition to his exotic items, Xur also presented a selection of legendary weapons and armor. This assortment included the Nature of the Beast hand cannon, the Bad Omens rocket launcher, and the Code Duello rocket launcher, among others. He also offered legendary armor sets for Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Xur in Destiny 2

1. How Often Does Xur Appear in Destiny 2?

Xur makes appearances in Destiny 2 every weekend, from Friday to Tuesday. His location and inventory change with each appearance, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the game.

2. Where Can I Find Xur in Destiny 2?

Xur’s location changes every weekend. During the weekend of June 23-27, he was situated at Winding Cove in the EDZ. To locate Xur, players must embark on a search within the game, adding an element of exploration and discovery to their gameplay experience.

3. What Types of Items Does Xur Sell?

Xur sells a variety of exotic and legendary items, including armor, weapons, and engrams. His inventory changes with each appearance, offering players a fresh selection of items to acquire and add to their arsenal.

4. Are Xur’s Items Worth Purchasing?

The value of Xur’s items depends on their stats and how they align with your gameplay strategy. Some items may offer significant stat enhancements or unique abilities that can enhance your performance in the game. However, not all items are worth purchasing, so it’s important to carefully evaluate each item before making a decision.

5. Can I Find Xur After He Disappears?

No, once Xur vanishes from the game, you cannot find him until his next appearance on the following weekend. His location and inventory will change with each reappearance, providing you with a fresh selection of items to choose from and a new location to uncover.

6. Can I Purchase Multiple Items from Xur?

Yes, you can purchase multiple items from Xur during his appearances. However, keep in mind that his inventory is limited, and some items may hold more value or utility than others.


Whether you’re a seasoned Guardian or a newcomer to the world of Destiny 2, Xur offers a unique and thrilling element to the game. His unpredictable appearances and ever-changing inventory keep players engaged and eager to discover what he has in store. So, the next time Xûr materializes in Destiny 2, seize the opportunity to uncover his exotic offerings and add some formidable new items to your arsenal.

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