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Anno 1800 – 10.2 Patch Notes | An Exciting New DLC!

Game Update 10.2 adds support for the upcoming “Vehicle Liveries Pack” Cosmetic DLC to the game.

Fixed a possible exploit where Captain Tobias’ trading time could be skipped by relocating the Trading Post or the Pier.

Fixed an issue where the bonus from the Department of Trade got reset when a new Prestige Level was reached, leading to the loss of goods.

Fixed an issue for one of the tooltips in the Palace overview screen that showed a line of code.

Fixed an issue where Harbourmaster’s Offices, Town Halls and Trade Unions could cost twice the influence when copied alongside Oil-related buildings.

Fixed an issue where ship items didn’t correctly apply their effects on Trade Routes after loading.

Fixed an issue with duplicated names of policies in the Palace’s Department of Welfare.

Fixed an issue where notification pop-ups after activating several DLCs were not triggering correctly.

Fixed an issue where trade routes could be searched for when they contained a special character.

Fixed an issue where the windows of the Clipper where not illuminated at night when using the “Ocean Blue” skin.

Localization and Texts

Added the missing word “Custom” in the custom game difficulty menu in the German localization.

Fixed an issue with hardcoded text present in the custom settings of the new game creation screen in the German localization.

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