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Anno 1800 – 11.1 Patch Notes | Exciting Fixes and Improvements!


  • Fixed an issue with the Research Institute quest not triggering when declining the main story for Land of Lions
  • Fixed an issue that cancelled the Iron Tower quest when foundations where build on several islands and one of them was deleted
  • Trade Routes are now sorted alphabetically in the Trade Route folders
  • Shares that are bought back from the own islands do not longer appear as warning notifications
  • The AI now builds proper railroad connections again (NOTE: The fix does not restore broken connections that have already been built)
  • Filtered notifications are now deleted automatically
  • Removed some character notifications about started exhibitions


  • Fixed an issue that only allowed onboarding hints being active for one player in a multiplayer match

User Interface

  • Fixed an UI issue where the Recipe button could overlap parts of the Iron Tower’s lower object menu
  • Fixed an UI issue in the Research Center menu where items in development could appear as blocked

Localization & Text

  • Added Translation for infotips in the recipe books of Orchards and Chemical Plants
  • Added translations to the subheadings of the “Chronicles of Enbesa”
  • Fixed some text issue when displaying names for Bus Stops, Restaurants, Cafés and Bars
  • Added translations to the “Dumpster Dive” quest objective
  • Adapted the name for “Tourist Season” to the DLC icon box for the Russian localization
  • Fixed the tooltip in the German localization for the grass color change key combination

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