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Black Desert Mobile – 22.01.2020 Patch Notes

[Estimated Maintenance Time]

1/22, 00:00 – 05:00 (PST, GMT+8)

1/22, 09:00 – 14:00 (GMT+1)

1/22, 16:00 – 21:00 (GMT+8)

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

Siege War

Guild level must be level 5 or higher, and Guilds must be in control of a Tier 2 Node or higher to bid.

Siege War will take place on Saturdays. All times are  in-line with Node Wars (Bidding, start/end time).

Having control of the castle gives the controlling Guilds access to the Hidden Banquet Hall.

Find out more in the [Siege War Guide].

Ancient Relics Altar

After defeating Hexe Marie, Adventurers can build an Ancient Relic Altar in their Camp. Families can offer Ancient Relics to the altar, and its Energy provides additional bonuses. The grade and number of Relics offered will determine how fast each energy type will level up.

Energy Effects
Ease of Burden Increase Inventory LT
Wisdom of Battle Increase Combat EXP
Goblin’s Blessing Increase Field Item Drop Rate


Please Note that;

– All Relics will be lost when offered to the Ancient Relic.

– Relic types and the amount offered will determine how fast you will be able to level up each type of Energy. Higher Energy levels will increase its effects.

Relics Update

■ Free Daily Relic DrawsAdventurers can now pull a free Relic every day from [Pearl Shop – Relics] after the Southwest Calphoen Territory Requests are completed.

Camp Update

■ Alchemy LabNow Adventurers can craft the ‘Regal Accessory’ series with Golden Fragments, which can be acquired from the Hidden Banquet Hall. The Hidden Banquet Hall can be accessed by occupying a castle from winning a Siege War.

Login Reward Update

Login Rewards for Black Spirit level 120 and level 140 have been added.


– Now Adventurers have 30 seconds to reconnect when they are disconnected from Ramoness.

[Guild Rush]
– Guild Rush can be entered again without leaving after the Guild Rush is over.

[Blood Kin]
– Some Blood Kin quest rewards have been improved. (The quest reward item is unchanged.)

– Improved the Guild UI so that Rookie Guild Members are easier to recognize by Guild Master and Guild Officers. We have also added an exclamation mark to better indicate the Rookie Guild members.
– Changed the marker for accessories already own in the accessory shop.
– Added an option to go to the Pearl Shop to buy buffs when the buff bar, located above the HP bar, is tapped.
– Made changes to visual effects that will change depending on the device.
※ Due to the change above, the graphics settings may been reset. In this case, set the graphics settings again.

– Time between pick-ups for Tier 3 and 4 pets has been reduced.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

– Fixed an issue where the yellow exclamation mark for new items would not show when the Arena Chest is opened.
– The chat window can now be scrolled using the tab currently opened.
– Fixed an issue where the skill UI would have unintended empty spaces on tablet devices when the UI is scaled.
– Fixed an issue where the daily acquired points in Ramoness would be inaccurate.
– Fixed an issue where show/hide weapon in Appearance – Outfit would not show up when players enter the shop with Giants.
– Fixed an issue where the E mark would not show up on the item information tab for equipped items.
– Fixed an issue where stamina potions would occasionally be visible when fusing Lightstones and Crystals.
– Fixed an issue where Adventurers could still travel on the Neftari even if they did not have the Pass for Southwest Calpheon.
※ Adventurers who were able to travel to Mediah without a pass have been relocated to Velia.

– Fixed an issue where monsters in Omar Lava Fields would have unintended spawn points.

– Fixed an issue where Relic Fragments would not drop in level 60 Spoils of Battle.


■ New Events
– Returning Adventurer’s Log-In Event
– Life Skills Daily Missions Event
– GM’s Camp Visit Event
– Asula Bandits Event

■ Events Ending
– 2020 Attendance Event

Pearl Shop

■ New Items
– New Year’s Plus Chest
– New Year’s Outfit Chest
– New Year’s 1+1 Pet Chest
– Lightstones of Fortune
– Relics of Fortune
– Growth Package I
– Growth Package II
– Karlstein Outfit
– Karlstein Barding

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