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WoW – HOTFIX Patch Notes 31.07.2018

July 31, 2018


  • Death Knight
    • Blood
      • Dancing Rune Weapon now deals the correct amount of damage when using Heart Strike.
  • Hunter
    • Marksmanship
      • Hunter’s Mark will no longer break you out of the effects of Camouflage.
      • The Trick Shots buff will no longer be applied to a Hunter below character level 50.
  • Priest
    • Shadow
      • The Vestments of Blind Absolution 2-piece set bonus now properly benefits Shadow Word: Void and is consumed when you cast Shadow Word: Void.

Dungeons and Raids

  • The Nighthold
    • Gul’dan
      • Soul Siphon no longer absorbs an excessively high amount.
  • The Oculus
    • Ley-Guardian Eregos’s Arcane Barrage and Greater Ley-Whelp’s Arcane Bolt should no longer deal excessive damage to players on drakes.
  • Well of Eternity
    • Fixed a bug preventing players from interacting with the Portal Energy Focus in some circumstances.

Player versus Player

  • Horde and Alliance Bounty Bags from players who are ‘Bounty Hunted’ and then killed are now lootable by up to 5 players (was 1 player).
  • Isle of Conquest
    • Keep Cannons now deal significantly reduced damage to vehicles.
    • Siege Engines are now immune to all snares and roots.
    • Health of Glaive Throwers and Demolishers increased.
    • Damage and siege damage of Airship Cannons significantly increased.
    • When any gate is destroyed, the corresponding faction loses 50 Reinforcements.


  • Leatherworking
    • Namha Moonwater should once again teach the two legendary Leatherworking recipes.


  • Highly Explosive Yaungol Oil again deals an appropriate amount of damage on “The Enemy of My Enemy… Is Still My Enemy!”


  • Legion Season 3 and 4 Combatant Ensembles now have the required level of 110 and the correct expansion requirement, allowing you to transmog to the appearances at level 98.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some Bonus Objectives from correctly displaying on the world map.

July 30, 2018


  • The experience required to level has been lowered for all levels from 40-100. The reduction averages 14% between levels 60-80, with smaller reductions at other levels.
  • Monk
    • Windwalker
      • Rushing Jade Wind will toggle off if the player has not auto-attacked any target for one minute.
  • Priest
    • Fixed a bug causing Spirit of Redemption to be triggered when the fatal damage should have been redirected by spells.

Creatures and NPCs

  • S.A.F.E. operatives should again be using their guns correctly.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Black Temple
    • Lady Malande’s Reflective Shield no longer reflects too much damage.
  • Neltharion’s Lair
    • There should no longer be a floating Drogbar on patrol.
  • Return to Karazhan
    • Speaking with the Image of Medivh should again properly spawn Arcanagos and begin the Nightbane encounter.


  • The guild achievements Working as a Team and Working Better as a Team no longer require First Aid.

Player versus Player

  • To celebrate the post-season, the Southshore vs Tarren Mill Brawl will be active this week, outside of the normal Brawl rotation!
  • Every Man for Himself will now properly cause a 90 second cooldown on similar effects such as Adaptation and Gladiator’s Medallion.
  • Will of the Forsaken, Stoneform, Fireblood will now properly cause a 30 second cooldown on similar effects such as Adaptation and Gladiator’s Medallion.
  • Players that earned Rival: Legion Season 7 should receive the Rival title.


  • Tailoring
    • Flying Carpet should be obtained from Northrend Tailoring trainers instead of the Outland trainers.


  • The bounty board for “Wanted: Hogger” went missing, and has been found and put back in its place.


Fixed a number of issues with voice chat on Mac operating systems, including support for the use of most keys as hotkeys.


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