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Battlerite Royale – 0.4 Patch Notes | First Emotes and 3 NEW CHAMPIONS

Battlerite Royale Patch 0.4 arrives on December 12th at 8:00 AM UTC. Downtime should be minimal to change Season and set up this winter’s Yuletide event. This Patch also contains the first Emotes, three new Champions (Shen Rao, Poloma, and Lucie), gameplay updates, and balance updates.


It’s that time of year to cozy up to the fire with a warm drink and spend time with beloved friends and family! It’s Yuletide in Battlerite Royale!

Winter cosmetics are once again displayed, and available for purchase directly through either Tokens or Diamonds. During the event Silver Chests can no longer be purchased for Battle Coins and have instead been replaced by Ice Chests. Likewise Account Levels now rewards Ice Chests. Arctic Chests are also available for purchase through Diamonds, which guarantees a non-duplicate Epic or Legendary Winter cosmetic.

Winter Goblins and Consumables

Frosty fiends have come with Yuletide! Find Winter Goblins creeping about Talon Island with sacks full of frozen fun! Defeat these goblins and they’ll drop two of the event-exclusive Consumables, including:

  • Snowball (Common)
    • Throw at an enemy to inflict a slowing Chill. Hitting an enemy already Chilled will instead Freeze them in place.
  • Frost Flake (Rare)
    • Covers the area with a slippery ice surface!
  • Winter Feast (Epic)
    • Prepare a winter feast for everyone to enjoy! Just don’t let gluttony get the best of you!
  • Hungry Snowman (Legendary)
    • Transform into a hungry snowman’s head with a will of it’s own, devouring everything in your path!
  • Raging Moose Mask (Legendary)
    • Put on the mask and turn into a Raging Moose with a charge attack!
Winter Cosmetics

Three new Legendary outfits have been added along with one new Epic mount. These are obtainable either through purchase directly or through the event chests. Champions that previously did not have a Winter weapon or pose have now received one.

Yuletide Quests

During Yuletide there will be three weekly Event Quests available:

  • Kill 10 Winter Goblins
    • Rewards 3 Ice Chests
    • Available from December 12th at 8:00 AM UTC to December 19th to 8:00 AM UTC
  • Hit 3 enemies with a Snowball in one match
    • Rewards 3 Ice Chests
    • Available from December 19th at 8:00 AM UTC to December 26th to 8:00 AM UTC
  • Make 10 enemies glide with Frost Flake
    • Rewards 1 Arctic Chest
    • Available from December 26th at 8:00 AM UTC to January 2nd to 8:00 AM UTC

General Updates

Leaderboard Resets

The Leaderboards will be reset on December 12th.


The first initial emotes are in the game, available for all Champions. This feature will be expanded in the near future with more emotes and more ways to express yourself. Emotes can be accessed through the Emote Wheel (default key V). The first emotes are as follows:

  • Wave (Default)
    • Free
    • Unlocked on all Champions
  • Bow, Salute, and Clap (Rare)
    • Costs 150 Diamonds or 4,000 Tokens
    • Can drop in normal Chests and Champion-specific Chests
    • Unlocked per Champion

And there was much rejoicing!

Public Test Realm

The new Public Test Realm is now available through a separate app in your Steam client named Battlerite Royale Public Test. If you’re looking for a way to get involved and help us out in testing upcoming patches, this is how you can! Make sure you read our Dev Update for everything you need to know about how to take part.

  • You can now access the scoreboard at any time as an observer, not just at the end of the match
  • New option to change the toggle/hold behavior of the map in the Options under the General tab
  • Fixed a visual bug where boosts was not displayed correctly after a match
  • Now shows Twitch links for people that streams Arena or Royale
  • Map terrain textures have received an update.
  • Voice-over balance has been adjusted for Ashka, Varesh, Destiny, Zander, Taya, Ulric, and goblins.

Gameplay Updates

  • Interaction with Chests & placeable items have been reworked. The “Drop Item” hotkey has been combined into a interact/drop key. To unlock a Chest, push an Explosive Barrel or retrieve a Sentry Gun you now need to press the interact key.
  • Interact/Drop default binding changed to Left Shift as the primary keybind and X as the secondary keybind.
  • Gold from Common and Rare piles reduced from an average of 10/20 to 8/16 respectively
  • Reduced drop-rate of Epic and Legendary gold piles from Common Chests
Player Kills
  • Players now always drop 1 Legendary pile of gold when killed, regardless of gold carried
  • Healing-over-Time from player kills removed (used to heal 30 health over 3 seconds)
  • Killing a player now spawns a healing-over-time zone where the player died that lasts for 15 seconds. It heals nearby players for 60 health over 6 seconds and only uses up healing charges when players are close by.
Royale Score

We’ve added greater granularity when it comes to scoring from Kills to reward brawling and increase fairness. When a player dies, players will gain an Elimination worth +5 score if you damaged the slain player with direct damage within the last 10 seconds. Additionally you gain a Kill, worth a bonus +5 score for a total of +10 score, if you delivered the killing blow. Your overall score factors into your match rating. This change is now reflected on the Scoreboard.

  • You can now use the interaction key to disenchant nearby abilities and equipment. Disenchanting an item gives you 20% of the item value in gold.
    • Disenchant timers for different rarities 0.35/0.35/3/5s (Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary)
    • Consumables cannot be disenchanted
  • Three new types of Vendor can now appear on the map, in addition to the original one. These include:
    • Legendary Ability Vendor
    • Legendary Equipment Vendor
    • Consumables Vendor
  • General vendors now always sell Healing Potions (9x) in addition to up to 3 other Consumables
  • New icons for general and specialized vendors
  • Discount price based on item-value when upgrading from a lower rarity to a higher has been reduced to 50% from 75%
  • Inventory Slots increased from 3 to 4
  • Inventory Stacking for Common Consumables increased from 3 to 4
  • Whenever a Consumable drops from a chest, it drops two if it’s a Common or a Rare Consumable
  • Consumable drop rate from chests increased
  • Can now pickup items/consumables while in Rabbit Form
  • Healing Potion
    • Healing changed from flat 60 Health to a scaling 50% of your Max Health.
  • Explosive Barrel
    • Rarity changed from Rare to Common
    • Initial explosion damage increased from 30 to 40
    • Burning area damage per second increased from 8 to 10
    • Now has aim direction indicator and is now influenced by player aim direction
  • Trap Kit
    • Incapacitate radius increased from 1.2 to 1.4
  • Spring Trap
    • Rarity changed from Epic to Rare
    • Stun duration increased from 0.5s to 1.2s
  • Hunter’s Quickblade
    • Now works with all M1 abilities, including Blossom’s Charged Thwack!
    • Damage changed from 8 to 3/5/7/9
    • Fading Snare changed from 0.5s/1s/1.5s/2s to 1s

New Champion – Shen Rao, Tempest of the East

Shen Rao was once The Dragon of Storms, revered as a deity for his majesty and power. In his arrogance, he defied the dark powers of the Void but he was defeated and sealed within a human body, reduced to a fraction of his former strength. In battle he utilizes remnants of his dormant powers, raining down lightning and engulfing his enemies in violent thunderstorms.

  • Shock Blast (M1)
    • Shoot an accelerating projectile that explodes dealing 16 damage.
    • Legendary Bonus: Dealing damage with another ability empowers your next Shock Blast. Empowered blasts deal 3 bonus damage and explode, hitting all nearby enemies.
  • Storm Bolt (M2)
    • Launch a storm bolt that deals 10 damage and inflicts Storm Struck. Speed during Storm Struck decreases with projectile travel distance.
    • Legendary Bonus: Increases Storm Bolt range by 10%. Storm Struck targets can be redirected by recasting Storm Bolt.
  • Ascension (Space)
    • Travel to target location, become unhittable and increase your movement speed by 30% for 2.5s. During this time, you can cast up to two Lightning Bolts, dealing 16 damage each.
    • Legendary Bonus: Recast Ascension to land at target position and deal 24 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Jet Stream (Q)
    • Send forth a strong gust of wind that knocks enemies back and creates a wind trail that redirects projectiles.
    • Legendary Bonus: After you leave the Jet Stream trail, it grants you 45% Haste for 2s.
  • Dragon Roar (E)
    • Cause lightning to strike down at target location twice. The first blast deals 12 damage and inflicts Root. The second blast deals 12 damage in a larger area and inflicts Silence.
    • Legendary Bonus: Increases the second blast radius of Dragon Roar by 10% and enemies hit are pulled towards the center.
  • Dominion (R)
    • Create a field of empowering magic that heals allies for 20 health over 3s. While inside the field, it increases your movement speed by 40% and you can move while casting Shock Blast.
    • Legendary Bonus: The radius of Dominion is increased by 35% and casting it empowers your next 3 Shock Blasts. Empowered blasts deal 3 bonus damage and explode, hitting all nearby enemies.
  • Dragon Storm (F)
    • Summon 4 storm dragons to orbit you. While in orbit, storm dragons can hit enemies to deal 20 damage and inflict Snare. Recast to fire all dragons remaining in the same direction, dealing 14 damage each.
  • Storm Struck (Debuff)
    • Target is swept away by strong winds for 1.4s with a 45% to -45% speed change based on distance to the target. If the target takes at least 20 damage, the effect breaks.
Shen Rao Chest
  • Contains 3 drops. Guarantees at least one non-duplicate Rare, Epic, or Legendary Shen Rao item and one Rare normal item
  • Available in two bundles:
    • 1 Shen Rao Chest for 150 Diamonds
    • 5 Shen Rao Chests + 1 Free Bonus Shen Rao Chest for 750 Diamonds
Legendary Outfit Bundle
  • Can only be purchased once for 950 Gems
  • Contains:
    • Shen Rao Legendary Outfit “Lord of the Cosmos”
    • 3 Shen Rao Chests
    • 7-Day Booster

New Champion – Poloma, the Psychopomp

The most significant changes to Poloma for Royale are the introduction of Soul Transfer in her base kit replacing Pixie and a rework both mechanically and visually to Ancestral Spirit. Ancestral Spirit summons Ghost Wolfs that attacks nearby enemies at the end of the duration allowing it to cover a lot more ground. Healing has been tuned down and firepower increased. Soul Bolt has a longer cast but deals more damage, Ghost Wolf can be cast while moving and Spirit Guide travels through walls. Poloma keeps a lot of tools for Duo as well, as Soul Bolt, Spirit Guide and Soul Transfer can be used for healing. Having Spirit Guide and Soul Transfer on separate cooldowns allows for some exciting new combos. She also receives new cast animations for Soul Bolt and Soul Transfer,and new visual effects for Soul Bolt, Soul Transfer, and Ancestral Spirit.

  • Soul Bolt (M1)
    • Fire a soul bolt that deals 14 damage and inflicts Soul Bind on enemies hit and heals 8 health on allies hit.
    • Legendary Bonus: Soul Bolt hits have a 20% chance to summon a pixie that mimics your Soul Bolt with reduced damage and healing. Effect can only trigger once every 8s.
  • Ghost Wolf (M2)
    • Send out a ghost wolf that deals 26/20/14 damage and inflicts Soul Bind and Fading Snare. It bounces to a nearby enemy after each hit, up to 3 total hits
    • Note – Poloma can move slowly during Ghost Wolf cast time. Ghost Wolf has a longer range and inflicts Fading Snare only on the first hit.
    • Legendary Bonus: Ghost Wolf returns to you afterward, healing you for 12 health.
  • Spirit Guide (Space)
    • Project a spirit guide that heals an ally for 12 health or deals 12 damage and knocks an enemy back. Travels through walls and can be recast to teleport to the spirit
    • Legendary Bonus: Ally affected by Spirit Guide takes 30% less damage and enemy affected by Spirit Guide takes 30% more damage.
  • Spirit Rift (Q)
    • Open a rift, inflicting Spell Block to nearby enemies. When Spell Block interrupts an ability, it inflicts Panic.
    • Legendary Bonus: Spirit Rift increases your movement speed by 40% for 2s.
  • Soul Transfer (E)
    • Send out a spirit that drains 14 health from enemies or heals 14 health to allies and yourself. You and the other player swap location on impact.
    • Legendary Bonus: Soul Transfer inflicts Root for 1.2s on enemies hit.
  • Other Side (R)
    • Go into the spirit realm, increasing movement speed by 40% and making you immaterial but unable to use abilities.
    • Note – Can only cast on self.
    • Legendary Bonus: Become invisible during Other Side
  • Ancestral Spirit (F)
    • Summon an ancestral spirit at target location and become immaterial for 0.7s. Deals 18 damage and inflicts Fading Snare to enemies and heals allies for 18 health. After 2s, the spirit departs and summons a Ghost Wolf to rush each nearby enemy.
  • Soul Bind (Debuff)
    • Soul Bind – Deals 30% of damage taken to other nearby enemies affected by Soul Bind. Lasts for 6s.
    • Note – Soul Bind only spreads damage that Poloma and her allies deal.

New Champion – Lucie, the Expelled Alchemist

Barrier is replaced with Roll and it now has 2 charges, making her a lot more mobile. More emphasis have been put on Lucie’s poisons which can now be stacked up multiple times. Poisons can be consumed dealing extra damage and healing using a reworked version of Clarity Potion. To further enable this playstyle, Lucie has received a new M2 ability that allows her to rapidly fire 3 Poison Bolts in succession. Healing Potion has been replaced by a new healing ability called Alchemist’s Brew, this ability can be upgraded by mixing the brew with other types of consumable potions allowing Lucie to showcase her true alchemy skills.

  • Poison Bolt (M1)
    • Projectile attack that deals 14 damage and inflicts Poison
    • Legendary Bonus: Poison stacks up to 4 times instead.
  • Rapid Fire (M2)
    • Fire a series of 3 toxic bolts. Each bolt deals 11 damage and inflicts Poison.
    • Legendary Bonus: Using Roll reduces the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 4s.
  • Roll (Space)
    • Roll forward and avoid attacks.
    • Has 2 charges.
    • Legendary Bonus: Roll increases movement speed by 30% for 2.5s.
  • Catalyst (Q)
    • Throw a reagent to target location, knocking nearby enemies back and inflicting Snare. Consumes Poison from enemies to deal 8 damage and heal yourself for 4 health per stack.
    • Legendary Bonus: Catalyst removes positive effects from enemies and negative effects from allies.
  • Panic Flask (E)
    • Throw a chemical flask that deals 12 damage and inflicts Panic.
    • Legendary Bonus: Panic Flask explodes, dealing 8 damage and inflicting Lesser Panic to other nearby enemies.
  • Alchemist’s Brew (R)
    • Throw a brew to target location that heals self or ally for 12 health and an additional 12 health over 3s. The brew can be enhanced by Drag and Dropping a potion onto this ability slot, consuming the potion to grant Alchemist’s Brew an additional effect.
      • Healing Potion – Applies a shield absorbing up to 12 damage for 3s.
      • Stealth Potion – Turn ally invisible for 1.5s.
      • Rabbit Potion – Turn ally into a rabbit with 50% increased movement speed by 2s.
      • Ultimate Potion – Gain 75% increased energy from abilities for 3s.
    • Legendary Bonus: Legendary Bonus: Increases the effect of Alchemist’s Brew enhancements by approximately 25%.
  • Crippling Goo (F)
    • Throw a vial of mixed chemicals to target location that deals 15 damage and inflicts Snare on impact. It covers the ground in a crippling goo that deals 55 damage, slows enemies, and inflicts Poison over 6s.
  • Poison (Debuff)
    • Deals 3 damage over 6s. Can be applied up to 3 times on the same target.

Champion Updates


  • Transform Weapon (R)
    • Duration reduced from 4s to 3.5s
    • Shield duration reduced from 4s to 3.5s
  • Pinball (F)
    • After finishing Pinball and transforming into Magnetic Orb, the Magnetic Orb no longer knocks back enemy

  • Arcane Barrier (Q)
    • Legendary Bonus no longer grants twice as many weapon charges when negating attacks and heals for 5 health per charge
    • Legendary Bonus now fires a bolt of Arcane Fire for each charge gained and heals you for 4 health
  • Siphon Life (R)
    • No longer scales with amount of Arcane Fire charges
    • Drain amount changed from 15-30 over duration (depending on charge), to 20 over duration

  • Rocket X-67 (M2)
    • Cast time decreased from 0.7s to 0.5s
    • Range increased from 9 to 10
    • Rocket will detonate at aim position, at a minimum range of 50%
  • Flamethrower (Q)
    • Range increased from 5 to 6.5

  • Stalking Phantom (F)
    • Damage during the Phantom’s dash can be negated with directional shields and counters
    • Movement speed of the Phantom rebalanced so it moves faster when chasing and slower when attacking

  • Impale
    • Lunge Range increased from 1.5 to 2.5
    • Duration increased from 0.1 to 0.175
    • Legendary Bonus no longer increases lunge distance of Impale by 100%
    • New Legendary Bonus: Impale inflicts 0.5s Fading Snare with 0.2s bonus duration for each weapon charge.
  • Javelin (E)
    • Damage increased from 16 to 18

  • Burrow (Space)
    • Stun duration increased from 0.25s to 0.5s
    • Now slightly knockbacks enemies hit

  • Card Trick (M1)
    • Legendary Bonus no longer grants the first Trick Shot after using Mirror Image an additional card
    • New Legendary Bonus: With the help from your Illusions, hitting with at least three cards inflicts a Fading Snare for 0.4s
  • Mirror Image (Space)
    • Legendary Bonus no longer increases the health of Mirror Image Illusions by 12 or the duration by 2s
    • New Legendary Bonus: Your first Trick Shot after using Mirror Image includes an additional card for you
  • Spotlight (R)
    • Legendary Bonus no longer dispels all negative effects
    • New Legendary Bonus: While you stand in the spotlight, your Trick Shot inflicts Blind. The blind gets stronger with each hit

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