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World of Warcraft – 24.08.2018 Patch Notes

Azerite Powers

  • Duplicative Incineration (Mage) damage reduced by 50%.
  • Galvanizing Spark (Mage) Arcane Blast damage increase reduced by 10%.
  • High Noon (Druid) damage reduced by 52%.
  • Inevitable Demise (Warlock) no longer erroneously increases Drain Soul damage.
  • Judicious Defense (Paladin) fixed an issue causing this trait to display two separate buff icons.
  • Pressure Point (Monk) damage for Brewmaster reduced by 60%. Damage for Mistweaver reduced by 28.5%.
  • Revolving Blades (Demon Hunter) now reduces your next Blade Dance by 3 Fury per enemy struck (was 5).
  • Seismic Wave (Warrior) damage reduced by 58%.
  • Shrouded Suffocation (Rogue) damage reduced by 11%. Fixed an issue that caused this trait’s damage increase to fail.
  • Swelling Streams (Shaman) healing reduced by 30%.
  • Unbound Chaos (Demon Hunter) damage reduced by 53%


  • Death Knight
    • Howling Blast’s area damage should no longer deal damage through line of sight.
    • Outbreak’s explosion damage should no longer deal damage through line of sight.
  • Druid
    • Swift Landing now works properly in Travel Form and stacks the movement speed buff with the Travel Form speed buff.


  • Siege of Boralus
    • The waters around the Ashvane Company Docks are now infested with Blood Crazed Sharks!


  • Increased the damage dealt by Tiny Electromental in a Jar by 233%
  • Increased the rate at which Gale-Force Striking triggers by 100%.
  • Fixed an issue causing Darkmoon Deck: Squalls’ damage over time effect not to be affected by Haste or Critical Strike rating. Haste now causes it to trigger more frequently, and the damage over time effect can now critically hit.
  • BoE items from low level areas should again scale more appropriately when they drop from creatures.

Island Expeditions

  • Island Expedition shrine effects are now limited to Island Expeditions maps.
  • Island Expedition consumable items now have diminished effects on PvP targets.


  • Falstad and Valtois now correctly improve mission success chance with all kinds of Troops.


  • “Blackrock Depths” should always be available upon completion of the War Campaign and reaching exalted with 7th Legion.
  • “Vision of Time” should always be available upon completion of the War Campaign and reaching exalted with The Honorbound.
  • Antitoxin will now be removed from inventory when turning in “They Want Us Alive”.
  • Many Wanted: quests on the enemy continent now reward 7th Legion or Honorbound reputation.  These quests have been reset for players who have already completed them.
  • Part of the flight path during “Offensively Defensive” no longer goes through a tree.

World Quests

  • On “Beachhead”, Vicious Albatrosses will now devour turtles in a new, more glorious way… Avert your eyes, ye of faint heart.
  • Fixed an issue where “Strange Egg” was disappearing while fighting Vukuba.
  • Horde Scouts for the “Running Interference” should no longer interfere so aggressively.


  • Members of the Alliance can no longer rest at the Temple of Akunda or Vulpera Hideaway.
  • The inn in Dreadwash now grants rest.
  • The Netley Inn in Stormsong Valley now grants rest.


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