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Black Desert Mobile – 11.12.2019 Patch Notes | ITS OUT NOW !

Greetings Adventurers,

The grand launch is finally here! #GlobalNOW

To celebrate the arrival of new Adventurers, and the beginning of new journeys and friendships, this update will bring more ways to connect with those around you. With new features like Blood Kin and Adventurer’s Fame in addition to new events and tweaks to celebrate the grand launch are set. Read our Patch Notes below for more information regarding this update!

※ All screenshots were taken from a test environment and may differ from what appears on the live server. 

Blood Kin is a brand-new system that allows Adventurers to develop a deeper relationship with other Adventurers. By forming a Blood Bond, an Adventurer can instantly summon those that they have made a pact with, no matter where they are. In addition, messaging fellow Blood Kin is possible even if they are offline.

When together, Blood Kin are given an exclusive buff that can help them on their adventures. Last but not least, Blood Kin will be able to complete [Blood Kin Quests] together to obtain more rewards.

Learn more by reading our [Blood Kin Guide].

Adventurer’s Fame is a new system in which giving and receiving recommendation will reward Adventurers. Adventurers can give recommendations to others and receive helpful items for their journeys ahead. Those who receive recommendations will gain fame; the more fame an Adventurer gains, the better the rewards they will receive!

Learn more by reading our [Adventurer’s Fame Guide].

The 2nd Pre-season of Node War has ended.

– Funds spent on bidding have been refunded.

– Participation and victory rewards will be given out based on the requirements below.

■ Participation Rewards

Requirement Reward
Participated in Node War during 2nd Pre-season Good Black Stone Sack x1


■ Victory Rewards

Requirements Rewards
Acquired a Tier 1 Node Good Black Stone Sack x2
Acquired a Tier 2 Node Good Black Stone Sack x3
Acquired a Tier 3 Node Grand Black Stone x1


[Node Management]

– The chances of accidents occurring in [Node Manager] have been reduced, and the rewards have been increased.

– A mark has been added to improve the visibility of Node levels.

– The size of the NPCs in [Node Manager] has been adjusted.

[Guild Mileage]

– The total cost of quests purchasable with Guild Mileage has been lowered, and the rewards have been improved.

* All Guild Mileage Quests accepted before the patch has been refunded by mail.

[Ramoness Arena]

– The height of the destroyed walls in ‘The Temple of the Guardian’ has been decreased so that when Adventurers destroy them, they will be able to go over them.


– The accuracy of the distance indicator for Auto-pathing has been improved.

– The effects when opening multiple chests of Unique quality or above have been slightly reduced.


– Fixed an issue with [Black Spirit Mode: Auto Hunt] not functioning properly in certain zones.

– [Boss Rush: Red Nose]: Fixed an issue where players occasionally became stuck between objects.



– Fixed an issue where the effects of Fortune Scrolls,  Normal Combat Buff, and Advanced Combat Buffs were not being properly displayed on the Character Info screen.

– Fixed an issue where Velia Crabs would occasionally be floating in mid-air.

– Fixed an issue with some sub-categories not showing properly in the Pearl Shop.

– Descriptions of obtainable items in the Ramoness Daily Bonus Chest Reward list will now be displayed.

■ New Events

– Grand Launch Celebration Attendance Event

– Character Knowledge Event

– Grand Launch Fiesta

– New Adventurers, Level Up the Black Spirit Event

– Amazon Prime Event

– Double Rewards for Guild Quests Event

■ New Items

– Global Launch Package

– New Adventurer Package

■ Pearl Shop Event Ending

– The Talish’s Shop Event has ended. Items purchasable with Silver have been reverted back to their original state before the event. Items purchasable with Black Pearls will continue to be available.

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