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The Elder Scrolls Online – 9.0.7 Patch Notes | Unleash Your Power: Exciting Combat Updates!


Introducing the latest patch notes for the highly anticipated game! Get ready to dive into the world of combat and gameplay, as well as explore new abilities and item sets. But that’s not all – your trusty companions are also getting some much-needed attention. And of course, we can’t forget about the fixes and improvements that will enhance your gaming experience. Plus, there’s exciting news about upcoming chapters and DLCs that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

In the general category, a pesky issue that prevented characters from looting after a kill has been vanquished. As for the Arcanist class, the Curative Runeforms have received some much-needed TLC. No more unresponsive clients when casting Apocryphal Gate, and the damage shields from Chakram Shields have been fixed to prevent stacking. Mundus Stones have also undergone some changes, ensuring they load properly on login and preventing their effects from being canceled due to untimely interruptions. And for all you Thief Mundus Stone enthusiasts, the Critical Chance rating has been adjusted to fit seamlessly within the power budgets of other stones. Get ready to level up your gaming experience with these exciting updates!


  • Combat & Gameplay
    • Combat & Abilities
    • Itemization & Item Sets
    • Companions
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
    • Base Game
  • omp43dejm1t9.jpg


    • Fixed an issue that could cause your character to become unable to perform certain actions, such as looting, after killing a target.


    • Curative Runeforms
      • Apocryphal Gate: Fixed an issue that could some clients to become unresponsive when casting Apocryphal Gate.
      • Chakram Shields: Fixed an issue where the damage shields from different morphs of this ability could stack.

    Mundus Stones

    • Fixed an issue where Mundus Stones could fail to load properly on login.
    • Fixed a rare issue where some Mundus Stones could have their effects canceled if you were interrupted at the precise time of applying them.
    • Reduced the Critical Chance rating granted from The Thief Mundus Stone to 1212, down from 1333, so it fits properly within power budgets of other stones.


    • Adversarial Adventures: Fixed an issue where the quest would not behave properly if you repeatedly dismissed and summoned Azandar in the Nchuleftingth sequence.
    • The Fateweaver Key:
      • Fixed an issue where you could see multiple Azandars belonging to other players in the same spot of Ciphers Midden.
      • Fixed an issue where Azandar would not properly animate when casting his tracking spell in Ciphers Midden.


    • Sharp now correctly gives rapport when looting a heavy sack.
    • Fixed an issue where Sharp wouldn’t gain rapport when visiting the Hist Trees in Dead-Water and Root-Whisper villages.


      • The Lunacy of Two Moons: Fixed an issue where the scene would hang on “Wait for <spoiler>” and cause the portal to not spawn.
  • rv5v9v4tatlk.jpg


    • Changed the name of the Sporecrafter’s Mushroom Stamp to Sporecrafter’s Press.
  • Community Manager


    • Fixed an issue where PvP leaderboards would periodically get stuck and not display accurately.
    • Fixed an issue where campaign scoring would incorrectly display as 0.


    • Fixed issue that prevented multi-rider mounts from disappearing correctly in some cases.
    • Fixed multiple issues with the animation and deformation of the Topknot Cascade Hairstyle.


    • The Fortified Brass and Innate Axiom Attunable Jewelry Stations will now attune correctly.
    • Fixed an issue in which Dauntless Combatant and Unchained Aggressor set crafting stations were being attuned as each other.
    • Fixed an issue in which New Moon Acolyte and Daring Corsair set crafting stations were being attuned as each other.


    • Fixed an issue where Crown Crates could occasionally become partially invisible on Mac clients.
    • The description for the “Crown Crafting Motif: House Mornard” bundle now explains additional ways to acquire said Motif in-game.


    • Fixed an issue in the keyboard UI where various crafting stations wouldn’t display a scroll bar for the Provisioning or Furnishing recipe lists.


    • Fixed a crash when a script would call GetMapIdByIndex with a bad index.

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