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Over the past few months NantG has taken over development of H1Z1 Battle Royale and has been re-branding it to Z1 Battle Royale, the team has been working feverishly to recapture what made the game so special. The return of classic King of the Kill gameplay that everyone fell in love with, the classic movement, gun mechanics, the look and feel of the world/environment, the works. It’s all getting overhauled, and we are bringing it back to the glory days. The team has touched just about every existing system the game has, while also bringing in some brand new systems to give players more to do and interact with. This is our biggest update yet, and the kickoff of what the team here at NantG believes the game should have been all along. In just under two weeks on March 6th we will be dropping our Season 3 patch.

A small preview of what is coming w/ Season 3:

  • Major Overhaul/Restoration of Movement and Animations
  • Updated/Restored Combat and Gun Mechanics
  • Restored Vehicle Mechanics
  • Restored PS3 Era Map, Environment, and Lighting.
  • New: In Match Missions
  • New: Fragments/Collection System
  • New: Seasonal Play and Ranked Playlist
  • Announcement of New Showdown Tournament
  • All New Rewards
  • And One or Two Surprises
  • Full patch notes to be listed the day of the update

This is a patch you won’t want to miss. See you all March 6th.

For even more info please check out our public trello at


  • UI: The in game HUD should now match the HUD from Solos in Duos and Fives.
  • UI: The Killfeed will no longer start rotating the feed into itself as it gets longer.
  • UI: The Arcade Challenge is no longer available. This should not have been showing up since there is no active Arcade Mode running at this time.
  • UI: The Hotshot Crate confirmation will no longer refer to it as “Premium3 crate”.
  • Weapons: Fixed mismatched M9 refire timing. PS3 timings on the M9 had the ADS fire rate set to a faster refire than hipfire. These timings now match up to PS3 values.
  • Animation: There was an issue occurring with the shoulder animation when firing the AR-15 in ADS. It was skipping the animation on many shots. This issue has been lessened and we will continue to tweak this if the issue continues.
  • UI: When exiting a match in 5s, the camera on the front end menu was focusing on the user’s position rather than the group as a whole.
  • UI: If a player accepts a group invite on the press any key screen, they will no longer receive an erroneous ping lock message
  • UI: Fixed an issue when a player accepts a group invite on the character select screen they will be seen standing in place by other group members.
  • Animation: Ensure empty hand sprint animations are properly playing.
  • UI: The recycle shoes and boots match challenge description was inaccurate.
  • UI: Fixed 3 white backgrounds that were showing up in the front end menu.

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