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Battlerite Arena – 1.10 Patch Notes | YULETIDE

Battlerite Arena Patch 1.10 arrives on December 12th at 8:00 AM UTC. Downtime is scheduled to last one hour to change Season and set up this winter’s Yuletide event. This Patch also contains the first Emotes, new Champion Shen Rao, and balance updates.


It’s that time of year to cozy up to the fire with a warm drink and spend time with beloved friends and family! It’s Yuletide in Battlerite!

Winter cosmetics are once again displayed, and available for purchase directly through either Tokens or Gems. During the event Silver Chests can no longer be purchased for Battle Coins and have instead been replaced by Ice Chests. Likewise Account Levels now rewards Ice Chests. Arctic Chests are also available for purchase through Gems, which guarantees a non-duplicate Epic or Legendary Winter cosmetic.

Winter Cosmetics

Three new Legendary outfits have been added along with one new Epic mount. These are obtainable either through purchase directly or through the event chests. Champions that previously did not have a Winter weapon or pose have now received one.

Winter Quests

During Yuletide there will be three weekly event quests available for a limited time:

  • Win 15 League Rounds
    • Rewards 3 Ice Chests
    • Available between December 12th 8:00 AM UTC until December 19th 8:00 AM UTC
  • Win 30 Casual, League, or Duel Rounds
    • Rewards 3 Ice Chests
    • Available between December 19th 8:00 AM UTC until December 26th 8:00 AM UTC
  • Win 20 Casual or League Rounds as a Ranged Champion
    • Rewards 1 Arctic Chest
    • Available between December 26th 8:00 AM UTC until January 2nd 8:00 AM UTC

General Updates

End of Season 4

Season 4 Avatars will be rewarded depending on your placement for Season 4. The Top 5 in each region on the Leaderboards will receive a title for their placement.

Season 5

Season 5 starts on December 12th and includes two new sponsors: Singular Steeds & Exotic Equines and Isle of Stars. Four of the previous sponsors return, most of them brandishing new rewards. If you are still signed with a sponsor from Season 4 you will still be able to complete them. All sponsors from previous seasons will be marked with a star.

Season 5 has a preliminary end date of February 20th.


The first initial emotes are in the game, available for all Champions. This feature will be expanded in the near future with more emotes and more ways to express yourself. Emotes can be access through the Emote Wheel (default key V). The first emotes are as follows:

  • Wave (Default)
    • Free
    • Unlocked on all Champions
  • Bow, Salute, and Clap (Rare)
    • Cost 4,000 Tokens
    • Can drop in normal Chests and Champion-specific Chests
    • Unlocked per Champion

And there was much rejoicing!

Public Test Realm

The new Public Test Realm is now available through a separate app in your Steam client named Battlerite Public Test. If you’re looking for a way to get involved and help us out in testing upcoming patches, this is how you can! 

  • Fixed a visual bug where boosts were not displayed correctly after a match
  • Fixed a bug where some users were unable to ready up in a Private match
  • Leaderboards now show Twitch links for people that stream Arena or Royale
  • Voice over balance has been adjusted for Oldur, Ashka, Varesh, Pearl, Destiny, Zander, Taya, and Ulric.

New Champion – Shen Rao, Tempest of the East

Shen Rao was once The Dragon of Storms, revered as a deity for his majesty and power. In his arrogance, he defied the dark powers of the Void but he was defeated and sealed within a human body, reduced to a fraction of his former strength. In battle he utilizes remnants of his dormant powers, raining down lightning and engulfing his enemies in violent thunderstorms.

  • Shock Blast (M1)
    • Shoot an accelerating projectile that explodes dealing 16 damage
  • Storm Bolt (M2)
    • Launch a storm bolt that deals 10 damage and inflicts Storm Struck. Speed during Storm Struck decreases with projectile travel distance.
  • Ascension (Space)
    • Travel to target location, become unhittable, and increase your movement speed by 30% for 2.5s. During this time you can cast up to two Lightning Bolts, dealing 16 damage each.
  • Dismissal (Q)
    • Block projectiles and melee attacks in front of you by creating a whirling wind that knocks away enemies. Any projectile that is blocked extends the duration of the whirl.
  • Dragon Roar (E)
    • Cause lightning to strike down at target location twice. The first blast deals 12 damage and inflicts Root. The second blast deals 12 damage in a larger area and inflicts Silence.
  • Dominion (R)
    • Create a field of empowering magic that heals allies for 20 health over 3s. While inside the field, it increases your movement speed by 40% and you can move while casting Shock Blast.
  • Dragon Storm (F)
    • Summon 4 storm dragons to orbit you. While in orbit, storm dragons can hit enemies to deal 20 damage and inflict Snare. Recast to fire all dragons remaining in the same direction, dealing 14 damage each.
  • Jet Stream (EX Q)
    • Send forth a strong gust of wind that knocks enemies back and creates a wind trail the redirects projectiles.
  • Soaring Thunder (EX E)
    • Summon a thunder cloud that strikes twice dealing 15 and 20 damage. The second hit inflicts Stun.
  • Storm Struck (Debuff)
    • Target is swept away by strong winds for 1.4s with a 45% to -45% speed change based on distance to the target. If the target takes at least 20 damage, the effect breaks.
Battlerite Type Description Keybind Ability
Dragon Force Offense Dealing damage with another ability empowers your next Shock Blast. Empowered blasts deal 3 bonus damage and explodes, hitting all nearby enemies. M1 Shock Blast
Eyewall Control Storm Struck spreads from affected enemies to other nearby enemies. M2 Storm Bolt
Puppeteer Utility Increases Storm Bolt range by 10%. Storm Struck targets can be redirected by recasting Storm Bolt. M2 Storm Bolt
Entertainment Defense Storm Bolt hits heal you for 12 health. M2 Storm Bolt
Subdue Control Lightning Bolt inflicts 25% snare for 2.5s. Space Ascension
Dragon’s Descent Mobility Recast Ascension to land at target position and deal 10 damage to nearby enemies. Space Ascension
Heavenly Grace Support Landing after Ascension heals you and nearby allies for 8 health each. Space Ascension
Storm Drain Offense Negating an attack with Dismissal empowers your next 3 Shock Blasts. Empowered blasts deal 3 bonus damage and explode, hitting all nearby enemies. Q Dismissal
Overrule Utility Dismissal removes positive effects from enemies hit and negative effects form you. Q Dismissal
Effortless Defense Defense Negating an attack with Dismissal reduces its cooldown by 1.5s. Q Dismissal
Shock and Awe Control Increases the second blast radius of Dragon Roar by 10% and enemies hit are pulled towards the center. E Dragon Roar
Roar of the Heavens Mobility During Ascension, Dragon Roar can be cast while moving at 60% speed. E Dragon Roar
Regal Aura Defense Dragon Roar leaves an aura of intense pressure that slows enemy projectiles. E Dragon Roar
Sphere of Influence Mobility The radius of Dominion is increased by 30% and casting it empowers your next 3 Shock Blasts. Empowered blasts deal 3 bonus damage and explode, hitting all nearby enemies. R Dominion
Mandate of Heaven Offense Dragon Storm summons 2 additional dragons. F Dragon Storm
Shen Rao
  • Shen Rao can be purchased in game for 900 Gems or 5800 Battle Coins
  • For a limited time, using Gems to unlock Shen Rao will also grant 3x Shen Rao Chests
Shen Rao Chest
  • Ownership of Shen Rao is required to purchase this chest
  • Contains 3 drops. Guarantees at least one non-duplicate Rare, Epic, or Legendary Shen Rao item and one Rare normal item
  • Available in two bundles:
    • 1 Shen Rao Chest for 150 Gems
    • 5 Shen Rao Chests + 1 Free Bonus Shen Rao Chest for 750 Gems
Legendary Outfit Bundle
  • Ownership of Shen Rao is required to purchase this bundle
  • Can only be purchased once for 950 Gems
  • Contains:
    • Shen Rao Legendary Outfit “Lord of the Cosmos”
    • 3 Shen Rao Chests
    • 7-Day Booster

Champion Updates

In this patch, some champions with fewer than average Battlerite options receive new ones. Beyond that, we revisit some champions that have not seen any changes for a while and are currently struggling a bit in ranked play. We’ve chosen to strengthen a few of their rites with middling pick rates.


Croak gets a new rite to help him put on more pressure through Frog Leap as a way to initiate for his team. Additionally, it offers another way for Croak to increase the consistency of damage after leaping onto an enemy, especially when combined with Triple Strike.

  • Maiming Cut (New Space Control Rite)
    • Frog Leap inflicts a 1.2s Fading Snare

Destiny gains a rite for her counter to help her team stay safe and mark a target to focus after she successfully counters an attack. Energy Conversion, another counter rite, has been readjusted to grant less guaranteed value but instead offers greater potential shield value through hitting the attack.

  • Energy Conversion (Q)
    • Initial Shield value reduced from 14 to 12, additional shield value increased from 8 to 10
  • I/O Throttling (New Mixed Q Rite)
    • Enemies hit deal 40% reduced damage and receive 40% less healing for 2.5s

Freya’s Tempest has been changed to be at a step in-between how it was before it was last adjusted and now. The Surge change makes Charged Strike more focused around being a tool that grants a big shield than before, while losing the cooldown reduction property to give clarity of purpose for this rite.

  • Tempest (M2)
    • Haste factor increased from 30% to 35%
  • Overcharge (Q)
    • Radius where Static and Electric Shield is applied increased from 7 to 8
  • Surge (R)
    • Now increases Shield values gained by 4 (18 on both base and on Static consumption), but no longer reduces cooldown. Still grants 25% energy on hit.
  • Explosive Jump (Space)
    • Cooldown reduction increased from 1s to 1.5s
  • Through the Shadows (Q)
    • Now also increases duration of Fading Haste by 0.5s (total duration goes from 1.5s to 2s)

Rook gets a rite that draws inspiration from his Royale counterpart, although the mobility granted is not as significant. In contrast to how Crushing Blow works in Royale, Crushing Leap still allows Rook to rotate and change his aim during the jump.

  • Crushing Leap (New Mobility M2 Rite)
    • Move forward during Crushing Blow. Distance traveled is one third of how far Rook travels with Crushing Blow in Battlerite Royale.
  • Parasitic Stems (M2)
    • Bonus healing increased from 2 to 3
  • Deep Burrow (Space)
    • Now also causes Burrow to grant 3% bonus energy.
  • Whiplash (Q)
    • Damage radius increased from 2 to 2.2
  • Divine Abundance (M2)
    • Self healing increased from 8 to 9
  • Light’s Embrace (Q)
    • Can now heal up to 3 times when blocking attacks, healing for 12/6/3 health
  • Holy Shackles (E)
    • Now inflicts a 35/40/45% Snare, instead of 35% for every projectile

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