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Anno 1800 – 13.1 Patch Notes | New Trade Values Revealed!

  • Fixed Docklands trade values for grain (now using the previous, correct values again)
  • Adjusted trade value of Toys and Elevators to take into account production chains needing the same good multiple times
  • Increased trade value of Gold Ore (and all products requiring gold ore) to correctly take into account its New World origin region


  • Removed the Culture tab in the construction menu (Eden Burning)
  • Removed the “tow debuff” for the flagship (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with the Aquafarm getting affected by the “Chronic Malnutrition” debuff (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with the Pearl Farm not unlocking after fulfilling the unlock requirements
  • Fixed an issue where the input key for rotating the camera counterclockwise was not functional
  • Fixed an issue with all tree-planting production buildings taking significantly longer to plant their trees
  • Developer Note: Forest density items affect how many trees are required in total to reach basic productivity, i.e. how much space the building needs. Your production buildings can still get “stuck” in planting phase if there isn’t enough space to even reach this basic level of productivity. This means, “forest density” items speed up the forestation phase since less trees are required.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue with Yaosca’s transmute menu not being fully scrollable after closing and reopening it (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with placeholders being used for ruins in the production statistics menu (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with the scenario using the Botanica icon instead of the Eden Burning icon in some instances (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with the reset button for the scenario using the wrong icon (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue where the exhibition confirmation button was clipping into the exhibition selection


  • Fixed an issue where setting the online status in Ubisoft Connect to “invisible” would disable the game’s online services
  • Fixed an issue with ‘push to talk’ not working


  • Fixed a missing decision choice when exploring the pyramid (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with decision choices being selectable even without having the required materials (Eden Burning)

Localization & Text

  • Fixed an issue with the timer for the gold medal not being visible in Traditional and Simplified Chinese when more than 1h was left (Eden Burning)
  • Fixed an issue with the “load save game” button only displaying an exclamation mark after failing the scenario (Eden Burning)

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